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Barbaric Beast Contest Winners!

I hope everyone had lots of fun participating in the Barbaric Beast contest that ended just about a week ago! I was extremely shocked by the great quality of the entries!

Every person who entered the contest won. (Which is awesome!)

Barbaric winners

Grand Prize: Sneaky Kevin Newell (Read his entry here!)

1st Place (Create-A-Quest): Humble India Everett (Read her entry here!)

1st Place (Create-A-Companion): Lucas Silver (Read his entry here!)

2nd Place: game gee (Read their entry here!)

Congratulations to everyone that entered! Codes will be emailed soon!


Ninja Pig Companion Giveaway!

I received Marco Pollo’s map in the mail! I want to share one of the Ninja Pig companion codes with one of you! All you need to do is follow my blog with a WordPress account or your email. Click on the image to go to the giveaway!

If you have not followed the blog when the giveaway is over, you can not win. I will re-draw until I get a winner who has followed.