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Barbaric Beast Contest!


A new Grizzly Beast “hoard pack” just came to Pirate101, and it brings lots of Grizzleheim-themed items! If you didn’t see Pirates in the Sky’s guest post on Destiny’s Travels, check it out here! Also, check out Destiny’s post on our blog, here! Grizzleheim is likely to come to Pirate101, so we wanted to brainstorm some ideas for the world! In the Barbaric Beast Contest, you can create your own companion or quest (or quest-line!) for Grizzleheim!

(Also, enter our giveaway for three Grizzly Beast packs on Twitter here before September 19! You’ll need a parent’s permission to get a Pirate101 Twitter account if you are under 13.)


If you’re choosing to enter the Create-a-Barbaric-Companion Contest, follow these rules!

You must:

  • Include the class or classes (you can pick All Classes) that receive the companion
  • Include the level the companion is recruited at, or what point in the storyline (beginning, middle, end) of Grizzleheim they are recruited at
  • Include how many levels above the pirate the companion is when they are recruited (0, 1, 2, or 3 usually)
  • Include the class of the companion
  • Include the epics the companion starts with and can train

You should, but it is not required to:

  • Include a picture (drawn, edited, or screenshot from Wizard101 or Pirate101)
  • Include a promotion storyline
  • Include levels the companion promotes
  • Include title(s) for the companion (i.e. Mouse Swashbuckler, Mouse Corsair)


If you’re choosing to enter the Create-a-Grizzleheim-Quest Contest, follow these rules!

You must:

  • Include a reference to Grizzleheim or make part (or all) of the quest take place in Grizzleheim
  • Include a unique title for the quest
  • Include at least three quest goals
  • Include at least one “talk to an NPC” goal, and at least one “defeat a creature” goal
  • Include dialogue (including, but not limited to: NPCs, companions, and creatures)

You should, but it is not required to:

  • Include a prequest/post-quest: you can be as detailed as you want with these quests
  • Include a background story as to why this quest is happening
  • Include new NPCs that the player must talk to/creatures that the player must defeat
  • Include images of each quest goal (for example, click here)
  • Include images of all new NPCs or creatures (drawn, edited, or screenshot from Wizard101 or Pirate101)

Email your entries to  contest before September 28 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time! If you win, you will receive an email in reply with your prize code and a short message of congratulation!


Grand Prize (1, either contest) 5,000 Crowns

1st place (1 per contest) 2,000 Crowns

2nd place (2, either contest) Random Springtime Pet

3rd place (1, either contest) 1,000 Crowns

Honorable Mention (1 per contest) x1 Grizzly Beast Pack

Good luck!


Journey to Marleybone (Pt. 5: Dead Man’s Hand)

JourneytoMB Part 5

This is another Journey to Marleybone post! If you haven’t read one of these before, click here to view the archives of posts that are tagged with “journey to marleybone”! Where I left off, I was about to enter the haunted town of Miranda. It wasn’t that bad, I have to admit. All you have to do is avoid as many battles as possible. You have to fight a lot of undead, and go back and forth between the saloon (where the card dealer was) and other assorted places (collecting the cards scattered around Miranda.)

Picture 2013-07-29 08-36-36

The first person I got a card from was Father Ryan. He gave me the card because I found the lost pages of his prayer book, which were also scattered around Miranda.

Picture 2013-07-29 08-45-49

The next person was Mr. Hockley. He had left his crew alone, but never came back. He guessed the undead had already got to them, so I was given a card after I had found them and given them a proper burial, which lead to a fight with more undead.

You see, I don’t have a screenshot of the third card. I had to take it from a faithful member of Blood’s crew, who was in a mine down below the town. (It was pretty easy to avoid two fights here.)

Picture 2013-07-29 09-09-00

The fourth card was from Mr. Pickman, who was lost, but had one of Blood’s cards. To save him, you have to fight about three unavoidable battles.

Picture 2013-07-29 09-10-00

The last card was underneath a pile of ashes that used to be a barn, I think. But after that, some of the townspeople’s ghosts are cursed, which is another unavoidable fight. After that, you head back to the saloon to talk to the Card Dealer again. You also see Death, to finish the game of cards. After you put the cards in the dead man’s hand, Captain Blood is no longer immortal. Blood tries to stop us from playing it, but it’s already done. The only problem was… We still had to kill him.

Picture 2013-07-29 09-17-03 Picture 2013-07-29 09-22-08

There’s the final battle! He’s done for. Now, with Captain Blood out of the way, the path to the treasure has never been so clear. Time to go into the Motherlode Mine to get the piece of the map. But before that, we have to fight 12 more ghost ships. (I should have known…) Well after that, it was time to go look for Captain Blood’s Treasure in Motherlode Mine! It said it was only a half-hour dungeon, so that was good. I went and found the Santo Oro, Marco Pollo’s ship, which was a pretty cool MooShu skiff. The way to the treasure was blocked off, so we went to blow it up with dramatic flair! 😉

Picture 2013-08-19 20-09-41

We went down to the platform by the Santo Oro that we had spotted, but were then halted by Deacon! It’s never easy  for us.

Picture 2013-08-19 20-11-42 Picture 2013-08-19 20-12-03 Picture 2013-08-19 20-17-27 Picture 2013-08-19 20-32-13 Picture 2013-08-19 20-33-12 Picture 2013-08-19 20-33-29 Picture 2013-08-19 20-34-20

We returned to the historian, Desmond Argleston and Captain Avery to tell us about our next adventure. Avery found out that all of the pirates in the picture have a piece of the map, and the next one should be from Egg Foo Yung, a duck in MooShu! (Subodai was particularly happy about getting to go back to MooShu.) To be continued in Journey to Marleybone (Part 6: Meddling in MooShu!)

Where in Valencia? (100th post!)

Since this is my 100th post, I thought I should share some very intriguing new content for Pirate101 I found!

I was looking back again at the old World pages on the website and I saw something I hadn’t before, or maybe the Valencia Page was updated. In the images section, there are these three images of a place in Valencia we’ve never been before:

valencia3 valencia4 valencia5

I’ve also heard that at the end of Aquila you get a note about going back to Valencia. I think this town may be one of the next places we go! It seems like it’s been taken over by the Armada, with stations on every street. I wonder why we’ll come here! Also, I have several very interesting concept art pieces of things we haven’t seen in Valencia yet.


This is a Valencian shipyard with many different levels and has a very interesting flying mechanism.


These are some Valencian merchants, could likely be in some of the new towns or acquired as companions.


This is a unicorn, of course. But we’ve only seen Swashbuckler unicorns. This introduces a new Valencian that wields a rifle and judging by the three stages, is a promotable companion.


This is also a new version of an existing creature, but this is the Armada! This shows a possible new swashbuckler Armada enemy. It has the Armada Musketeer’s outfit, which represents agility, but the Armada Marine’s halberd which represents melee damage. I would love to have some more variety of Armada!

Used with permission. Visit Swordroll's Blog and read his Concept101 for more concepts like this!

Used with permission. Visit Swordroll’s Blog and read his Concept101 for more concepts like this at!

This concept is of an Armada Skiff ship, which we might get to commandeer for the next part of Valencia! I wonder if we’ll use this to sneak into the Machine or anything… Or we might see it as a new enemy!

A Map of Cool Ranch

And when I say “A Map of Cool Ranch,” I mean a map of Cool Ranch. All of Cool Ranch.


That was really fun to make! What I did was I took screenshots of all the skyways’ maps, then put them into GIMP. I selected the map part, which means I didn’t select the parts around the edges, then did Select > Invert to select only the bars on the sides. I deleted those then (after inverting the selection again) did Image > Crop to selection. After that, I selected only the skyway part, no map wanted. That was pretty hard.


I also had to fill in the spaces where the green arrow was, which was accomplished by some penciling in pink and some copy-pasting of the windlanes (with the exception of Arroyo Grande). Then I pasted them onto the main image and rotated them as necessary. After I had done this for all six skyways, I made sure everything fit together correctly, cropped down the image, filled in blank spots with empty pink skyway, and outlined everything with dark brown. Voila!

I got the idea of this reading the May 2013 newsletter where it had a link to a Pirate101 Central thread where the user Arcane had already made one of Skull Island. Here is the link to that thread! Thanks for reading!

Three Worlds In Three Days


The first world is, of course, Skull Island. (Who wouldn’t start with Skull Island?) This is a gameplay post of me playing as my Privateer, Griffin Silver with Morgan Laverne, a Musketeer. Doing the first three worlds of Pirate101 in three days is pretty impressive… I think. On the first day, we began Skull Island and easily finished Skull Mountain right off the bat.

Picture 2013-06-24 09-28-16

We learned about Ratbeard and Captain Gunn in Blood Shoals, and then went on to Jonah Town searching for the Frogfather, a person who apparently knows where Ratbeard is. After quite a few quests there and doing a dungeon, the Frogfather (my favorite quote from him is in the cover picture) shoves us away to Flotsam, where One-Eyed Jack points us in the wrong direction over and over again. On the next day we were led to the Isle of Doom. (Video from TheDeathshard)

The Isle of Doom indeed has lots of monsters and unknown creatures, even though the video is a bit misleading. While we are searching for Gortez in the jungles and mines, you are trying to make diplomacy with Puerto Mico and looking for the Gold Monkey. After a few more hours of questline, by defeating Gortez and his crazed Monquistadors, you make your way to Monquista to put Gortez in chains.

Picture 2012-10-13 11-51-35

While you’re at the prison, you give a note to the guard that pretty much says, “‘Remove’ the pirate who bears this note.  He is now considered an enemy to the Crown.” You free Gortez so he helps you defeat the guards, and the prison is turned into the Opposition Headquarters. All of the time in Monquista you are helping the Opposition gain more followers, and make a plan. The final plan is to get the Monkey’s Paw, which lies at the end of an hour dungeon, which acts like a genie- it grants you 3 wishes. On the last day, we went back to Skull Island to diffuse rumors Captain Avery made about us having the map to El Dorado, which is why people kept randomly attacking us. Hmm.

Picture 2012-10-26 17-57-30

Even though it doesn’t seem like much, it truly was a lot of questing! (That’s the end of Valencia, by the way!)

Ahoy From Port Regal!

Our friend Evan Silver sent us a post card!


There were several pictures attached.

Picture 2013-04-28 09-07-18

Picture 2013-05-05 10-55-05

Picture 2013-05-05 10-58-28

So, I got a new ship, as you can see in the second picture. I met Ratbeard’s nemesis, Catbeard. He is, er, interesting.

Picture 2013-04-28 09-08-10

He loves pickled herring, and, that’s not the best-tasting thing I’ve eaten. He’s going to help find Mustang Sally, so Ratbeard and I have to put up with him… Sigh. I overheard in the tavern that the windstone for the world Marleybone was found. I found a picture on the floor.


Marleybone and Aquila are on their way to the Spiral! Or so he says. There’s apparently another realm to the Spiral that has them already… 😉 Marleybone is stuck in a war against the Armada… Well, everyone is. Marleybone is losing, just for a hint. It’s up to us to save the Spiral! Kind of strange. That seems familiar. 😉

Have fun in these new worlds!

Puzzles Completed!



No, that’s not actually what the puzzles look like. 😉 (I had a little fun editing those.) Now, it isn’t confirmed still that these are Marleybone and Aquila, but most people think so; I labeled the photos with those names. They still could very well be a whole other world, or they could be two different skyways of the same world. Judging by the bird statues in the first photo, though, I’m thinking that one it Aquila. Here are the un-edited (and un-watermarked) photos. You can download these freely.



Darkmoor, Here I Come!

Yes, onto the next world of Pirate101! I guess I’m finished with Cool Ranch…

Picture 2012-12-01 09-01-31

EL TORO! Sorry. Anyway, what do I mean by Darkmoor? I mean… this!

Picture 2012-12-01 09-28-11editedx2

Yes, there’s Darkmoor ships. Sorry I’m behind in the storyline, I need to start up in Pirate101 again. Well this again leads us back to the question; is KingsIsle going to add Darkmoor? I just moored it over when I was fighting these ships. (See what I did there?) So just to clarify, I’m not really in Darkmoor, but I fought some ships. I’ve finished Santo Pollo, and don’t really know where I am in Cool Ranch right now. Sorry for the short post, it was just a storyline refresh from me! 🙂

Picture 2012-12-01 09-28-54edited

Azteca– in Pirate101?

If you’re an avid blog reader, you’ll know that a new world Azteca is coming to Wizard101. But will it come to Pirate101? Check this out for update notes on this new prehistoric world. Well we think that in Azteca, Morganthe will strike.

The mirror will break, the horn will call, from the shadows I strike, and the skies will fall.

Who knows if Pirates will come and see Morganthe in the future worlds? Some major Wizard101 worlds have already been linked with Pirate101. I believe that this is a great world and it would be interesting to see the Pirate side of it. As in MooShu, the worlds are almost polar opposites! The Wizards appear to be mysterious and lurking to a Pirate’s point of view, but the Pirates probably seem sneaky and untrustworthy.

It is Decided! (Also, Feature on MooShu!)

I have finally decided for my posts that I will try to do guides, updates to the Pirate101 game, or the Pirate101 website on the weekdays since I will not usually have access to Pirate101 until the weekends. But during the weekends I will try to write as many gameplay posts as I can and shoot lots of videos to post on the blog! Today’s post is: Spotlight on MooShu!

This post will be relatively brief, since many of you will have received a notice email from KingsIsle that said they added a MooShu section to the P101 site. Since I haven’t quested to MooShu in-game, I’ll have to tell you what I’ve heard of it. (…And of course what KI tells us! 🙂 )

After you’ve flown into the beautiful docks of MooShu, the last world in the current Pirate101 game, you’ll see the setting sun, the rose skies, and mountains galore. This
world has been re-elaborated at KingsIsle, and it is brilliant.

MooShu is ruled by the Emperor, who is considered the Child of the Spirit of the Sun, and is served by legions of loyal Samoorai. The Cows of MooShu form the ruling class made up warriors, princes and master artisans. They are attended by Goat bureaucrats and ministers, while the Sheep and Pig peasants humbly work the land. The people of MooShu are notoriously secretive and suspicious of outsiders; foreign ships are only allowed to dock in one port, the resplendent city of Hamamitsu, without special permission, and only the mysterious Wizards have ever walked in the Imperial Skyway or visited the Imperial Palace.

MooShu is filled with spiritual action, down to the Moodha itself. But once the Emperor was cursed with dark magic, the entire realm has fallen into havoc. The bandits lying around the edges of the world began to thrive, taking prey on the poor townsfolk. The Samoorai try their hardest to protect the defenseless, but the Ninja Pigs and Yazookas seem to be getting stronger and stronger, and the outlook of the world overall and the emperor is getting worse and worse. Pirates are adventuring this world in its damaged state to gain profit from the damaged land.