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Happy 2nd Blogaversary! (Contest)

Pirates in the Sky is now 2 years old! I can’t believe thatĀ time has gone by this fast and it has been two whole years since Pirate101 was announced and I published this blog!

Picture 2014-04-26 08-04-11


Pirates in the Sky (and its social media profiles) have been updated with a new look! Please enjoy this new theme with new buttons in the sidebar.

Also to celebrate the Blogaversary, there will be a contest! The goal of this contest is to make your own Springtime Bundle.


You must:

  • include a Witchdoctor Lab or a housing item that works like it
  • include a current springtime pet or create your own springtime pet
  • include a springtime companion
  • work by yourself
  • make a $29 or $39 bundle (look at the Empire Bundle and Hoodoo Bundle for examples)
  • finish by May 14th, 2014 at 12:00 noon Central time.
  • email your finished bundle/entry to piratesinthesky (at) gmail (dot) com


  • include a diverse number of items that are unique to this bundle
  • think of a type of Springtime candy (Springtime Pet)
  • think of a small area you would like to enter in your house (Witchdoctor Lab item)
  • use the Shermlock font – it’s the one used in the picture above (have a parent help you download this if you are under 13)


1st: Ninja Pig Companion + Featured on Site

2nd: Witchdoctor Lab + Featured on Site

3rd and 4th: Springtime Pet + Featured on Site

Most Creative and Most Realistic: Featured on Site


Happy Birth-O-Ween in Pirate101!

Pirate101 is celebrating their birthday and Halloween at the same time in a joint event called Birth-O-Ween! The game was updated this morning with things like Halloween eyepatches, a ship, and much more!

Halloween Festivities There is now a Halloween ship called the Haunted Galleon that can be bought from the Crowns Shop for only 5,000 crowns! 20131015-070710.jpg There is a Jack-O-Lantern eye patch, as well that has no stats (and only costs 100 crowns) but One-Eyed Jack says we might get to stitch Tokens soon! There is also rumored to be “a spooky green-fog floor, creepy spying eyes, an explosive Jack-o-lantern figurehead, and festive sails that leave a trail of bats behind them.” …Which I’m sure we’ll find soon! 20131015-071202.jpg Birthday Festivities Skull Island is decorated festively for Halloween, but for Pirate101’s Birthday as well! As well as getting 5 million players, there are some cool things you can get because of Pirate101’s birthday! 20131015-071334.jpg Be sure to buy the Birthday Eyepatch which, like the Jack-O-Lantern, is only 100 crowns and can be equipped by any level. Since Pirate101 has recently hit the total of 5 million players, a celebration is in order! Look for Mickey Dugan in Avery’s Court next to a special statue for a new quest line! 20131015-071553.jpg

There are also many more features in or coming to Pirate101 soon that you can read about in the Birth-O-Ween update notes! Check them out here.

What will happen on September 19th?



Heheh, I wonder what’s going to happen! And he locked the topic… We’ll just have to see! Comment what you think will happen!

Updated Video: Ryan’s Wish

This is the new updated video for Ryan the Relentless’ visit to KingsIsle! šŸ™‚

A Map of Cool Ranch

And when I say “A Map of Cool Ranch,” I mean a map of Cool Ranch. All of Cool Ranch.


That was really fun to make! What I did was I took screenshots of all the skyways’ maps, then put them into GIMP. I selected the map part, which means I didn’t select the parts around the edges, then did Select > Invert to select only the bars on the sides. I deleted those then (after inverting the selection again) did Image > Crop to selection. After that, I selected only the skyway part, no map wanted. That was pretty hard.


I also had to fill in the spaces where the green arrow was, which was accomplished by some penciling in pink and some copy-pasting of the windlanes (with the exception of Arroyo Grande). Then I pasted them onto the main image and rotated them as necessary. After I had done this for all six skyways, I made sure everything fit together correctly, cropped down the image, filled in blank spots with empty pink skyway, and outlined everything with dark brown. Voila!

I got the idea of this reading the May 2013 newsletter where it had a link to a Pirate101 Central thread where the user Arcane had already made one of Skull Island. Here is the link to that thread! Thanks for reading!

Blog-o-versary and More!


Wow! A year has come and gone! Pirate101 was announced a year ago today, and the second I heard, I made this blog! I just want to thank everyone that helped make this happen and everyone who viewed my site and got my views up to over 17,000 in the first year! WOW!

Thanks to followers as well, 32 of those!

Pirate101 has made it a long way since then, wow!

Now to the news. I think it’sĀ just a little bitĀ coincidentalĀ that KI is beginning to reveal their next worlds in Pirate on the same day, a year later, that they revealed Pirate101. There’s puzzle pieces being released all over the Spiral, and it’s up to us (the community) to put them together! This should get you started…

Mystery Puzzle Pieces Surfacing!
Yarr! Strange pieces of a puzzle have begun to surface on our official fansites!Ā These two piecesĀ will get you started on your journey. Over the next couple of days you’ll want to visit all of our official fansites as together they will reveal all the pieces of this mystery. What awaits our faithful crew of fans?Ā See Fan Sites Ā»

As far as many sites are concerned, we already have 17/28 pieces and that the next worlds are (hopefully) Marleybone and Aquila. For a long time… A year… We haven’t known what the next world was. We guessed- Darkmoor, Marleybone, and Aquila, and we got two right! With two new worlds being released there’s lots of commotion! Have fun!

Interview From: Destiny SoulTamer!

I apologize for the long time between posts. I’ll try to make it up, here’s an interview! This is from Destiny SoulTamer, who runsĀ Destiny’s Travels!


You run the blog “Pirates in the Sky”. Tell us a little about it.

What is it’s backstory, how did it get started?

Ā I started off writing my blog theĀ dayĀ that I heard about Pirate101ā€“ April 25, 2012. I had tested the water with my previous Wizard101 blog, but I wanted to start at the very beginning of Pirate101. I wanted to get into the “blog-o-sphere” again and maybe try to become an official blog. I’m still on that road, and I’m looking forward to the future! I have now taken up blogging as a hobby, and love talking about Pirate101. I think that I didn’t stop because I learned to use GIMP and that’s something I really like about blogging.

What is the one thing you think shines the most in your blog?

I’m really proud of my edited photographs, although I know that they’re not the best of everyone out there. As I said a little earlier, I have a lot of fun creating them, and I like to see how my readers react to them. It’s really fun to edit images, and GIMP is pretty easy once you get the gist of it.

Alright, favorite post? Why? Least favorite?

I like a lot of my posts, but if I choose one, its probably “Pirate101 Abilitiesā€“ Where to Train“. I like this one because it goes deeper into Pirate101, and provides a little bit of my personal ideas. It also adds some community input on what most of the community picks. Least favorite? Well, I don’t really like my news posts, theĀ Tradewinds Tribune. Sometimes when I’m writing these I feel like I’m not being very original.

What is the one thing you want your readers to take away fromĀ Pirates in the Sky?

I like to write guides, and the community does too. I try to write a pretty good number around a wide variety of topics, and I think that’s one of the things that I want to stick with my readers. I think that it’s good that it’s not only fun to write, but it can help a large number of people.

You play Pirate101, don’t you?Ā Tell us about your character(s)!

I have five characters, but have only really played on two of them. I have Evan Silver, the swashbuckling hero, who, currently, is sailing the sun-set skyways of Cool Ranch. My only alternate character that I’m playing on right now is Malorn Silver. He’s a mysterious witchdoctor, and is mastering juju around Skull Island.

What is your favorite part of Pirate101?

I like all the parts of Pirate101! šŸ˜‰ But if I just have to pick one, it has to be companions. I hadn’t experienced anything like that before, and I was certainly excited to try them out. Now I really like them, and I love getting a new one!

Sink or Slash? šŸ™‚

Usually sink, because I play with friends. That doesn’t make sense, does it? If my friends log on, I want to get as much questing as I can done with them, so we sink together. I find sinking more entertaining because not only is it real-time combat, but I need a break from all of the ground fighting. Plus, I enjoy a good ship fight!

Thanks for the interview!

Good Job Pirate101!


Game of the Year!!! Good job! Here’s what had to say about it…


With 27.8% of the vote (0.5% more than Guild Wars 2), KingsIsle (home of some of the devs that brought us Shadowbane) proved that a family friendly MMO can have a legion of loyal fans behind a deceptively deep and engaging strategy MMORPG. Congrats to P101 for this fantastic upset.

Congratulations to KingsIsle! I bet this was a great holiday present to them šŸ˜‰

Happy Holidays all! I’ll return with game updates later!

Pirate101 Launch Party!

Mark your calendars for October 15th, because that’s when Pirate101 is officially released! I’m going to be hosting a launch day party!

Be sure to write this down:

  • Monday, October 15
  • 5:00 PM EST – 9:00 PM EST
  • Avery’s Court, (and all areas directly connecting except Skull Mountain)
  • The main party will be in the shops area,Ā due to overcrowdedness in Avery’s Court.
  • RealmĀ Morgan LaFitte

PLEASE show up early, who knows if the realm will fill up, and how soon? I won’t be there for the pre-party though, sadly. (Sorry for an inconvienent Monday!) I will try to have this every year from now on, but always on the weekend. (Ex: Next year it will be on Sunday, October 13).

If you want to help promote this party or advertise for this, (which would beĀ greatlyĀ appreciated for this first party), please feel free to, but leave a link back to my site! Also, feel free to take my picture, it’s not copyrighted. Just again, leave a link toĀ this post.

Yes, I do realize that the shops area isĀ inaccessibleĀ to new players. Please do your best to quest to the shops, because I will only be there. Hopefully the community will set up portbuses, I’m sorry I can’t for this one. My ign, or in-game-name, isĀ Evan Silver.

Lack of Posts?

Sorry if it seems as if I have left the Spiral or something. Rest assured, I haven’t. I am just nervous to start going back into Pirate101, because I’m afraid when I do, they’ll reset characters again! šŸ˜¦

IĀ am really excited for the full release of Pirate101, and it’s really cool seeing the community keep evolving. Please leave a comment if you want a post subject, thanks, bye!