Humble India Everett’s Entry

Pirate101  Side Quest :   raganarok       (you will get this quest once the world is complete that includes side quests) back-story grizzlehiem is at war and the gods have fallen and this part is about avenging odin by helping one of his sons vidarr or aka vioarr  the quest is based off of the      poetic edda written in the 13th century about ragnorke and the death of the gods mainly focusing on odin and how vidarr avenged his death by killing fenrir who killed odin who is also one of lokis sons  i also added some other stuff such as the bosses because i needed filler

To get the quest you must speak to -red claw the sharp- in north guard

1 greeting: red claw the sharp-ah hello traveler

Text; red claw the sharp-  i need help er well a warrior needs help we are having trouble with the wolfs

mission objective; red claw the sharp – here we need you to help our greatest warrior vidarr you will find him by the entrance to the hall of valor in -nidavire-

2: vidarr: greeting – who are you?

Text; vidarr- ah so you are.. a warrior? Ha! What was red claw thinking this puny runt bare of any fur is supposed to stand by and defeat fenrir

Bonnie- hey give us a chance would ya were here to help!

Vidarr- I see….. to fight alongside me… hmm i guess you’ll do. We are running out of warriors

Mission objective- if i am to trust you prove your not weak – defeat 6 ravenous wolfs in mirkholm keep-

image1enemy  class buccaneer level 68 ( later in game )

Health- 3450 abilities rispostle2 blade storm and relentless3

3: vidarr: -greeting- ah you’ve slain those brutish fiends

Text; vidarr- i see you have proved to fight those spawns of fenrir so let it be … let me tell you the tale of my father

Vidarr;- my father is a god an-

Hawkules- ah yes finally some competition!!!

Monkey king- quite down big guy lets hear what he has to say.

Vidarr- as i was saying! My father is odin all father and  ruler as asgard!

but something is wrong he my father odin allfather is dead and was slain by the beast and the son of the trickster loki fenrir.

Bonnie- harsh

Vidarr- since his death the world around has been changing we are still at war with these spawns or fenrir the great wolf he was has escaped and is on a rampage

Objective vidarr – if i am to defeat fenrir i need my armor get my sword and shield

-Deafeat storm main the ruthless in storm weavers cave in mirkholm keep-


text- what is this you want this armor you’ll have to pry it from my cold claws!.

enemy boss storm main the ruthless level 70

Class -privateer .health – 5608 abilities . relentless blade storm rispostle

Moves rally and valor shield

Other enemiesimage3   storm weavers

Class swashbuckler health 1780 

4. greeting vidarr- ah yes my weapons

Text; vidarr now for my ultimate weapon my iron shoe.

Ratbeard- what!? An iron shoe why not a magical sword err something

Bonnie- shush you oaf

Vidarr- ah em! As i was saying my shoe is in the hands of aether the gaint snow serpent

Objective; vidarr- aether is in frostholem were you are to -defeat aether and collect iron shoe in frostholem-


Enemy boss aether – class witchdoctor- health 8090 level 70

Abilities witchhunter mojo rising and rispostle

Moves frost touch, charm

The boss is alone

4. greeting- vidarr finally my great shoe

Text; vidarr now to defeat fenrir but first to get to as guard we must get through

Objective vidarr- the hall of valor- small dungeon

Dungeon hall of valor

Battle style hoards of enemies like in fort basset

5 hordes 1 person-3enemies     2 to 3- people 6 enemies     4 people  7 enemies


Frost Giant

class buccaneer – health 5930 no abilities


Moves unlimited rouse and refresh and frost touch

Later in dungeon

Talk to vidarr- finally we are here go into the portal it will tae us to out destination

Through portal

Vidarr- fenrir show your self horrid beast

???- grrrr!

Fenrir- ah yes vidarr we meet at last ready for your fate!

Fight begins

Boss fenrir


Only one enemy and only you and or other people and vidarr are in the fight

Fenrir boss class swashbuckler – health 9980 – abilities rispostle , relentless , blade storm , witchhunter and repel borders

Moves mornsong frost touch revive and shadow step

After battle you are to speak to vidarr in asgard

Greeting vidarr- ah you have proven yourself a hero and help me avenge my father

Let me help you on your travels i am for you to command

Companion- vidarr   -bear warrior-

Class to what he goes to- all classes

Vidarr- class buccaneer

Base health 3080

Base epic blade storm 2 and repel borders 2

Epics they can get blade storm repel borders witchhunter  relentless and hold the line

Talents  most except ones for witchdoctor  and musketeer

You get this companion 3 levels above you

Promotion no quest

Cost 10000 gold and vidarr becomes  – great bear champion- pictures of companion with the promotion will be at the bottem

And gains rispostle, valor shield    and a special move iron assault which does 1000 damage plus for every 50 strength the opponent has it does 300 damage

Map of area



By: humble india everrett


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