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Blog-o-versary and More!


Wow! A year has come and gone! Pirate101 was announced a year ago today, and the second I heard, I made this blog! I just want to thank everyone that helped make this happen and everyone who viewed my site and got my views up to over 17,000 in the first year! WOW!

Thanks to followers as well, 32 of those!

Pirate101 has made it a long way since then, wow!

Now to the news. I think it’s just a little bit coincidental that KI is beginning to reveal their next worlds in Pirate on the same day, a year later, that they revealed Pirate101. There’s puzzle pieces being released all over the Spiral, and it’s up to us (the community) to put them together! This should get you started…

Mystery Puzzle Pieces Surfacing!
Yarr! Strange pieces of a puzzle have begun to surface on our official fansites! These two pieces will get you started on your journey. Over the next couple of days you’ll want to visit all of our official fansites as together they will reveal all the pieces of this mystery. What awaits our faithful crew of fans? See Fan Sites »

As far as many sites are concerned, we already have 17/28 pieces and that the next worlds are (hopefully) Marleybone and Aquila. For a long time… A year… We haven’t known what the next world was. We guessed- Darkmoor, Marleybone, and Aquila, and we got two right! With two new worlds being released there’s lots of commotion! Have fun!


New Additions – Part II

Welcome to the second part of the “New Additions” post! As I said in the first, there’s been a lot of new updates to Pirate101, and KI gets ready for the full release, in 2 days!!! (At least for the Head Start). First I’ll start off with the news that…

Closed Beta Ended!

Closed Beta ended yesterday at 5:00 PM CST. Hope you had fun, but all Beta players will be included in the Head Start that begins tomorrow! All Beta testers who actually
played in the game will receive a Pioneer’s Eyepatch, which you can equip through the Token item slot, but actually appears on you character! Here’s the notes from

We’re thanking our Pirate101 Beta players with a special gift that not only screams, “I’M A PIRATE,” but also shows you’re one of our rock stars! It’s the Pioneer’s Eyepatch!

Pioneer’s Eyepatch Details:

  • Equips to the Token outfit slot.
  • Has a card of the Rouse healing power!
  • Has no level restriction.
  • Is classified as a No Trash, No Sell, and No Auction item so you’ll never accidentally delete it, and it is tradable between your characters through the Shared Bank.
  • The star symbol on the patch will never be replicated on any other eyepatch in game—ever—and will let everyone know you played in Beta.

The Pioneer’s Eyepatch will be placed in your account’s gift window and will be redeemable in game starting the week of October 8th.

Note: You will not receive an Eyepatch if you played in the Pirate101 preview on 10/4/12.

New Bundles!

As I talked about in Part One of this post, there are new payment options for Pirate101! They’ve also added some new bundles, the Cutthroat Bundle ($39), a $20, and $10 bundles available at GameStop! Take a look at the pictures!

What do you think future bundles will be like? I see some similarities between these and the Wizard101 bundles, but isn’t it supposed to be like that? 😉 I, personally, can’t wait for bundles with two person mounts! Also, if you look at the Cutthroat Bundle, you can see that you gain an entire ship! That will be pretty cool to get, especially to new players. The $20 card has 2 months of membership or 10,000 crowns, plus a Walking Octopus pet. The $10 card has 1 month of membership or 5,000 crowns, plus a Crab Pet. These will be appearing in GameStop stores all over the country, but will probably go really fast too! Get your bundles as fast as you can!

Captain’s Log – Spiral Date 414722

This is the last of the news. The most recent update in Pirate101 was pretty subtle, because they are almost finished! It mostly fixed combat bugs, and there have been quite a few Hotfixes with little bugs since then.

We’ve made several small tweaks and adjustments to the newest version of the game as we continue to polish Pirate101 in preparation for launch!

Pirate101 is about to be launched, have fun playing tomorrow on Columbus Day! (For those of you who were in Beta and/or purchased a Boochbeard Bundle.)

Sneak Peek Today!

Don’t know what I’m talking about?



Release Date Announced!!!

Here is the article in which the date is posted! But stay on this blog, I’ll tell you everything plus more. 😉
So yes, it’s true, Pirate101 is being released in one week! Well, the Head Start that is. If you played in Beta, get your credit cards out to buy membership because you’ll be included in the Head Start, as well as people who bought the bundles.

Speaking of bundles, on Swordroll’s Blog, there are some epic photos!

Pictures Removed, Please Visit Swordroll’s Blog

Thank you Swordroll! 🙂 These bundles look awesome, you can see they’re similar to the current Wizard101 bundles. The Cutthroat Bundle looks like a “Epic Bundle”, and you can kind of make out what’s on the card. The other cards look like the classic Game Cards, that cost $20 and $10.

That’s the big day, Pirate101 is coming out then! BUT, if you participated in Closed Beta or bought a Pre-Game bundle, you’ll get early access- one WEEK early access! That means for all of you Beta players, you get to start October 8th! That’s in one week! Here’s an interview posted on Massively… (Pirate101 articles are springing up everywhere! Again!)

There’s another article on IGN, which has a Pirate101 bundle giveaway that has 60,000 crowns! You just need to enter a Pirate haiku, and you’re in! The problem is, there’s already 1,500 comments, you have until midnight on the 7th, and there’s only 10 winners! Good luck!


On another note, Pirate101 has been polishing up Beta, and as you can tell from all the news, it’s almost done! There was a recent beta update, Spiral Date 414722, that squished pretty much the very last bugs of Pirate101. It’s been very intresting to play the game before, and how much they’ve changed it! I don’t mean the entire storyline, it’s just the little things. They’ve put voices on all of the text, (VoiceOver), they’ve added wind in everyone’s sails, they’ve changed so many icons, and much much, much more!

As you can tell, I’ve never participated in a game’s Beta anymore. Thank you KingsIsle for the opportunity, it was great taking part in the early stages of Pirate101!


No, I don’t actually need help. But, I noticed a copy and paste from KI. Hehehe! (By the way, this will be a short post.) (Click image to enlarge.)

Rofl!!! So, this was just a quick post, bye!

Booch. Beard. Bundle.

I think KI has gone CRAZYYYY! They are really promoting this bundle, but then again, it is totally epic. (I’m not saying that from a Pirate101 fan point of view… 😛 ) They released this video on YouTube not so long ago. Sorry for the slow update, but I hope you enjoy!

That’s pretty much all for this “News” update, I’ll probably have another really soon! See you in the Beta Spiral!

Beta Wipe #1


Sadly, sometime last week, our characters in Pirate101 Beta were YOHOHO! ‘d… In other words, deleted. (YOHOHO! is like Abracadabra in Wizard101). 😦 One-Eyed Jack released this message:

…there’s at least one more wipe coming and that is before the game launches. I’ve been assured that the head start week is exactly that, and your characters are safe at that point . . . and we’ll pull down any scary messages of wiping your characters. Up until we’re out of Beta though (i.e., the Head Start Week), we all have to be able to accept the fact that characters could be wiped at any time. It’s just an unfortunate but necessary part of Beta testing and a changing game.

So I might be able to finish up William by catching him up… But no more Swash’ing until the full game.

On a different note, I recently got two thousand views! Let’s do even better! Please follow my blog as well, I’ll start having parties if we get enough when Live comes out! 🙂

Pirate101 Gameplay – Santo Pollo (Extra Content Included!)

We apologize for your post being interrupted. Breaking News released on!

Pre-Sale Bundles are now avaliable on the Pirate101 website! They include… (image source)

These items will only be available for a limited time, so get them really quick!!! The Boochbeard Bundle even includes a Closed-Beta key for extra play-ness!!! 😀 Also, it has been stated on Forbes magazine online Pirate101 will be released in early October so get ready for fun!

What is Closed Beta and how long does it last?

Closed Beta is a testing period where a limited number of players can play Pirate101 and provide game feedback. It will last up until the one week Head Start, so players who buy the Boochbeard Bundle early on will have more of a chance to play Closed Beta than players who wait. At the end of Closed Beta, Pirate characters will be wiped one last time. Once the one week Head Start begins, all characters are saved.

When does my 12 Month Pirate101 Membership Start?

Your 12 Month Membership time will not start until the one week Head Start of the Pirate101 launch. At the end of Closed Beta there will be one final character wipe, and after that the Head Start will begin. Once your 12 Month Membership begins at the one week Head Start, your characters and game items will be saved.

What is the one week Head Start?

When the Pirate101 game launches, Beta players and people who bought the Boochbeard or Gandry Bundle will get a one week Head Start on the game. The rest of the public will have to wait until the one week Head Start is over, and then Pirate101 will be available to everyone. This one week Head Start gives players to get a chance to quest and progress in the game before everyone else.

When do I get my cool new in-game items, like the Parrot Mount and the Castaway’s Cove?

Just like your 12 Month Membership, the in-game items from the Boochbeard or Gandry Bundle will be available to your character at the beginning of the one week Head Start.

Can I get these in-game items without purchasing a bundle?

No, these items will only be available with the purchase of a Boochbeard or Gandry bundle. They will be permanently retiredwhen these exclusive bundles are no longer available. This is the only way to ever get the Scarakeet pet, Castaway’s Cove, Parrot Mount, Cat Pirate Companion, Dread Pirate’s outfit, and the Ruby Slicer weapon.

Will I get a physical Pirate101 prepaid game card?

No, since these are online only bundles, you will not receive a physical card for the Pirate101 Boochbeard or Gandry Bundle.

Will my Pirate101 12 Month Membership Auto Renew?

Yes, your Membership will auto-renew at the discounted 12 Month price point of $59.95 one year after the Head Start date. You can change your Membership at any time by visiting My Accounts.

Thank you, your post will resume!

On Evan Keeler, my Swashbuckler, I’ve gotten all the way to Santo Pollo, Cool Ranch, without using Boochbeard as the first 15 levels! 🙂 I’m going to show you what I’m doing in Cool Ranch. (Skip the beginning of this post if you’ve read my CR gameplay posts and don’t want to see repeat screenshots.) Anyway, so far I’ve…

…Headed to Cool Ranch into Cooper’s Roost Skyway.

Once I got to Cooper’s Roost, I started to look for Merriweather Clark…

…Who had unfortunately been kidnapped by Bison. I taught them a lesson, then they told me why they took Merriweather.

Merriweather told me what I needed to do: find the Red Sash chicken gang. 😀

I fought some ships to find the map to the Red Sash’s hideout, the Hidden Valley. I went there and fixed everything up with the Bison’s graveyard. I went back to see Merriweather…
…But his house had been raided! I went and fought Monterrey Jack the chicken! Next I headed off to Santo Pollo in search of El Toro.

El Toro, the mysterious masked champion of Cool Ranch. Saving the innocent from evil such as the Banditoads, El Toro is a legend. He was almost never seen though. All we know is that he leaves a mark “T.” I am now defending the townsfolk so that I may get El Toro’s attention and get *that* much closer to getting the map. Here’s a quote from just to sum up a little snippet of the Cool Ranch storyline.

Cool Ranch is a land of legendary figures: heroes like the Chicken Rangers, Wild Bill Peacock, and the masked hero El Toro, fighting lawlessness and standing up for the humble settlers; but the wild frontier has also fostered terrible outlaws like Libirdy Valence, El Guapo, and the dreaded Duck With No Name. Smugglers and pirates have always been drawn to Cool Ranch – far from everyplace, the dusty realm is an ideal place to hide.

(Sorry for the short post (other than breaking news 😛 ), I didn’t take many screenshots of my questing, and I haven’t done much.)

Special Post!

This post is special! It’s a break from the straight storyline on William, and soon I’m going to start posting as my Swashbuckler, Evan Keeler, as well. But this time, it’s Cool Ranch Privateer Gameplay! Thanks to Boochbeard, I got to jump right over here. This is my first time as a Privateer, though. In special posts, I may include videos as well as lots of screenshots for special posts. Enjoy! 🙂 (Note: Full video is in two parts.)

I uploaded (to YouTube) a twenty minute long one, that has ingame sounds and music. The second video is sped up to seven minutes, but has no music.

After where the video left off, I had to sail to a new island and skyway in Cool Ranch. I found a new tribe, and I was lead to the chief, in his tent. He didn’t think I was worthy of knowing where Merriweather was, so I had to do this fight. I couldn’t record this because I kept losing connection, so I decided to take a couple screenshots. After I defeated these bison, the tribe leader thought I was worthy, but one of the bison didn’t. He rose with some of his friends and we had to duel them too.

When we finished them, the tribe leader told me that he thought Merriweather took ancient relics from the graves of the elders. This is very disrespectful so they took him prisoner. I went outside to Merriweather who told me that he didn’t do it, and I needed to defeat Red Sash ships to get to Hidden Valley, which is where their headquarters is.

I leveled up and set sail! That’s all I’m doing in Cool Ranch today, thanks for reading the special post!

Pirate101 Tips – Companions

This is yer Companion Management Page. Go to the top menu in yer screen, press the Hook then My Companions. Ye can also press “U” to open this page right away. On this page, you can drag your companions around to adjust when they’ll show up in combat. The mini-picture by the percentage [of when they’ll show up] shows what class they are. Once this 4*4 grid is filled up, you get more pages of companions. The first companion slot is filled by your Firstmate. They will follow you around by default and always show up in a battle with you. I advise to put your strongest companion here, or the one you work best with. Companions can be dragged around the grid to adjust their percentage of showing up.

This is the Skull Island Kraken Skulls Tavern. There are Taverns all around every world, they might be a little hard to find sometimes. Press “M” to open your map, then look for the Yum Yum Fruit. Taverns are important for companions. You can improve them by receiving quests from your companions in Tavern Cellars.

Also Companion Training  Tomes are vended in Taverns. Training Tomes are used to level your companions, they don’t just level up with you. You get a few Tomes every level. The farther away your level is from the companion, the higher the companion will level.


If a companion is defeated in combat, they will only return to you when you drink a Mojo Potion or return to a Life Fountain. Mojo Potions are only restored by Blue Yum Yum Fruit (aka Mana Wisps) and Minigames, but revive all companions and restore all of your health when you drink one. Minigame Kiosks are found in some safe areas and Taverns. Life Fountains restore your health gradually as long as you stay in a safe area and stay bound to the same Life Fountain. They also revive all companions.

Companions also act like an extra character in combat. Be sure to keep ’em ready for whatever comes at ye! -Also, as a fun fact, Privateers get the most companions.-

Thanks for reading, hope these tips helped! 😉