Sneaky Kevin Newell’s Entry


My companion idea would be a bit different from what we can find in the new Grizzlehim Hoard Pack. Since we can currently only obtain bears from that pack, I wanted to think of a different creature from Grizzleheim to become a companion… there’s Grendels, Ravens, Valkyries, Wildclaws, Boars, and more!

My ideal companion is a Wolf named Saargad. He is a Swashbuckler who is recruited towards the beginning of Grizzleheim for all classes – when we go there, he would be the “speaking” companion there and would serve as a guide since us Pirates likely aren’t familiar with that area. When recruited, he will be two levels higher than the pirate’s level (he will likely be recruited at Level 66, so he would generally start off being Level 68).

Saargad starts off with one trained epic, which is Blade Storm. He will also be able to train FIVE more – three initially and one at each of his two promotions. His epic pool is as follows:

Blade Storm, automatically trained. Can be trained up to tier 2.

Relentless. Can be trained up to tier 3.

Riposte. Can be trained up to tier 3.

First Strike. Can be trained up to tier 3.

Sneaky Sneaky. Can be trained up to tier 2.

And powers:

Tier 1: Saargad does not start with any powers when he is recruited.

Tier 2: Upon the completion of his first promotion, Saargad will train Assassin’s Mist.

Tier 3: After his final promotion, Assassin’s Mist will be upgraded to Assassin’s Gloom.

Of course, talents are the same as other companions and the job order ones match those of other Swashbuckler companions. I would personally build him with Blade Storm, Relentless 2, Riposte 2, and Sneaky Sneaky, but I’m sure that others would think of other cool epic combinations to train on him!

What’s different about Saargad is that his epics aren’t all granted to him immediately like they are with other higher level mainline companions. This is intentional – players would be able to experience a mini-storyline through his promotion quests right away and improve him at the same time by giving him new powers.

Sargaad’s initial title is Wolf Fighter. After his first promotion, he becomes a Wolf Champion, and, after his second one, he becomes a Wolf Paladin.

Time for promotion quests!

Both of Saargad’s promotion quests will occur at level 70 – this will be the maximum level players can reach when Grizzleheim is added. So even after completing the main storyline in Grizzleheim, there’s still more to do…

PROMOTION #1 – At level 70, Saargad will call the pirate to a tavern cellar.

“Captain, I know I haven’t been on your crew for very long… but I think it’s time to share my story with you. Come find me in a Tavern.”



“You have arrived. Captain, I think you know that not all pirates have had easy pasts. Mine is no different; though it is difficult to speak of, I must do so in order to truly pledge my loyalty.”

“My father met his end in battle. He was a powerful warrior indeed… though warfare has its consequences. A powerful weapon was once given to him, but it was shattered in combat.”

“That weapon had divine strength embedded within it… no ordinary soldier could have been his undoing. Yet I am afraid that is all I know.”

“Captain, I must uncover more! Let us go to Delphi and consult with the oracle. The prophets of Aquila are able to see what we cannot.”


“I welcome you back to Aquila, Pirate. I can tell that your progress towards your ultimate goal is slowly advancing… but you still have much to do.”

“You pose a question? Apollo Bright One, empower me with wisdom and knowledge! You wish to know more about… Saarmund, yes?”

“Ah, but I am afraid that your inquiry cannot be answered just yet. You, young Pirate, have proven yourself to be a great hero of Aquila. But this question is for your new friend, who is a stranger to us.”

“Saargad. You must appease Apollo – venture to Achaea and battle Manticore. Gather enough of their wings, then purify at the Ancient Spring there. Do this, then return to me.”


This is a defeat and collect quest. The quest goal will change after collecting enough Wings.


The Ancient Spring is the small waterfall in Achaea. Interacting with it will trigger dialogue from Ratbeard.

“More chores fer th’ Oracle. Why can’t we ever go to a different seer?”


“You have done well, Saargad. Now, allow me to impart what I know onto you.”

“Your father, Saarmund, was no ordinary warrior. His strength was unmatched. A raven known as Odin Stormfather – perhaps you know him? – initiated a test of power.”

“Saarmund emerged victorious, winning a divine sword as his prize. This weapon kept him safe in the darkest of times, though all was not well.”

“It all becomes clear to me. Saarmund used his strength to fight suitors of his soon-to-be wife – this became greater than just a conflict. It started a war. Soon after it begun, his fate took a negative direction.”

“With such a powerful weapon, he could not be defeated. This is why the great Stormfather stepped back in with an even stronger weapon, the Gungnir. Unlike Saarmund’s sword, it was invincible.”

“Odin transformed himself into a Bear among of the opposing side, the Lyngians. With the Gungnir, Saarmund’s blade was shattered into pieces.”

“Saarmund was then defeated by the Lyngians. The only witness of this defeat was a Bear named Eylimi. However, his whereabouts are unknown to me… the secrets of time are slowly fading away.”

Saargad speaks.

“Captain, this news troubles me. Why did this raven bestow such great power unto my father yet revoke it just the same? Let us ask around for this Eylimi fellow.”


Almar is an NPC in the main hub area of Grizzleheim.

“Eylimi? Never heard of him. Try heading up the trail back there.”


The clearing that you are led to is a solo area with Gehart Bandits in it. Bonnie Anne speaks upon entering.

“These beasties don’t look very friendly…”

Hawkules speaks.

“That has never been a concern to the mighty Hawkules – attack!”


One of the Bandits will speak after they are defeated.

“You’re looking for Eylimi? We don’t have him – nobody’s seen him since Saarmund… well…”

“Go bother the Lyngians! They ought to know something.”


Lyngian soldiers roam an island on the remote part of the accessible Skyway in Grizzleheim. It is known as Okolnir and is set aside specifically for this promotion quest. Saargad speaks after defeating enough of them to collect the information.

“To think that these fowl brigands were responsible for that tragedy so long ago… I shall avenge my father soon enough. But for now, vile beasts, tell us what you know of Eylimi!”

A Lygian Soldier speaks.

“That information’s classified, ya’hear? We don’ even know it – g’n’ enter the th’ Hall of Brimir o’er there – all secrets’ll reveal ‘emselves.”


The Hall of Brimir is a wide passageway with a statue of a Frost Giant at the end of it. The Statue can be interacted with it, causing Saargad to read the engraved inscription.


“Brimir is the creator. His influence lives on throughout Grizzleheim… but all is not well. Speak your concern, and, if your soul is righteous, Brimir will answer.”

“Let it be done, then! I seek answers about a fallen warrior – I seek to discover more from the few who have witnessed his defeat.”

There is a short pause, and then the statue, Brimir, speaks.

“Saargad, your cause is just. I will answer, yet be warned that the answers you will find will not be those that you wish to hear.”

“I will not tell you myself – no, that will make your journey all for naught. Instead, I will set you on the right path. After the defeat of Saarmund, the Lygians gained excessive pride from their victory.”

“That pride is still evident today. Lygian generals plot to conquer Grizzleheim – Saargad, it falls to you to stop them.”

“Even my hall is plagued by the Lygians – venture into the back room and defeat them. Once this is done, return to me, and I will set you on the path of Eylimi.”




All of these bosses are in the backroom of the Hall of Brimir. They join together in one fight where you will have to take on all three of them along with several Lygian Soldier minions. This is meant to be a very difficult fight; aside from just the number of enemies, the bosses will cheat. Gunnar is a Privateer who casts The Big Guns every other round. Hogni is a Musketeer who will use Scatter Spike every round. Guttorm, the main boss of this fight, is a Buccaneer who will cast Leviathan’s Call on the first round and will replace it whenever it runs out. He also has an infinite number of Vicious Strike powers. The goal for this fight is to defeat Gunnar, Hohni, and Guttorm.

Gunnar has Repel Boarders 3, First Strike 2, Blade Storm, and Feeding Frenzy. Hogni has Double Tap 3, Quick Draw 2, Overwatch, and Return Fire. Guttorm has Blade Storm 3, Vengeance Strike 2, Flanking, and Cheap Shot.

A good strategy for this fight would likely be taking out Guttorm first; Vicious Strike does not only deal a good amount of damage, but the accuracy reduction could render a melee companion useless and severely hinder ranged ones. However, due to Leviathan’s Call his health will, essentially, double – an easy solution would be to use Witchdoctor units, but with the constant stream of attacks from the other enemies as well as Gunnar’s The Big Guns likely result in them not sticking around for very long.

I would handle this fight by bringing in Saargad (who will always join), El Toro, and Nausica. Send out Saargad and El Toro for Guttorm immediately – because of his Vengeance Strike 2, Riposte from the two Swashbucklers will activate easily. Although he may get one or two Vicious Strikes in, after he is out the fight will be relatively easy. I would then aim for Hogni; this is not necessarily because of his Scatter Spike cheat, although the battleboard will begin to become very dangerous, but because Musketeers enemies are, in general, more of a threat than melee ones. Nausica can quickly defeat this boss since he has Quick Draw 2. Defeating Gunnar would be done through a similar approach as with Guttorm.


“You have succeeded? Very well. Not only have to struck a blow on the Lygians, but you have proven yourself to be… different.”

Saargad speaks.

“Different? Different how?”

Brimir speaks.

“Do not fret… you are about to find out. With the three Lygian generals defeated, much of their followers will either surrender or flee. But not all is done.”

“Their commander, Lygia, still remains. He was the one who initiated the war that resulted in the fall of Saarmund. He seeks to eliminate all trace of that fateful event… which is why he captured Eylimi.”

“Lygia waits in the Vortex of Lost Memories. His defeat will not only put a stop to his new vision of Grizzleheim, but will also provide you with the answers you seek.”

Saargad speaks.

“Hold a moment! Even if we succeed, I do not expect this Eylimi fellow to know the ambitions of the treacherous Ravens. Why did Saarmund fall to Odin in combat?”

Brimir speaks.

“Because he was fated to do so. I withdraw.”


Monkey King speaks after the dialogue ends.

“Am I the only one who found it strange when the statue started talking?”

The Vortex of Lost Memories is located in the Grizzleheim’s Skyway. Inside will be an unsinkable ship known as the Skysailor. After boarding it, you will find Eylimi towards the back of the ship and Lygia as the main boss along with Lygian Soldiers, Lygian Cannoneers, and Lygian Spellcasters.

Lygia begins the fight with immunity to all attacks. Two more minions will join each turn, and the goal is to survive for five rounds. After these five rounds, Eylimi will join the fight as an ally. Eylimi is a Privateer who, immediately after joining, will cast Purge Magic, removing all buffs, including Lygia’s immunity (note that your own units casting Purge Magic will not remove the immunity). The minions will then stop being summoned each round and the goal of the fight will change to defeating all enemies.

After being defeated, Lygia will speak.

“Abandon ship, men! Abandon ship!”


“Greetings, Pirate. I can tell that your journey here was neither short nor easy. You want answers? If you insist, I shall tell you what I know.”

“I was there when Saarmund fell. The Gungnir cannot be beaten. Some say that it was once wielded by the Titans, long, long ago, back in the First World…”

“I digress. Saargad, is it? You have done all that you could to save Grizzleheim from the threat of the Lygians. That is the very difference between you and your father.”

“Saarmund was not noble! He was given his all-powerful weapon by Odin and used it to gain leverage over suitors. Thus this strength was revoked.”

“You, however, Saargad, can learn from this. Let this motivate you – use this knowledge to push yourself towards greatness!”

“Saargad, let your very soul become the Gungnir.”

Saargad speaks.

“I refuse to accept this!”

Eylimi speaks.

“Nor am I asking you to… at least not yet. Here, I have with me the remains of the great sword that Saarmund wielded in battle. It was shattered by Odin, but it is far from useless. Take them with you.”

Saargad speaks.

“Captain, let us return to a tavern cellar. There is much for me to ponder over.


“Hearing the truth behind Saarmund’s fall has made me think. It is time that I stop reflecting upon the past. I shall make a stronger future myself using my father to guide me!”

“This journey has taught me much, good Captain. I thank you for taking it with me.”


PROMOTION #2 – At level 70 and after the completion of his first promotion quest, Saargad will call the pirate to a tavern cellar.

“I’ve heard tell of a new threat that needs our attention, Captain. Come, we’ll discuss this in a Tavern.”



“Captain, when I used to live in Grizzleheim, my caretaker was an old Bear named Reign. We’ve had our differences, but I have pledged to remain loyal to him.”

“A letter just came in from Reign. Here, take a look:”

Saargad, our village is plagued by a fearsome sorcerer! We need a champion such as yourself to fend him off. –Reign

“Sounds simple enough, eh, Captain? I say it’s fine time we do some good for my homeland rather than map hunting and all that. Are you up for it?”


Reign is located in an area of Grizzleheim known as Jarnvior. He is inside a small wooden cottage accessible for this promotion quest.

“Ah, Saargad, you have come. And I see you have become a… pirate. Interesting enough. Still not commandeering your own path, I see, but that is beside the point.”

“We are in need of desperate help. Ever since you left, there has been no one to save us from the Wilderness. We have suffered from countless attacks, and I fear we may not recover from the last.”

Saargad speaks.

“Reign, I am creating my own math. A new path. I cannot simply return here and just be yet another warrior… the Spiral has greater evils out there, ones that this Captain and I plan to stop!”

Reign speaks.

“Very well – I expected no less. This sorcerer that invaded our village is named Andgrrraut. I hear that he is a wild Boar that practices dark magic.”

“Head to the outskirts of Jarnvior and find the Cave surrounded by voodoo – you can’t miss it. I hear this sorcerer also holds tremendous amounts of gold. Oh, what a wonder that would be for our village!”

Sargaad speaks.

“A fortune that large would do no good in the hands of a menacing Witchdoctor. Come, Captain, let us see to this threat and rebuild my village!”


The cave is towards the entrance to Jarnvior. Boar Spellcasters are located in its first area. Old Scratch will speak upon entering.

“Dis cave, she runs deep – as does the bad mojo that plagues it. These Boars, they be not evil – they only be under the spell of the Witchdoctor.”


The next area of the Cave contains Wild Boars, Boar Slingmen, and Boar Spellcasters. At least one of each will join in the following fight.


Andgrrraut is found in the final area of the cave. He will speak upon entering.

“Who stumbles upon my lair? You’d best be careful, little Pirate… being surrounded by dark mojo for too long can have rather negative consequences. Mwahahahah!”


Old Scratch will speak when the fight begins.

“Captain my Captain, there be not much time! Aim for the Witchdoctor to rid dis place of its mojo.”

The goal of this fight is to defeat Andgrrraut. However, once he reaches half health, he will use Shadow Step and disappear from the fight. Two rounds later, he will reappear in the far corner of the battleboard surrounded by obstacles. He will then cast Mojo Storm every round in addition to his normal attack until he is defeated.

Gracie Conrad speaks after Andgrrraut is defeated.

“Well that’s done! Let’s search around the Cave a little bit – the gold has to be here somewhere.”


The gold is located towards the back of the area. Once interacting with it, the pile of treasure will disappear and Ratbeard will speak.

“Are ye sure we can’t talk any o’ it? C’mon, Cap’n, just a small share…”

Andgrrraut will reappear and speak.

“No! None of you may take any of it! That treasure – it is cursed! My mojo may be broken, but dark power lives within it… power that will consume all greedy souls!”

Ratbeard will speak.

“On second thought, maybe we just ought to leave it here! It makes a fine centerpiece to this dark and gloomy Cave, doesn’t it?”

Saargad speaks.

“No! The sorcerer lies – he simply wants the gold for himself! We are no greedy souls; my village needs this if it is to stay safe against the Wilderness! Let us take it back to Reign.”


“Ah, look at what you have recovered! I would accept it, but I fear there is something else that must first be done.”

“My brother, Hedmuur, lives in a village not far from here. It is at the opposite end of this forest – not nearly the size of Jarnvior, but he needs his fair share of this gold himself.”

“Can you deliver it to him? Tell him that it is a gift from his brother, and that I send him my regards.”


Hedmuur’s cottage looks similar to Reign’s, but it is located through the forest in the area.

“Intruders in my home? You ought to leave well n’ quick before I get angry!”

“Oh, what’s this, gold sent by Reign? I see that he wants to make up for past wrongs. An honest gesture, but I’m afraid that it would look far better in my claws than his.”

“A fair share? I do not think so. Guards!”


Hedmuur is a Buccaneer boss who is accompanied by Bear Brawler and Bear Prowler minions. Hedmuur does not cheat, though his health, armor, and resistance are notably high. He will speak after being defeated.

“I… apologize. Perhaps I was wrong to demand all of the loot when Reign offered it fairly. I will accept half of it, and make peace with my brother.”

Another Bear, named Fafnir, appears in the room. Fafnir speaks.

“Ah, Hedmuur… I see that you are no better in combat now than you used to be.”

Hedmuur speaks.

“Fafnir! Why do you return to these parts of Grizzleheim?”

Fafnir speaks.

“Tales of riches, of course! And I see that I have stumbled across just what I seek: Andgrrraut’s gold! I thank you, Captain, for doing the more difficult work and retrieving it.”

“Now that I have what I came for, I shall take my leave once again! Perhaps one day, brother, things will be different, but I have always been one step ahead of you!”

Fafnir teleports out, and Hedmuur speaks.

“Young Pirate… that scoundrel Fafnir has taken the gold! I would help you, but I am too weak after our encounter. Please, report this news back to Reign!”


“Did Hedmuur accept the gold? Oh… I see. Yes, I have yet another brother aside from Hedmuur: Fafnir. He was never very honest, and, in his youth, turned to thievery and joined a group of bandits.”

“Seeking opportunity, he left Grizzleheim, pursuing his own interests, as deceitful as they may be. I thought that would be the last I would hear from him, yet legends of treasure brought him back.”

“I do not know what he plans to do with the gold, but I do know that, whatever it is, it will not be good. Pirate… Saargad… will you help me in stopping Fafnir?”

Saargad speaks.

“Reign, as I have already told you, this Captain and I will stop at nothing until the Spiral is rid of all evil!”

El Toro speaks.

“Is his pride bothering anyone else?”

Hawkules speaks.

“Ah, but it is the mighty Hawkules who evildoers must fear! Wolves may be strong, but I have Zeus on my side! You know, he is my father…”

Bonnie Anne speaks.

“Oh, bother! Reign, we’ll be happy to help. Where would Fafnir have fled to?”

Reign speaks.

“As children, we would always play near the hill atop Jarnvior. Try climbing it – that is the most familiar region of this village to Fafnir.”

Catbeard speaks.

“Hill climbing? Why don’t we do something a little more fun? I hear that Cool Ranch is opening up a new Buffaloon buffet shop in Tumbleweed… what? Oh, fine!”


The hill in Jarnvior is located towards the far end of the forest. Walking up to it will take the player into a new area specific to this promotion quest. After a bit of climbing, Fafnir will become visible at the top of the hill, who is speaking with Phule. Fafnir speaks first.

“I have with me the gold that you seek, Phule. Now, I believe my reward is due.”

Phule (positive personality) speaks.

“Ah, yes, all in due time. But first, we have precise reasons to believe that there is more than just gold hidden within that treasure.”

Phule (negative personality) speaks.

“If it is a piece of Marco Pollo’s map, then it is now in the possession of the Armada!”

Fafnir speaks.

“More than just gold, you say? I would not count on anything truly worthwhile being found in the Wilderness of Grizzleheim – I have learned that firsthand.”

“Let me see here… aha! Why, it’s nothing more than a Ring!”

Phule (positive personality) speaks.

“A Ring, is it? How delightful!”

Phule (negative personality) speaks.

“Though it is not what we were looking for. It seems as though there was a mistake. Perhaps Grizzleheim is just as useless as we thought… along with its inhabitants. It is time to take my leave.”

A cloud of smoke appears, and, after it disperses, Phule is no longer seen. Fafnir speaks.

“Why, that no-good bucket of bolts told me I’d have a reward fit for a king! Well, I do have this treasure, and this Ring will serve nicely as a symbol of my power…”

Fafnir is shown putting on the Ring of Andgrrraut. Suddenly, he begins to transform. Saaargad speaks.

“Why, I can’t believe my eyes…”

Fafnir speaks.


Fafnir is shown to have turned into a dragon! Saargad speaks.

“This does not look very good…”

Ratbeard speaks.

“What’re we just standin’ around for? Run fer it!”


After leaving the hill, Bonnie Anne will speak.

“That was rather… unexpected. Come on, let’s go see Reign again – he might have some sort of an explanation!”


“Fafnir did what? Making such a dreadful deal further proves his greed!”

Gracie Conrad speaks.

“Greed, that’s it! The Witchdoctor warned us that those who took his treasure would be punished… and I’m starting to get the feeling that the gold wasn’t the true treasure after all.”

Reign speaks.

“There was a… Ring… within the gold? Ah, this is beginning to make sense. Old legends say that the most powerful emblems of hoodoo can transform living beings into fearsome beasts!”

“However, that means the only way to save Fafnir is to defeat him – and that means battling the dragon that he has become! Here, take this sword. I forged it long ago, and it may still be useful.”

“You’ll need a powerful weapon to stand a chance against Fafnir. Test this sword out against the Bear Prowlers in the area and see how it holds up.”

Saargad speaks.

“I gladly accept this mighty weapon. Captain, it is time for battle!”


After defeating all of the Bear Prowlers outside, Saargad will speak.

“It’s no good – the sword has been shattered. Let’s report back to Reign.”


“Shattered, eh? Looks like no ordinary weapon will do the trick. Here, this is the most powerful blade I have. Try this one out against the Bear Musketeers and see if you have any different results.”

Saargad speaks.

“I shall push this weapon to its limits! We go, Captain!”


After defeating the Bear Musketeers, Saargad will speak.

“I fought with full force, and this blade too did not hold up. Looks like it’s back to Reign again.”


“This blade shattered too? I’m afraid that I do not have anything mightier. Or more expensive, for that matter – who’s going to pay for all of these damages?”

Saargad speaks.

“Wait a moment – I believe that I have a weapon that is strong enough to battle the dragon.”

Reign speaks.

“You do?”

Saargad speaks.

“It is far from being in good condition, but it carries a legacy that none can match. Here – these are the fragments of the sword that my father, Saarmund, once wielded. It was given to me by a… friend.”

Reign speaks.

“Shattered pieces, eh? Well, if you insist, I suppose that I could fix it up a bit. Just give me a moment here and… there!”

“Good as new! Or close to it, at least. It doesn’t look like very much, but let’s put it to the test. Battle some Bear Brawlers using this sword.”


After defeating the Bear Brawlers, Saargad will speak.

“This weapon does not even have the smallest scratch on it! I say we’re good and ready – come on, Captain, let’s go take on Fafnir!”


After reentering the hillside, El Toro will speak.

“I have beaten countless foes before… but a dragon? Isn’t there a knight somewhere that is supposed to do this for us?”


Fafnir is located atop the hill and is accompanied by several Dragon Spawn minions.

At the beginning of the fight, Fafnir will not join. He will simply be flying above, shooting flames down that deal damage and leave behind fire traps at random times. The initial minions are fairly weak – not to the degree of Lo Pan’s Skeletons, for example, but not posing such a huge threat. Once all of the minions have been defeated, Fafnir will join and more Dragon Spawns (these ones are significantly stronger) will be summoned. The goal of the fight will change from defeating all enemies to only defeating Fafnir.

As he is a dragon, Fafnir does not simply take up one square on the battleboard – he takes up five. These squares will be arranged in the form of an X – the center square will be his body, the left two will be his front claws, and the right two will be his back claws. Fafnir does not move; however, all four of his claws are Witchdoctors that shoot magic from afar and his body is a Privateer who will not do anything.When Fafnir first joins, he is separated from the player’s units through a fire blockade that will appear. If the player’s units are in this area when he would join, they are knocked back immediately and dealt a small amount of damage.

The fire blockade is a vertical line of fire traps that cannot be walked over. However, each round, one of the fire traps will disappear – this means that one of your units can walk to Fafnir’s side of the battleboard per turn. Once a single unit would cross this blockade, no more can do so until the following round. After the round is over, the fire will appear again and the cycle will continue. Note that enemies will not cross this fire blockade, so you are safe from them once you make your way across – but you are not safe from Fafnir.

To win the fight, Fafnir’s body must only be defeated – however, all of his claws have Gallant Defense. This means that, if you would try to hit his body, one of the claws will intercept the attack instead (if two of them are in range, a random one will be selected to receive the attack). Area hits result in ALL damage being dealt to a single enemy, so using a 3×3 hit here will be the easiest method and will thereby result in 5x its base damage to one of the claws if none of them have been defeated.

Once a claw is defeated, a fire trap will take its place that cannot be walked over. This means that, in order to successfully reach Fafnir’s body while not being adjacent to a claw, all four of them must be defeated. However, once this is done, the fight will be extremely easy as Fafnir does not attack on his own – but he does have epic abilities. These include Blade Storm 2, Cheap Shot, Repel Boarders, and Vengeance Strike 3. Still, he will not pose much of a threat with his claws unable to protect him. Similar to Moo Manchu, he will become immune for the finishing hit. The only unit that can defeat him is Saargad. If he is defeated, he will reappear in the fight when Fafnir is unsuccessfully attacked. If a different unit tries to attack him, Saargad will speak.

“This dragon just won’t quit! Allow me to deal the final blow!”

When Saargad attacks Fafnir at this point, it will be a guaranteed critical hit that has a new animation. Saargad is shown holding his sword and preparing to swing, when another hand rests on top of his; this hand belongs to Saarmund. Saargad lets out a battle cry, and strikes Fafnir, finishing him off and ending the battle.

This is not meant to be an easy fight at all, but, rather, a fun challenge. Henchmen can be purchased if absolutely necessary since this is a promotion quest and other players cannot help.

Once Fafnir is defeated, he will transform back into a Bear and have the Ring of Andgrrraut in his hand. Fafnir will speak.

“Was that a dream, or was it truly reality?”


“Oh, the wrongs that I have done! A pity that it took such a vile transformation to make me realize it, but I have done so nonetheless.”

“Ah, and you, mighty warrior – what is your name?”

Saargad speaks.

“Saargad – but I carry with me the legacy of another powerful soldier.”

Fafnir speaks.

“You have done quite the good deed, Saargad. It seems that greed had gotten the best of me. You could very well have taken that gold for yourself, but you sought to put it towards a righteous cause.”

“You have a mighty soul indeed.”

Saargad speaks.

“That is not the first time I have been told. It is even stronger now that I possess the power of Bears, Wolves, and Ravens! Captain, with all of Grizzleheim on my side, how could we ever lose?”

Fafnir speaks.

“I will return this gold to Jarnvior’s villages. And Saargad: you are very bold… and proud. That is good – yet do not let your pride overcome you as mine did.”

Saargad speaks.

“I have no intentions to. Come, Captain, let us return to a tavern cellar and celebrate our victory!”


“Captain, from our journeys, I have learned the difference between a soldier and a warrior.”

“A soldier fights – regardless of his reasons – but a warrior is more than that. A warrior is noble, and will do everything in his power for justice! Captain, I always had the blood of a warrior, but you helped me uncover it.”



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