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New and Nefarious

Though players have been itching for a new world, it may be held off even longer due to new structures found in-game. A “nefarious tower” was found by players in the Spring Update Test Realm, and then was pointed out by developers in the most recent newsletters.


Along with teasing with a video (here) KI has also revealed a screenshot. Moo Manchu likely is in charge of this “nefarious” tower, and is seeking revenge on the player. Moo Manchu obviously is more well prepared in the screenshot than before, with heavier armor and an enhanced weapon.

Moo Manchu, in the absence of MooShu’s emperor, sent ninja pig assassins to the meeting of the Celestial Congress, the annual meeting of MooShu’s governors. Moo Manchu is trying to wreak havoc among the government so that he can take cover and perform other evil work. Moo Manchu is trying to fulfill the Prophecy of Tso Wa, where stone soldiers would destroy the world. Moo Manchu is trying to reincarnate them and make them alive. A truly nefarious plot, is it not?

After the Pirate defeats Moo Manchu, he vows for revenge.

Note: If you have not yet encountered Moo Manchu, seek out this quest from Lord Chagatai once you have unlocked Subata Skyway in Mooshu.



Ever since May 2011, wizards in Wizard101 that are level 60 or higher have ventured into the underwater Crab Alley to farm the Waterworks, a quite “nefarious” dungeon where wizards must defeat enemies en route to pull four pressure safety levers which will stop the magic from being taken away from Triton Avenue. Several of these enemies, however, are enhanced and do not act like regular bosses. They force wizards to play certain ways, otherwise the wizards are attacked very forcefully.

So far, Ratbeard has told us that:

  • It is not part of the storyline
  • Enemies will be more difficult than regular enemies in the storyline
  • There is more than one boss

From that, we can infer:

  • It is likely a continuation of the Moo Manchu side storyline
  • Enemies will cheat
  • Several floors of the tower will have bosses

The Nefarious Tower will, almost certainly, be the Waterworks of Pirate101.


What gear will be dropped from the Nefarious Tower? Wizard101 had an interesting setup: Hats were dropped from the first major boss, on the fourth “floor,” then robes and boots were dropped from the final bosses, on the ninth and final “floor.” There was only one gear set. The Nefarious Tower also has nine floors on the outside, so the inside will likely be the same amount.

I am slightly worried that this gear will be overpowered, as the gear in Wizard101 was used for almost 30 levels after, universally. Pirate’s gear has always been different, but some items are still standard for certain classes. Especially with the new Crowns weapons, the best weapons for any class, this gear might have such good stats and powers that you would be at a huge disadvantage without it.

I am hoping that there are at least 3 sets of gear for every class, like in Tartarus in Wizard101, but with diverse powers and stat boosts so that there will still be diversity in Pirates’ gear. Hopefully, there will be a Moo Manchu set (styled like the old Moo Manchu gear, or his new armor) and one or more other sets with completely new designs.

Even if the layout (on the inside) is similar to the Waterworks, with the same amount of floors, and likely bosses/puzzles, I know that Pirate101 will make this a very unique and exciting continuation of the Moo Manchu storyline!


Where Are the Pets?

The Spring 2014 update brought Advanced Pets, and the promise of new pets. Almost none of these new pets have been found, though. There is a vendor in Bestia that sells some, as well as additional pets in the Crown Shop. But where are the rest?



With an update bringing pets (and hybrids), you would hope that there is at least one hybrid anyway. The only pet that has been discovered without a crowns symbol, so far, is the Mechanical Owl. It also appears on the game launcher for Pirate101, so it must be in the game somewhere.

The Mechanical Owl was a pet of Athena’s in Greek mythology, so this pet could well be dropped in Aquila if it is not a hybrid.




Pets that have the crown shop icon (top left corner) mean that they are or will be in the crown shop, bundle, pack, etc. These pets are also dropped, though, and have not yet been seen in-game. These could be dropped anywhere or could be future plans as bundles or crown shop pets.



Not all of the new pets added to the game in the Spring 2014 update have been found yet. To explore and discover possible new pets, play Practice Pet PvP against the computer, where a randomly selected pet from the game will be chosen as your opponent. You might find a new pet!

What to Expect in Test Realm


Starting in November, we began to receive teasers for the coming Pirate101 updates. Some have been resolved (or thought to be) instantly, but others have puzzled us for weeks. If you’re bored right now and are not sure what to do before test realm is released, read What to Do While Waiting for Test Realm.

The hype has been up for a while, but will it pay off? What should we expect in the test realm?

Side Content: Barmy


The teaser to the left is the oldest one, and Bonnie Anne is saying, “The Ancient Ones aren’t the only ones who’ve gone. He’s gone . . . gone completely barmy, Captain!”

From Wizard101’s Azteca, mostly, we have ascertained that The Ancient Ones could be referring to the Aztecans who live(d) in Skull Island. This could be part of a side quest line either as a lower level “side world” or to unlock something. The chest on the right picture could just be a goal where you have to open it with two keys.

Side Content: Class Companions


Both of these teasers are in class areas (Witchdoctor, Musketeer), and look like they could be companions especially considering Carcarius Grimtooth’s line of “Hola, tiny Captain! I seek passage with you!”

These could or could not be related to the Barmy quest line but are fairly certain to be rewarded as companions. I’m interested to see how we will recruit them and what the other classes’ companions will be!

Function: Ship PvP and Ranked PvP


These functions have been highly requested to the game, and judging by the developers’ comments on these requests, they are coming at some point.

This areas is Aquila-themed, and Greeks/Romans did lots of dueling, so this would make sense. I think this will be for Ship PvP and there will be a different PvP house for ranked or a kiosk.

Function: Location Marking


In Wizard101, location marking came with teleportation. Right now, if you use your shortcut back to Skull Island button, it leaves a mark so you can return, but I think now the marks will stay without you having to teleport to Skull Island/stay in the areas around Avery’s Court.

This hint is also pretty obvious because it is next to the NPC “Marquis Mark.”

Storyline/Main Content: Valencia Expansion



The end of Aquila made it fairly obvious that our next trip will be to Valencia. I believe, though, that the levels may only be increased by 5 and there will only be one book, since the Pirate101 team had to work on all the other items in this update. (See above)

Even if our trip isn’t very long (or we haven’t left yet at the end of the book), I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Armada. These images have been on the Pirate101 website since release, but we still have yet to see the town, so I’m excited!

Next Hint!

Pirate101 has released their next hint to upcoming updates!



This reminds me of one that was posted way back in November…


I am thinking they will be new class companions. They look like they are both there for the same reason and Carcarius Grimtooth is saying, “…I seek passage with you!”

If you’re looking for the rest of the teaser images, I have two posts here and here on those.

Completely Barmy: Locked Chest

I’m back from the holidays and ready for more Pirate101! Recently, the January newsletter was released and it has another hint towards content! This one also talks about things being “completely barmy,” but is also completely different. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out my other post here.


I am thinking this will be a “side update” with the new big Valencia expansion that everyone is talking about and is being confirmed subtly. It may be a new loot system, side quest line, item locking, or something all new! (Hoping for the last one!)

Also, to see the rest of the January newsletter, go here.

Yuletide Items Released

All of the Yuletide items from last year are back in the crown shop! Make sure to keep up with the 12 Days of the Spiral for more surprises! Here is the list I made quickly of all of the released items.


What’s Coming to Pirate101?

So far there have been two previews to something that is coming to Pirate101! Here are both of them if you haven’t seen them yet! Comment if you have an idea about what’s happening!



All of the New Pirate101 Ships!

If you already haven’t heard about this, there are 5 new ships that you can get for Pirate101! They include the elusive blue ship which has now been named Sapphire which has sails that, for some reason, are reminding me of Polaris.

How can you get these new ships?

Read more on the Pirate101 website about these AMD product ships which you get “for free” with an AMD graphics card if it fits one of the categories! Check out for more!

Looking to upgrade your computer for less lag in the skyways? Now is the time so you can get a new ship!

Be sure you know that…

These ships all have the same stats

They are arranged in 6 level tiers with the highest being at level 65

What is special about these ships is their unique looks, sails, and figureheads.

All ship components can be upgraded, like other ships.

These ships cannot equip armor, so instead it is built into the stats.

The “Origin” or class of a ship matches the type of graphics card you redeemed- TUL, Visiontek, Club 3D, Diamond, or Sapphire.

Note that these ships are in no way required to advance in the game and that no one is making you pay for a new graphics card. This is just an extra reward if you decide to.

These ships come with only a Figurehead, Sails, Rudder, and a Horn.

If you are going to buy one of these and want to make sure you get the ship, read the specific offer to make sure your purchase matches the requirements for eligibility for the code.

Test Realm + More on Sept. 19

The test realm is back online with a few miscellaneous updates, plus, Pirate101 is now available on Mac! Yay! If you own a Mac and have a subscription to Pirate101 or have purchased KingsIsle Crowns in the last 30 days make sure to download Pirate101 Test Realm to help test it out!


The second part of this post is about what might happen on September 19th. In my last post, I showed a post on the Message Boards with some input by One-Eyed Jack, and I also asked for user feedback. Cass Lifeblossom reminded me of a few things:

  • International Talk Like A Pirate Day is on the 19th
  • Disney closes three of their online games on the 19th
  • (And of course, One-Eyed Jack stated) the Boochbeard and Gandry bundles started selling on the 19th, last year.

It’s going to be an interesting day for KI! Some people think that they will re-release the bundles, but I think it could be the next big world reveal! With the test realm synced up and ready to go, what better time to load something like Darkmoor or Empyrea up to level 75… or higher?

On a side note, with Talk Like A Pirate Day coming up, I stumbled onto an old opera that was revived in the ’80s. It’s called the Pirates of Penzance and is written by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. Funny that they show up in Port Regal, right? 🙂

Pirate101 Test Realm Open: Henchmen!

The Pirate101 Test realm is now open, with the release of henchmen! I’m happy about this update because some times it’s hard to find someone to quest with and there’s not many people to help. View the update notes by clicking on the image of the new henchmen!