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Merchandising Pirate101: Trading Cards

A few months ago, Ian Sharp (Ian Stormstaff of Wizards Unite) posted a guest post on Destiny Devereaux’s blog, Destiny’s Travels.

Ian mentioned “trading cards” as a possible merchandise idea, and I decided to expand on that concept, specifically in Pirate101.


At first release, there would be two packs- the Skull Island Power Pack and the Tribal Crew Pack.  The Skull Island Power Pack is a clear example of the Power Packs, and the Tribal Crew Pack is a gear pack.

Power packs include five cards with random powers from Pirate101. These cards are slightly modified from the ones in game, including accuracy ratings* and damage in multiples (i.e. x1, x2) since the cards cannot automatically update based on your weapon damage.

Damage would be easy to calculate as weapons only come in multiples of 10, and would help develop multiplication skills in younger players.  Each player would be able to play one power per turn and powers that have additional effects that only work in game (including, but not limited to hitting multiple enemies) would have new effects (like hitting your opponent multiple times.)

*An accuracy rating consists of a die (dice) symbol in the corner of the card, with a set of numbers the power will “hit” on if you roll that number. Regular six-sided dice can be used, or a Pirate101-themed die from the Starter Bundle—more on that later.


Gear Packs include four pieces of gear and one doubloon. The pieces of gear could be any number of hats, outfits, boots, or weapons*. Every pirate starts with 500 health, and this does not change by what piece(s) of gear are equipped.

Hats give a dodge bonus. Dodge makes an attack miss if the amount rolled is the same amount as the attacked player’s dodge. (i.e. an attack hits on 3, 4, and 5 and is attacking a player with a hat that gives 3 dodge. The attack misses. The same attack is being used on a player with 6 dodge. The attack hits.)

Outfits give an armor bonus. Armor decreases an attack’s damage by the amount of armor if the attack is stabby, smashy, or slashy.

Boots give a resistance bonus. Resistance decreases an attack’s damage by the amount of resistance if the attack is staffy, shooty, or spooky (spell-power-based.)

Weapons have a damage amount that is a multiple of 10 (10, 20, 30, etc.) and a type (stabby, smashy, slashy, shooty, or spooky.) Certain powers require a certain type of weapon, and some powers get a damage boost if you are using a specific type of weapon. (For example: Assassin’s Strike requires a stabby, smashy, or slashy weapon. It will do 3x damage for smashy and slashy weapons, and 3x +10 damage for stabby weapons.)

*This applies to all gear packs except the Tribal Crew Pack in the Starter Bundle.


Doubloons would be less diverse than those found in game, but include some not seen in game. Some doubloons are: Stabby Weapon Doubloon (+10 weapon power for stabby weapons, 1 round) ; Armor Doubloon (+5 armor, 1 round) ; Fast (Play two powers this round), etc. In later gear packs, new ranks of doubloons- with different number values- and new doubloons would be available.


The Starter Bundle includes:

  • A Pirate101-themed six-sided die
  • A Skull Island Power Pack guaranteed to give a power from each class in Pirate101
  • A Tribal Crew Pack guaranteed to give one hat, outfit, boots, weapon, and doubloon each
  • An instruction booklet for card dueling


Playing with Pirate101 trading cards would be unlike any other game and develop a whole new “world” of strategy. Players would be able to trade cards for unique sets of gear and weapons so they could match their in-game pirate! Perhaps, even, Pirate figurines could be made where the figurine can wear the clothing the player obtains!


Guest Post by D.S. Devereaux: Why Grizzleheim is P101’s Next Big Priority


“We’ll have more to discuss soon, and I don’t want to Boar anyone with details, so let me just wish you the best of summer fun and offer a few words of guidance for the coming months: temperatures can sometimes be a Bear as summer moves along…”

Jay Gordon

Boar and Bear. These are two of the terms of note in the producer’s letter inconspicuously laden with words like it, perhaps hinting at summer updates. With the Advanced Pets/Companions changes in tow, it would be surprising to see any major changes soon, but players suspect that there is still something to come this summer. Hey, I don’t want to Boar anyone, either – let’s take a look at what these two words could denote.

Read more >

Hope for Halloween + Big World News

Wizard101’s Halloween is here with all new quests, NPCs, dungeons, pets, and an updated pack. Pirate101 is still silent but at least there is hope for it this year. On the message boards, One-Eyed Jack pointed us towards the October Newsletter.

 October is sure to be another great month for *at least* two great reasons: 1- It’s our first birthday! 2- Halloween! (Notice that the words *at least* are italicized . . . that’s fancy talk for we may have a surprise or two this month!)

That is getting me excited! 🙂 Lots of spoilers!

I updated my blog with a Halloween theme for this holiday and I’m hoping for another update here with some pictures from Pirate101 Halloween!

I’m thinking that it will be a cool Pirate101 spin on the Wizard101 halloween with a vendor that sells items but it has things like the Pirate Pumpkin Staff or things already in the game like the Bone Daggers. When I mean the Wizard101 halloween I mean Skull Island decorated with pumpkins everywhere and by the shops.

(NPC) Spooky Bob.png

This is Spooky Bob from Wizard101 and I think we can also be expecting similar gear that looks more Piratey. And even if we don’t, we can dress up as pirates for halloween!

There are also several pumpkin hats that we can wear, and we will get the pirate one for sure! 🙂

Comment with your ideas for a Pirate halloween!

EDIT: Here is even MORE Pirate101 news with lots of world hints! (I really need to finish MooShu at least…)

Blind Mew is back answering questions!
  • Will we ever be going to Rajah, Krokotopia, or Darkmoor in the El Dorado storyline? Yes on two of those. Which two? You can no doubt predict my answer.
  • Last in Aquila, we don’t know who our parents are anymore. Will this ever come back to mind in the game and will we ever remember them? “Yup on one, maybe on two.
  • Can you give us a one-letter hint as to the name of the next skyway like you did with the Book 13 update? “C (in this case, not for cookie, but still good enough for me).
  • Are there going to be any two-world, one book updates in the future, like Book 4? “Most Books will only cover one world, for budgetary reasons. Book 18, though, that’s gonna be a doozy…
  • Are there going to be any more fantasy-heavy worlds like Aquila? I can imagine Darkmoor and El Dorado fitting that category though….”I don’t think we’ll ever have another realm as fantastical as Aquila. Darkmoor will have some elements that are pretty out there, but with a different flavor. It’ll still be fairly grounded. And El Dorado? I’m hoping to go in a very new direction there.”
  • …we went through the Stormgate from Monquista to Aquila, not through Valencia, so it hasn’t been used. I was wondering if that might be the way we could sneak in back to Valencia. “The pirate’s path back into Valencia will be very… interesting.”
  • Presidio Companion: I have been wondering for a while, why don’t we just have a sit down with our presidio companion and ask them about our parents? It seems like we have a database of our past that we are just prolonging to delve into. This would especially be useful considering the first 5 years memory wipe. “Good point. It’s a perfect thing to do. Seems to me their next promotion quest would be the perfect time to do that.”
  • Here is another answer… “…Grizzleheim Vikings (an anachronism, sure, but a huge part of Wizard and simply irresistible)… Admittedly, we haven’t seen much of Griz yet. That’s partly oversight on my part, and partly how the Spiral is laid out – Grizzleheim and Skull Island are pretty much on the opposite edges of the Spiral. But we’ll be getting our first taste of Grizzleheim before too long.”

A Thirteenth Book? (Part 2)

A war story for book 13…

-Blind Mew

If you haven’t read his quote before, check out part 1. I want to start out this post with a section of the previous quote;

Book 13 is going to be a bit darker than what we’ve done before, and it’s definitely a war story.

Maybe I’m over-thinking this, but it seems that this may also fit Marleybone. Marleybone has been to go to war, and we could possibly see a darker side to the realm as we did with MooShu.


Another subject that Blind Mew mentioned was Marco Pollo’s photograph. He sent his attached to a letter to Merle Ambrose. Here’s what Blind Mew said about it:

It’s a good bet that all the people in that photograph will be showing up at one point or other (at least, those that are still alive).

So we may be visiting any of these fellows. And anywhere. (hint hint)

KingsIsle has left traces of Marleybone heritage throughout our travels, and something that many pirates are talking about is an open stormgate in MooShu. Even One-Eyed Jack has talked about this. He made a quick comment: “There are many mysteries in The Spiral! This is one of them.”

Also, we’ve all noticed the Marleybonian Galleon in the crowns shop? Perhaps it means more than you think.

Marleybone Pirate Ship

A character named “Rooke” in the storyline (for those of you that do not know) has also mentioned going off to Marleybone. With all these references it’s pretty hard to ignore.

Again, maybe I’m over-thinking this whole message, but I believe there is some truth under the sand. As we still do not know what this world may be, only time can tell.

A Thirteenth Book? (Part 1)

A war story for book 13…

-Blind Mew

I’m not going to overtly hint about upcoming content, but one thing I can say, though, is that Book 13 is going to be a bit darker that what we’ve done before, and it’s definitely a war story.

As for more story insights, it’s tough to simply extemporize – I do better with specific questions. Making the Pirate101 story has definitely been a learning experience, and very rewarding. I hope to someday assemble a post mortem/dissertation on what we did and how we did it, but i may need to wait till our first main story is finished – we have a long way to go!

So now that we’ve already skyrocketed through four amazing worlds, it seems we’re in for a dark surprise! Even through this short message, you can tell a lot of things. Maybe the book 13 (as in an unlucky number) has to do with a lot of this. I myself have not finished the current storyline, but I look forward to seeing how the threads of fate can be twisted in the next world.


We could be heading anywhere, but the cards seem to be played just right to land us pirates, and maybe even wizards, in the mysterious world of Darkmoor. KingsIsle is continuously bringing up Darkmoor, with it appearing from tall tales to in our very travels.


Madame Vadima also has a strong heritage of Darkmoor, many believe. I’ve also written about Darkmoor, with Darkmoor ship duels in the sun-set skies of Cool Ranch.

Blind Mew also continues,

I must admit though, I am continually tempted to post on the Easter Egg threads. It’s awesome to see so many obscure references appreciated, but there are even more out there…

So even as there are many references to this world, that may be Darkmoor, there are quite a few that we are missing?

I have to leave with a question, as this puzzle remains without a piece, (or without a few pieces as Blind Mew states), but will soon be followed with the answer. I’m very interested to see how this all turns out, and if Darkmoor is actually the world that has been rumored to be released. Also, we do not yet know how a “war story” will be tied into this already interesting chapter to the storyline.

-Thank you to Cass Lifeblossom for informing me of this topic.