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Three Worlds In Three Days


The first world is, of course, Skull Island. (Who wouldn’t start with Skull Island?) This is a gameplay post of me playing as my Privateer, Griffin Silver with Morgan Laverne, a Musketeer. Doing the first three worlds of Pirate101 in three days is pretty impressive… I think. On the first day, we began Skull Island and easily finished Skull Mountain right off the bat.

Picture 2013-06-24 09-28-16

We learned about Ratbeard and Captain Gunn in Blood Shoals, and then went on to Jonah Town searching for the Frogfather, a person who apparently knows where Ratbeard is. After quite a few quests there and doing a dungeon, the Frogfather (my favorite quote from him is in the cover picture) shoves us away to Flotsam, where One-Eyed Jack points us in the wrong direction over and over again. On the next day we were led to the Isle of Doom. (Video from TheDeathshard)

The Isle of Doom indeed has lots of monsters and unknown creatures, even though the video is a bit misleading. While we are searching for Gortez in the jungles and mines, you are trying to make diplomacy with Puerto Mico and looking for the Gold Monkey. After a few more hours of questline, by defeating Gortez and his crazed Monquistadors, you make your way to Monquista to put Gortez in chains.

Picture 2012-10-13 11-51-35

While you’re at the prison, you give a note to the guard that pretty much says, “‘Remove’ the pirate who bears this note.  He is now considered an enemy to the Crown.” You free Gortez so he helps you defeat the guards, and the prison is turned into the Opposition Headquarters. All of the time in Monquista you are helping the Opposition gain more followers, and make a plan. The final plan is to get the Monkey’s Paw, which lies at the end of an hour dungeon, which acts like a genie- it grants you 3 wishes. On the last day, we went back to Skull Island to diffuse rumors Captain Avery made about us having the map to El Dorado, which is why people kept randomly attacking us. Hmm.

Picture 2012-10-26 17-57-30

Even though it doesn’t seem like much, it truly was a lot of questing! (That’s the end of Valencia, by the way!)


What If: Ratbeard Escaped?


The first “What If?’ post is here! The topic is: What if Ratbeard Escaped the Water Moles?

Picture 2013-01-25 16-22-38

Nearing the end of Chapter 1 (take a look here if you don’t know what that is), you are set to find Captain Gunn’s will, which Ratbeard has stolen! You sail after him, and end up at a volcano. What now? You run up the volcano only to find he was captured by the Water Moles. (At least he didn’t escape!) But what would happen… If the Water Moles didn’t capture him?

Yes, this is another screenshot of the volcano. Our quest goals are as follows for “Into the Fire“:

  • Explore Volcano Entrance
  • Explore Volcano Summit
  • Defeat Chumba Wumba
  • Talk to Chumba Wumba

Of course, we see Ratbeard. We rescue him. But now… Ratbeard’s not there! (Just so you can tell, the added lines have red compasses on the side.)

Quest-Into the Fire-Dialogue 1

As you can see, you skip, er, 6 books. We’re less than level 10 here, not over level 25. Plus, you’re not here for Mustang Sally anymore, you’re here for Ratbeard. Continuing on…


…and in not too much time, we learn about Napoleguin. Back on track, more or less. Actually, way less. We still need to finish book two. I assume from here, if the storyline was rendered like this, we wouldn’t head through the worlds in the “normal” order, Skull Island ➜ Monquista ➜ Valencia ➜ Cool Ranch ➜ Skull Island ➜ Cool Ranch ➜ MooShu. Instead of finding Mustang Sally, Catbeard might be helping you find Ratbeard. You bust him out of prison along with Mustang Sally and Napoleguin, then you follow Mustang Sally to Cool Ranch. Who knows if you would ever go to Valencia or Monquista. You would probably go to MooShu next, which is the end of our current storyline!

I hope you liked the first post in this series, thanks for reading!

Featuring Water Moles!

This is the second “feature” post on this blog! Hooray! My feature posts will almost always be totally random, :D, and just something I want to focus on. As I’ve said already, this time, it’s Water Moles!

Water Moles are my personal favorite species in the Spiral! In my pre-beta Factions (and classes) post, I thought that in Pirate101 you would play as those creatures. I was definitely sold for the Water Moles, but it’s ok that we’re humans. 😉

As I said in the Factions post, Water Moles are divided into two main tribes, the Nui and Waponi Water Moles. The Nui are usually friendly, and are free to trade with most everyone. You meet the Nui Water Moles in your Skull Island quests.

Next you go to the Waponi in a search for Ratbeard, on the island Waponi Wu. You also run into the Water Moles in Port Regal Skyway. The Water Moles were also seen in The Floating Land of Celestia where they made their first appearance.

New Additions – Part I

If you look on, you’ll see that KI is preparing for the full release. Adding most of the features of, fansites will be booming with material, especially when the Full Release is here! (10/8 or 10/15). There’s a whole lot of new Shop features, bundles, stories, storyline, and so much more! Where do I start? This post set will be separated into two parts. (First two-parter!)

The Pirate101 storyline is pay-as-you-go, or subscribe. It’s separated into twelve books as of now, and that’s how you’ll pay it with crowns. This is somewhat similar to the Wizard101 crowns-based system, check this out.

See some similarities? I can already tell that KingsIsle’s future games will probably be arranged about the same way. (Of course, because they’re in the Spiral! 😉 ) Back to the Pirate101 “Books”, as I’ve said the prices won’t be differed by street, but by book. The prices get higher for each book. Right now, it’s hard to tell if you’ll have to pay for each section of the book, or each book in all. Sections? Yes, each book has a summary and says what’s in it. Here’s a basic guide for all of them- they’re pretty self-explanatory.

Well, obviously you spend a lot of time in Cool Ranch. When I visited there, I sent lots of postcards of all the beautiful scenery! Unfortunately… I didn’t take many screenshots, and the beta characters got wiped. The storyline was great though, as you can see from chapters V-X (5-10). A lot of storyline is covered in Pirate101, in thirty short chapters. Those of you who aren’t in Beta, you’ll really like what you see when you start the game! Spoilers ahead, don’t read this if you want to discover the story on your own!

Skull Island Overview-

In Skull Island, you go through trying to get the basics of a pirate. Or, I could simply say a ship and money. After you’ve quested through Skull Mountain, Avery gives you his promised ship… er… boat… er… raft. You take your raft and fly it all around the Skull Island Skyways (chapters 1-2). You are after Captain Gunn’s treasure. He invented Yum, and has a fortune because of it! After you get the treasure, you are sent off to Puerto Mico on seeking diplomacy with the Monquistans. The whole mission turns on its heels and you are sent to the Isle Of Doom in search of the Golden Monkey!

Monquistan Overview-

You find out that Monquistan politics are in fact deadly. Caught in a civil war, you have to join the opposition of the Crown, and settle things best you can in the land of the monkeys. You go search for an ancient relic – the Monkey’s Paw, which you have to do a life-threatening search for.

Valencian Overview-

The Valencian storyline is quite short, as you venture into the heart of the Spiral, er… Armada. You learn about the map to El Dorado, and are sent on a search for it. You learn Avery’s single piece of the treasure, the sailcloth, was a piece of the map to El Dorado, the island of solid gold. You search in Valencia, but can’t find anything. When you look through the catacombs you find that the Armada have already taken the map, weeks ago.

Cool Ranch Overview-

A piece of the map to El Dorado, made by Marco Pollo, went to Cool Ranch. It’s being thrown around everywhere, and you struggle to find it while keeping Cooper’s Roost under control. You calm down the Bison, and keep searching for the map, which the Red Sash Gang has stolen- it’s been taken to the lair of Captain Blood. That means you have to find El Toro. El Toro, the guardian of Santo Pollo, After you find him, you must stop Santa Rana before it’s too late! You confront the Duck of Death later, to continue your search for the map. Now you have to go find Mustang Sally, who El Toro let go years ago. The Scurvy Dogs let you into Marleybone. Next you have to break Mustang Sally and Napolenguin, the most dangerous in the Spiral, out of the strongest prison in Skull Island. You have to save Tumbleweed, an abandoned town that used to be protected by the Magnificent Seven. Arise them and defeat the Wild Bunch to save them… bring it on. After that you venture towards the Haunted Skyway and the doomed town of Miranda. To get the second piece of the map, you just need to head into his lair. Great. More fighting.

MooShu Overview-

You head into MooShu to find the third piece of the map to El Dorado, as best you can. To find Egg Foo Yung and the map, you have to win a favor of the Yakooza. That means you have to storm corrupt General Tso’s fortress and get the map before the Armada get it! You need to gather the five Turtleballs to reach Cao Tzu and translate the Map. For the first one, you have to talk to the Monkey King… But can you trust him to help you? Once you have the last Turtleball, you must go to Maruzame and face the five Guardians to prove yourself worthy.

And that’s it, really, for the storyline. Check these two pages for more. Click. Click.

Alternating Headers

Just a quick post saying that I’m finished with renovations for now, I’ve added the buttons and I have a new header! The headers alternate from the pink MooShu mountain texture to the gray Skull Island volcano texture.


Pirate101 Gameplay – Pt 2 – Skull Mountain

After you’ve left Boochbeard’s ship and docked onto Skull Island, you’ll be in Cpt. Avery’s Office. He thinks that it wouldn’t be fair to just give you what you need, so he says to help him out to get a ship. He wants his Jade Amulet back, which Fin, one of his crew, stole, then ran off to Skull Mountain while arousing the Troggy tribes. Now the Troggies have stolen the gunpowder of the pirates trying to stop them, and are bombarding the towns on Skull Island. Avery sends you to Rigby, who is near Skull Mountain. He tells you more about the problem and leads you across a bridge to the Mountain. There, you meet Bonnie Anne, a Fox Musketeer. She wants you to defeat some Troggies, and then she’ll help you look for Fin. (Note: All image captions are below the images.)

I’m about to go into combat with these Troggies, with my Swashbuckler companion. Along the sides of the streets are footprints, which show you the safe paths. Troggies are very easy, so you shouldn’t be worried.

This is a first look at the Battle Board. In the lower left you’ll see which of your crew needs orders to attack for the round. It moves from left to right. In the above picture, in my square on the screen there’s a curved arrow pointing to a Troggy. I’m using a special ability. The companion has a straight arrow, that means he’s using a normal attack and is moving to the square with the arrow in it, then attacking the Troggy. I used my special ability/power by pressing a square at the bottom of the screen, near to “All your units have orders.” When you have your mouse over the enemy you are about to attack, (before you click on them), above your Powers it says “Your attack will do ## average damage to ______.”

When you’re finished with a battle, treasure chests appear where you defeated the enemies, instead of just giving you gold right away. There’s a time limit, so you have to collect them all before they disappear. If anyone in your battle presses “X” everyone will get the gold inside. Also, you can see in the top left Boochbeard with the Treasure Tutorial Tip. Instead of Tutorial Tips appearing on the right, they appear at the top of your screen now. I personally like it.

A newly added feature is the chat-criticals. I bet that’s not what it’s really called, but that’s what I’m going to call it for now. Chats during battle appear where the tutorial tips appear, in the same style chat bubbles. When a unit criticals, this picture is what it’ll look like on the side of the screen.

If one of your companions are defeated in combat, you don’t have to return to a life fountain (where you respawn) immediately. When you finish your fight, the circled section will appear above your health meter. Until you go back to a life fountain, that companion will no longer help you in battle.

After you’ve defeated the Troggies, Bonnie Anne joins your companions. (Musketeer Level 2). That’s all for questing in this update, I’ll keep you informed! 😀

These are the task-bars at the top of the screen, which appear when you mouse over the arrow at the top of the screen and click on the corresponding icon. I showed all of the dropdown menus at once. (You can’t do this in-game, I edited the photo).

Also, there’s new mounts! All of the mounts are dye-able except the Buffaloon. (Buffalo balloon) This one is the Batacuda mount 😉

Pirate101 Gameplay – Pt 1 – Intro

This is the new Witchdoctor character that I’m going to be using for the blog. I have a video posted up on YouTube of him doing the tutorial! Get ready for awesomeness! (Aka Pirate101)

Once you’re done with the tutorial, you are sent into Captain Avery’s office. As of the 8/22/12 BETA ONLY update, Boochbeard will be next to a nearby life fountain. He will give you a quest that can “level” you to 15 as if you had done all the quests to Cool Ranch. It’s really cool, now we get to test out the higher levels! I’ll try to get you the inside scoop on all of the worlds’ gameplay, storyline, and much more! Next up, part two! Skull Island Gameplay!


Hooray! KingsIsle has released a bunch of new information on the Pirate101 website. Today’s post will be about… minigames! In Wizard101 there were individual wizard-based games, and P101 follows in those footsteps! The new mingames include: Coin Drop, Pirate’s Pub, Powder Keg, Rat Attack, Rogue’s Range, and Windjammer. The pictures above represent each of those in respective order.

Coin Drop- This minigame is sort of like Tetris, except there’s no shape other than coin. The different colors/symbols on coins must be matched in pairs of 3. In the top-left of the screen, there is an area which shows what coin you will be placing next. I’m not sure if the pairs disappear when you make the matches. When the coins reach the Foul Line, the game ends. I think a trick for this game would be to think ahead and organize your coins. Screenshots on are included.

Pirate’s Pub- In this minigame you are a waiter serving Yum to pirates. Good thing: you get lots of money. Bad thing: the pirates are impatient. You race around the bar to serve up Yum before the pirates leave. They will pay you a tip if you don’t take a long time. This is sort of like a game on Webkinz- Pizza Palace (hehe). Be sure to give them the right thing and not break any glasses. There is a set amount of time you have to do this in.

Powder Keg- Powder Keg is not really complicated. It’s just a simple tower defense. There’s a couple of screenshots on the website if you want to see more. I’ll show an example to you though.

Rat Attack- Rat Attack is a faster-paced tower defense. The rats will attack you from above. There’s a lot of obstacles that will come down from the top along with the rats. You’ll man a cannon to blast the rats away. I probably won’t be good at this game because I’ll be too unfocused by the other obstacles. There’s not too much information on about this one, we’ll see exactly how it works when Beta comes out. There’s a couple screenshots too.

Rouge’s Range- This is a cooled-down version of a modern first-person-shooter game. Not saying that the setting is modern. You’re still a pirate, and you are shooting down pirate paper cut outs. You’ll need to have quick reflexes because you might accidentally shoot an ally! Also, occasionally a gem will appear. When this happens, you can shoot it to get extra points.

Windjammer- I think Windjammer is one of the coolest new minigames. You fly your ship and use cannons to destroy enemy ships and obstacles. It might look like you’re “driving” your ship, but you’re actually on the Skyway. The next best way to describe this is to show you one of the pictures on the Pirate101 website.

In Wizard101, minigames refilled mana needed to cast spells. You can comment with your ideas of what Pirate101 minigames might refill. My ideas are energy  (needed to attack on land) and/or fuel (needed to fly ships). What do you think?

Pirates in the Sky

There are many worlds in the Spiral, but in Pirate101 there are a few new additions. I will list a couple of the known, and try to identify some unknown. The known additions are: Skull Island, Monquista, Valencia, and Cool Ranch.

Skull Island is the hub of all pirates and pirate trading. It is the first new Pirate101 world you will visit, and is the main island of all pirates. Skull Island’s forests have similar textures to Wizard101’s Celestia- Floating Land. Just with a lot more skulls. And a lot more pirates. Ok, maybe not so much like The Floating Land.

It’s lush forests and enormous volcano would be the first spot you want to pick, right? I didn’t think so. But, the pirates wanted to settle here. As I said in Captain Avery’s bio in this post, he has recently taken control of the island and turned it into a pirate paradise. But it’s not all fun and happiness. As you would expect with pirates, well, there’s lots of piracy, and they like to mark territory. So some of the northern areas of Skull Island are inhabited by only Marleybonians on Monquistans. There will be much more to know about Skull Island when beta is released.

Monquista is ruled by a king and queen. Monkey. I know I have quoted this blog before, but I find this post very informative. The Monquistans are very well mannered and polite, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t pirates. They are sinister and inhabit part of Skull Island. There are many “clans” within Monquista, and very distantly everyone is related to some past king. Everyone is always squabbling over everything. I don’t want to take all of the facts away from the Buccaneer Bloggers, so click the link I posted.

The Buccaneer Bloggers has another post on this. I’ll just briefly go over it so you can know a little. Valencia is home to the Unicorns, and it’s where Diego the Duelmaster came from is you know Wizard101. It is known as “the heart of the Spiral” and is usually in the center of Spiral maps. This world has thrived over the years, but something has gone terribly wrong. The invention of clockwork ended the terrible Polarian Wars, but their leader, Kane, has been acting awfully mysterious and some are wondering if the clockwork will turn on their creators.

Cool Ranch is one of the unidentified worlds. It was mentioned in the first press release, and is a different post by The Buccaneer Bloggers. You’ll have to read the post, since there is nothing on the official website I can tell you about, and otherwise I would be almost quoting directly from him since I don’t know anything about it.

Skyways are they way you fly from place to place on your pirate ship in Pirate101. After you’ve finished customizing your first ship, you’ll take it for a test run on the Skyways. Not ocean. Since Worlds in the Spiral are floating, there isn’t any water connecting them. Your pirate ship floats along and can sometimes battle enemies.

When you see purple, pink, or brightly colored streaks along the sky when you’re sailing, they’re called Windlanes. These make you travel faster, and you can’t run into enemies here. Although, when you leave the Windlanes, you can run into vicious enemies and wildlife. If you want to battle them, get into close combat and you will start dueling. I’m not sure if this will be any different from the foot dueling.

What are Stormgates? Stormgates are whirlpools in the sky that take you places. Ok, maybe that wasn’t the best description. can explain it better.

Stormgates allow you to travel between different worlds. This ethereal experience is completely unique in your Pirate’s travels. Want to experience the Stormgate yourself? Finish the Main Quests in Skull Island and then sail through its splendor to a brand new world…

Valencia is known for the most stormgates, another reason for the name “heart of the Spiral.” Other than these few facts, there’s not much to know about Stormgates, other than they are whirlpools in the sky that take you places. 🙂

All of these data will come into play much better when you begin Pirate101, especially when you start flying your Pirate Ship. Oh yes, didn’t I say I would explain more about Pirate Ships? As I came to find  out, there’s not much more to find out than there’s a lot of pretty pictures of epic pirate ships. As some say, a picture is worth a thousand words. INCOMING!

Just FYI, this is a Stormgate in Cool Ranch. I think.

Ok, maybe I’m not going to post all of them. But there’s a ton on the Pirate101 website, all over! Also, check out the trailer for some awesome pirate sailing! Wait a minute, is it still sailing if it’s in the sky? Hmm. Post comments on that idea! Also, comment what you want my next post to be! Make sure there’s sufficient info about that topic though, as it takes quite a bit to make quality blog posts.