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Where Are the Pets?

The Spring 2014 update brought Advanced Pets, and the promise of new pets. Almost none of these new pets have been found, though. There is a vendor in Bestia that sells some, as well as additional pets in the Crown Shop. But where are the rest?



With an update bringing pets (and hybrids), you would hope that there is at least one hybrid anyway. The only pet that has been discovered without a crowns symbol, so far, is the Mechanical Owl. It also appears on the game launcher for Pirate101, so it must be in the game somewhere.

The Mechanical Owl was a pet of Athena’s in Greek mythology, so this pet could well be dropped in Aquila if it is not a hybrid.




Pets that have the crown shop icon (top left corner) mean that they are or will be in the crown shop, bundle, pack, etc. These pets are also dropped, though, and have not yet been seen in-game. These could be dropped anywhere or could be future plans as bundles or crown shop pets.



Not all of the new pets added to the game in the Spring 2014 update have been found yet. To explore and discover possible new pets, play Practice Pet PvP against the computer, where a randomly selected pet from the game will be chosen as your opponent. You might find a new pet!


Full Update Summary


Click to play video!

Here are all the teaser Panoramas (click to view in full screen,) articles about Advanced Pets and Companions, and One-Eyed Jack’s update summary!

This page will be updated if more teasers are released. This page has portion copyright under KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.

The Hype at its Highest

If you haven’t heard about all of Pirate101’s coming updates, click HERE for all of the articles, panoramas, and sneak peeks released within the past few days.


What is “Hype?”

hype [hīp] n.extravagant or extensive publicity or promotion


promote or publicize (a product or idea) intensively (…)

More recently, the term “hype” has been used to describe excitement or restlessness before a publicized product is released. For example, “The hype was building for Pirate101’s newest update.”

What does this have to do with Pirate101?

Ever since November, players have been finishing the newest worlds added to Pirate101; Marleybone and Aquila. Some resorted to PvP, others quit, but almost all players began waiting for the next update- a chance to get back into the game with new content.

Seeing this problem, and the potential loss of players, KingsIsle worked on solving the problem. The logical way to do this was to build hype for the players to return. Making the players excited for the new content by showing very small (and sometimes confounding) bits of content.


The Sneak Peeks have been coming endlessly. When will we get a “real” update?

One problem with using the aforementioned strategy to build hype and keep players is it does not keep players indefinitely. Even if a teaser is released once a month, or more, all players may become frustrated, which would result in a larger loss of players.

Nearing a year since the last storyline update, Pirate101 is cutting it close. In the past few days, however, it appears that the updates are coming soon, with the hype at its highest.

For the First Time in Forever

Showing almost full zone previews before an update is not very wise unless the update is coming incredibly soon. Knowing this, we can expect that a Pirate101 update must come very soon.

The hype for this is extremely high right now, but this hype can also die very quickly if Test Realm doesn’t come out soon. Good luck, Pirates!

What to Expect in Test Realm


Starting in November, we began to receive teasers for the coming Pirate101 updates. Some have been resolved (or thought to be) instantly, but others have puzzled us for weeks. If you’re bored right now and are not sure what to do before test realm is released, read What to Do While Waiting for Test Realm.

The hype has been up for a while, but will it pay off? What should we expect in the test realm?

Side Content: Barmy


The teaser to the left is the oldest one, and Bonnie Anne is saying, “The Ancient Ones aren’t the only ones who’ve gone. He’s gone . . . gone completely barmy, Captain!”

From Wizard101’s Azteca, mostly, we have ascertained that The Ancient Ones could be referring to the Aztecans who live(d) in Skull Island. This could be part of a side quest line either as a lower level “side world” or to unlock something. The chest on the right picture could just be a goal where you have to open it with two keys.

Side Content: Class Companions


Both of these teasers are in class areas (Witchdoctor, Musketeer), and look like they could be companions especially considering Carcarius Grimtooth’s line of “Hola, tiny Captain! I seek passage with you!”

These could or could not be related to the Barmy quest line but are fairly certain to be rewarded as companions. I’m interested to see how we will recruit them and what the other classes’ companions will be!

Function: Ship PvP and Ranked PvP


These functions have been highly requested to the game, and judging by the developers’ comments on these requests, they are coming at some point.

This areas is Aquila-themed, and Greeks/Romans did lots of dueling, so this would make sense. I think this will be for Ship PvP and there will be a different PvP house for ranked or a kiosk.

Function: Location Marking


In Wizard101, location marking came with teleportation. Right now, if you use your shortcut back to Skull Island button, it leaves a mark so you can return, but I think now the marks will stay without you having to teleport to Skull Island/stay in the areas around Avery’s Court.

This hint is also pretty obvious because it is next to the NPC “Marquis Mark.”

Storyline/Main Content: Valencia Expansion



The end of Aquila made it fairly obvious that our next trip will be to Valencia. I believe, though, that the levels may only be increased by 5 and there will only be one book, since the Pirate101 team had to work on all the other items in this update. (See above)

Even if our trip isn’t very long (or we haven’t left yet at the end of the book), I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Armada. These images have been on the Pirate101 website since release, but we still have yet to see the town, so I’m excited!

Pirate101 Test Realm Opens!

While we’re preparing Pirate101 for a much larger update coming in the future, we still felt there were a few pressing items we could no longer wait to introduce . . . things like major bug fixes, Buccaneer class improvements, improved Kraken Skulls Tavern companions, simplification of ship combat, new holiday items and some all new Skull Island themed gear! Read on to get all the details of this latest update to Pirate101.

Awesome! View the update notes by clicking here!


  • This Test Realm is available to Members with an Active Membership.
  • This Test Realm is also available to Crowns Players who have made a purchase of $6 or more in the last 30 days.
  • This Test Realm is NOT available to Free to Play Players.

For more information, please see the official Test Realm page here:
Once you mark the checkbox to agree to the conditions and rules of the Test Realm, the download link will become available.

Test Realm + More on Sept. 19

The test realm is back online with a few miscellaneous updates, plus, Pirate101 is now available on Mac! Yay! If you own a Mac and have a subscription to Pirate101 or have purchased KingsIsle Crowns in the last 30 days make sure to download Pirate101 Test Realm to help test it out!


The second part of this post is about what might happen on September 19th. In my last post, I showed a post on the Message Boards with some input by One-Eyed Jack, and I also asked for user feedback. Cass Lifeblossom reminded me of a few things:

  • International Talk Like A Pirate Day is on the 19th
  • Disney closes three of their online games on the 19th
  • (And of course, One-Eyed Jack stated) the Boochbeard and Gandry bundles started selling on the 19th, last year.

It’s going to be an interesting day for KI! Some people think that they will re-release the bundles, but I think it could be the next big world reveal! With the test realm synced up and ready to go, what better time to load something like Darkmoor or Empyrea up to level 75… or higher?

On a side note, with Talk Like A Pirate Day coming up, I stumbled onto an old opera that was revived in the ’80s. It’s called the Pirates of Penzance and is written by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. Funny that they show up in Port Regal, right? 🙂

Pirate101 Test Realm Open: Henchmen!

The Pirate101 Test realm is now open, with the release of henchmen! I’m happy about this update because some times it’s hard to find someone to quest with and there’s not many people to help. View the update notes by clicking on the image of the new henchmen!

Rolling Along

The Test Realm and the Spiral are rolling along, with bug reports, comments, and ideas being submitted every day. Bugs are being fixed and minor content is tweaked, as two new worlds get that much closer to being available publicly.

Test Realm Update Notes 🙂


(click on picture to play) Complete credits to TheDeathshard for the video. I did not upload this and do not own it, I’m just posting it so you can find it easily.

Ahoy From Port Regal!

Our friend Evan Silver sent us a post card!


There were several pictures attached.

Picture 2013-04-28 09-07-18

Picture 2013-05-05 10-55-05

Picture 2013-05-05 10-58-28

So, I got a new ship, as you can see in the second picture. I met Ratbeard’s nemesis, Catbeard. He is, er, interesting.

Picture 2013-04-28 09-08-10

He loves pickled herring, and, that’s not the best-tasting thing I’ve eaten. He’s going to help find Mustang Sally, so Ratbeard and I have to put up with him… Sigh. I overheard in the tavern that the windstone for the world Marleybone was found. I found a picture on the floor.


Marleybone and Aquila are on their way to the Spiral! Or so he says. There’s apparently another realm to the Spiral that has them already… 😉 Marleybone is stuck in a war against the Armada… Well, everyone is. Marleybone is losing, just for a hint. It’s up to us to save the Spiral! Kind of strange. That seems familiar. 😉

Have fun in these new worlds!

How To: Start Pirate101 PvP!

Start Pirate101 PvP!

So you’ve all heard about Pirate101’s basic PvP on the test realm. No? Check it out hereIt’s like Wizard101’s practice PvP. Now how do you get started? If you own the Cutthroat Bundle’s Castaway Island or the Boochbeard Bundle’s Volcano Island, then you can look for 1v1 PvP sigils in your house!

Picture 2012-12-08 11-17-54

Equip your best gear, and you’re ready to go! Press “X” on one of the sigils and you will pick which team you are on.

Picture 2012-12-08 11-18-05

After you’ve joined a team, you go to the respective sigil.

Picture 2012-12-08 11-18-24

Then when someone else joins, the timer counts down and the battle begins! You can also duel in two Skull Island rooms, the “Brawlin’ Hall” and the “Spar Chamber”. They are in the shopping area of Skull Island. These fights count as “Epic Battles”, so you get to pick all your companions!

Picture 2012-12-08 11-38-51edited

These are 4v4 dueling rooms, so the battles get even more intense!

Picture 2012-12-08 11-31-07edited

You can have 1v1, 1v2, 2v2, 2v3, etc just like in the Massive Fantasy Palace (Wizard101). Note that you do not get any “rewards” from these battles, they are just for fun right now! Also, only one team plans at a time in the battles. When the other team is planning, you’ll get this message at the bottom of the greyed-out battle board;

Picture 2012-12-08 11-39-08edited

And those are the basics! Log onto Pirate101 Test Realm if you’re a member, and get fighting! I also may have an advanced tutorial with video in the future.