Lucas Silver’s Entry

This companion would be recruited by all classes near the beginning of Grizzleheim. When you first land on the Northguard Docks, you head into the town to figure out where Erika the Red is. After not being able to learn where she is, a raven pulls you into an alleyway and informs you that he knows where Erika is. You are hesitant, and after all your companions put their two cents in, the decision is made to accept this raven into your crew to find Erika. This raven is a Witchdoctor named Magnin Rusefeather. Magnin is recruited 1 level above you, and comes with Readied Spell. He can train Mojo Echo (III), Readied Spell (III), Counterspell (III), and Intuition (III). Intuition is basically a First Strike/Quick Draw for Witchdoctors. This companion is very useful in the plot in helping you find where Erika is hidden.

Magnin promotes once, at Level 78. His quest takes place in Ravenscar, where you need to forge a new staff for him. This involves taking some relics from former Coven members.

(Base) Magnin Rusefeather, Raven Witchdoctor

(First Promotion) Magnin Rusefeather, Raven Bokor

Picture 2014-09-28 21-32-59


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