All of the New Pirate101 Ships!

If you already haven’t heard about this, there are 5 new ships that you can get for Pirate101! They include the elusive blue ship which has now been named Sapphire which has sails that, for some reason, are reminding me of Polaris.

How can you get these new ships?

Read more on the Pirate101 website about these AMD product ships which you get “for free” with an AMD graphics card if it fits one of the categories! Check out for more!

Looking to upgrade your computer for less lag in the skyways? Now is the time so you can get a new ship!

Be sure you know that…

These ships all have the same stats

They are arranged in 6 level tiers with the highest being at level 65

What is special about these ships is their unique looks, sails, and figureheads.

All ship components can be upgraded, like other ships.

These ships cannot equip armor, so instead it is built into the stats.

The “Origin” or class of a ship matches the type of graphics card you redeemed- TUL, Visiontek, Club 3D, Diamond, or Sapphire.

Note that these ships are in no way required to advance in the game and that no one is making you pay for a new graphics card. This is just an extra reward if you decide to.

These ships come with only a Figurehead, Sails, Rudder, and a Horn.

If you are going to buy one of these and want to make sure you get the ship, read the specific offer to make sure your purchase matches the requirements for eligibility for the code.


About Evan Silver

Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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