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New and Nefarious

Though players have been itching for a new world, it may be held off even longer due to new structures found in-game. A “nefarious tower” was found by players in the Spring Update Test Realm, and then was pointed out by developers in the most recent newsletters.


Along with teasing with a video (here) KI has also revealed a screenshot. Moo Manchu likely is in charge of this “nefarious” tower, and is seeking revenge on the player. Moo Manchu obviously is more well prepared in the screenshot than before, with heavier armor and an enhanced weapon.

Moo Manchu, in the absence of MooShu’s emperor, sent ninja pig assassins to the meeting of the Celestial Congress, the annual meeting of MooShu’s governors. Moo Manchu is trying to wreak havoc among the government so that he can take cover and perform other evil work. Moo Manchu is trying to fulfill the Prophecy of Tso Wa, where stone soldiers would destroy the world. Moo Manchu is trying to reincarnate them and make them alive. A truly nefarious plot, is it not?

After the Pirate defeats Moo Manchu, he vows for revenge.

Note: If you have not yet encountered Moo Manchu, seek out this quest from Lord Chagatai once you have unlocked Subata Skyway in Mooshu.



Ever since May 2011, wizards in Wizard101 that are level 60 or higher have ventured into the underwater Crab Alley to farm the Waterworks, a quite “nefarious” dungeon where wizards must defeat enemies en route to pull four pressure safety levers which will stop the magic from being taken away from Triton Avenue. Several of these enemies, however, are enhanced and do not act like regular bosses. They force wizards to play certain ways, otherwise the wizards are attacked very forcefully.

So far, Ratbeard has told us that:

  • It is not part of the storyline
  • Enemies will be more difficult than regular enemies in the storyline
  • There is more than one boss

From that, we can infer:

  • It is likely a continuation of the Moo Manchu side storyline
  • Enemies will cheat
  • Several floors of the tower will have bosses

The Nefarious Tower will, almost certainly, be the Waterworks of Pirate101.


What gear will be dropped from the Nefarious Tower? Wizard101 had an interesting setup: Hats were dropped from the first major boss, on the fourth “floor,” then robes and boots were dropped from the final bosses, on the ninth and final “floor.” There was only one gear set. The Nefarious Tower also has nine floors on the outside, so the inside will likely be the same amount.

I am slightly worried that this gear will be overpowered, as the gear in Wizard101 was used for almost 30 levels after, universally. Pirate’s gear has always been different, but some items are still standard for certain classes. Especially with the new Crowns weapons, the best weapons for any class, this gear might have such good stats and powers that you would be at a huge disadvantage without it.

I am hoping that there are at least 3 sets of gear for every class, like in Tartarus in Wizard101, but with diverse powers and stat boosts so that there will still be diversity in Pirates’ gear. Hopefully, there will be a Moo Manchu set (styled like the old Moo Manchu gear, or his new armor) and one or more other sets with completely new designs.

Even if the layout (on the inside) is similar to the Waterworks, with the same amount of floors, and likely bosses/puzzles, I know that Pirate101 will make this a very unique and exciting continuation of the Moo Manchu storyline!


Guest Post by D.S. Devereaux: Why Grizzleheim is P101’s Next Big Priority


“We’ll have more to discuss soon, and I don’t want to Boar anyone with details, so let me just wish you the best of summer fun and offer a few words of guidance for the coming months: temperatures can sometimes be a Bear as summer moves along…”

Jay Gordon

Boar and Bear. These are two of the terms of note in the producer’s letter inconspicuously laden with words like it, perhaps hinting at summer updates. With the Advanced Pets/Companions changes in tow, it would be surprising to see any major changes soon, but players suspect that there is still something to come this summer. Hey, I don’t want to Boar anyone, either – let’s take a look at what these two words could denote.

Read more >

Next Hint!

Pirate101 has released their next hint to upcoming updates!



This reminds me of one that was posted way back in November…


I am thinking they will be new class companions. They look like they are both there for the same reason and Carcarius Grimtooth is saying, “…I seek passage with you!”

If you’re looking for the rest of the teaser images, I have two posts here and here on those.

Aquila Quest (Pt 1: Sato’s Sunglasses)


My new questing series! This will include my quests through books 13 and 14- Marleybone and Aquila. After I got out of MooShu (see Journey to Marleybone if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about), my first quest was to go to Port Regal to get the windstone to Marleybone.

Picture 2013-11-08 19-43-25

After that I went to MooShu again so I could get the paper permits from the Marleybonian Embassy in Hamamitsu Gardens (by the Marleybone stormgate). To do this I needed Moolong tea, whose only source was apparently from the Yakooza. Egg Foo Yung, the leader told me that I needed to find Sato and stop him, then he would give me the tea. Of course, this was at the end of a 3 hour dungeon!

Whenever you attack Sato (until he is at about 1/3 health) he uses the Witchdoctor ability Shadow Step and teleports to a random square on the battle board, which makes him very tedious to fight. After you get him down, you have a chance at winning the Black Rain Shades, though (which I was not lucky enough to get, this time). After I defeated Sato I went back to Egg Foo Yung for the tea. I have to admit, it didn’t seem worth the work. I went back to the Marleybonian Embassy to get my papers to go to Marleybone and entered the stormgate. I was given a warning by the Marleybonian Ambassador about the war and boy, was she right! You come out right into a lot of Armada Skiffs and some cool NPC pirate ships.

My first task? The Isle of Dogs. To be continued in Aquila Quest (Part 2: Uncanny Incarceration)

Journey to Marleybone Review

Index of Journey to Marleybone gameplay posts (7 parts)








Journey to Marleybone (Pt 7: Subata Z)

JourneytoMB Part 7

After I “dinged” level 45, I was on a roll! After defeating General Tso (or actually forcing him to surrender after defeating someone else after he ran away and after I had a short meeting with Rooke and after threatening his pet chicken so he would surrender— Long story) I finished Khotan Skyway! Next thing I knew, I was watching another puppet show about how I would translate the piece of the map that Rooke had taken from Tso who had bought it from Egg Foo Yung— another long story. Credits to The Deathshard on YouTube!

I like how they used Caoism and already had Moodha … But maybe that’s just me. 😉 It also fits with the culture this is based on- KI good job! To talk to Cao Tzu who can translate it, I would have to get to Marazume Castle which is on a giant turtle. (Great.) To summon it, I have to get 5 turtle balls, turtle ball 1, 2, 3, 4, and Z. Shunzang directed me to the first one: Monkey King.

Picture 2013-10-26 16-10-44

To get him (eventually as a companion) I have to do a couple favors for him like getting his golden stick, then fight off his doppelgangers. The next turtleball was from Pigsy. After that was Friar Sand, who you fought after getting a Pearl of Winter to freeze the water below him- Friar Sand is immune above water. He has really good drops too, I’m definitely going back to farm him. Next was Dragon Prince, who I also had to do a few favors for… and the last was Shunzang. He required Moolong tea, which of course was from the Yakooza who wanted me to do a 3 hour dungeon… But anyway after I got that I had all the turtleballs and it was time to summon the Great Turtle.

Picture 2013-11-08 17-31-40


In Marazume castle I had to fight 5 guardians to prove I was worthy for Cao Tzu: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Picture 2013-11-08 19-11-30


And after that, I finally got to talk to the sage Cao Tzu, finishing my work in MooShu! (rhyme not intended 😉 ) Spoilers ahead: if you don’t want to know the end of MooShu don’t read the dialogue below.

Picture 2013-11-08 19-26-45 Picture 2013-11-08 19-26-51 Picture 2013-11-08 19-27-02 Picture 2013-11-08 19-27-18 Picture 2013-11-08 19-27-33 Picture 2013-11-08 19-27-45 Picture 2013-11-08 19-27-51 Picture 2013-11-08 19-28-02 Picture 2013-11-08 19-28-12


That has completed my “Journey to Marleybone” journey! See you later!

All of the New Pirate101 Ships!

If you already haven’t heard about this, there are 5 new ships that you can get for Pirate101! They include the elusive blue ship which has now been named Sapphire which has sails that, for some reason, are reminding me of Polaris.

How can you get these new ships?

Read more on the Pirate101 website about these AMD product ships which you get “for free” with an AMD graphics card if it fits one of the categories! Check out for more!

Looking to upgrade your computer for less lag in the skyways? Now is the time so you can get a new ship!

Be sure you know that…

These ships all have the same stats

They are arranged in 6 level tiers with the highest being at level 65

What is special about these ships is their unique looks, sails, and figureheads.

All ship components can be upgraded, like other ships.

These ships cannot equip armor, so instead it is built into the stats.

The “Origin” or class of a ship matches the type of graphics card you redeemed- TUL, Visiontek, Club 3D, Diamond, or Sapphire.

Note that these ships are in no way required to advance in the game and that no one is making you pay for a new graphics card. This is just an extra reward if you decide to.

These ships come with only a Figurehead, Sails, Rudder, and a Horn.

If you are going to buy one of these and want to make sure you get the ship, read the specific offer to make sure your purchase matches the requirements for eligibility for the code.

Journey to Marleybone (Pt 6: Meddling in MooShu)

JourneytoMB Part 6

Now, it’s time to go to MooShu! From what Avery told me, I know that Egg Foo Yung, the next person who has a piece of the map, was imprisoned by the Yakooza. I was sent to Hammamitsu Garden, the only place where you can go as a visitor. I had to please lots of people before being smuggled through the seas in a barrel (yes it was awkward) to help the Yakooza before they help me. Lots of work. The first task was to help the Yakooza in a village where the innocent people were getting taxed very unfairly. El Toro had a very funny line about it being the same as Santo Pollo.

Picture 2013-08-19 21-24-17

After I finished that, there was a bunch of helping the Yakooza that I forgot to take screenshots of. Whoops… Well what happened was I was trying to help the Yakooza trust me so that they would let Egg Foo Yung talk to me (since he has the map.) Once I finally talked to him he wanted me to fight Doctor Noh because Wan Mo was killed by the ninja pigs who worked for Doctor Noh, apparently. The next person on the Ninja Pigs list was a friend, the mayor of a village that I had helped. The next thing that I had to do was fight Doctor Noh to stop him, which made Egg Foo Yung tell me he didn’t have the map anymore. Now I have to fight General Tso because he has the map… in a 2 hour dungeon!

Picture 2013-10-19 15-32-26

To be continued in Journey to Marleybone (Part 7: Subata Z)!

Journey to Marleybone (Pt. 5: Dead Man’s Hand)

JourneytoMB Part 5

This is another Journey to Marleybone post! If you haven’t read one of these before, click here to view the archives of posts that are tagged with “journey to marleybone”! Where I left off, I was about to enter the haunted town of Miranda. It wasn’t that bad, I have to admit. All you have to do is avoid as many battles as possible. You have to fight a lot of undead, and go back and forth between the saloon (where the card dealer was) and other assorted places (collecting the cards scattered around Miranda.)

Picture 2013-07-29 08-36-36

The first person I got a card from was Father Ryan. He gave me the card because I found the lost pages of his prayer book, which were also scattered around Miranda.

Picture 2013-07-29 08-45-49

The next person was Mr. Hockley. He had left his crew alone, but never came back. He guessed the undead had already got to them, so I was given a card after I had found them and given them a proper burial, which lead to a fight with more undead.

You see, I don’t have a screenshot of the third card. I had to take it from a faithful member of Blood’s crew, who was in a mine down below the town. (It was pretty easy to avoid two fights here.)

Picture 2013-07-29 09-09-00

The fourth card was from Mr. Pickman, who was lost, but had one of Blood’s cards. To save him, you have to fight about three unavoidable battles.

Picture 2013-07-29 09-10-00

The last card was underneath a pile of ashes that used to be a barn, I think. But after that, some of the townspeople’s ghosts are cursed, which is another unavoidable fight. After that, you head back to the saloon to talk to the Card Dealer again. You also see Death, to finish the game of cards. After you put the cards in the dead man’s hand, Captain Blood is no longer immortal. Blood tries to stop us from playing it, but it’s already done. The only problem was… We still had to kill him.

Picture 2013-07-29 09-17-03 Picture 2013-07-29 09-22-08

There’s the final battle! He’s done for. Now, with Captain Blood out of the way, the path to the treasure has never been so clear. Time to go into the Motherlode Mine to get the piece of the map. But before that, we have to fight 12 more ghost ships. (I should have known…) Well after that, it was time to go look for Captain Blood’s Treasure in Motherlode Mine! It said it was only a half-hour dungeon, so that was good. I went and found the Santo Oro, Marco Pollo’s ship, which was a pretty cool MooShu skiff. The way to the treasure was blocked off, so we went to blow it up with dramatic flair! 😉

Picture 2013-08-19 20-09-41

We went down to the platform by the Santo Oro that we had spotted, but were then halted by Deacon! It’s never easy  for us.

Picture 2013-08-19 20-11-42 Picture 2013-08-19 20-12-03 Picture 2013-08-19 20-17-27 Picture 2013-08-19 20-32-13 Picture 2013-08-19 20-33-12 Picture 2013-08-19 20-33-29 Picture 2013-08-19 20-34-20

We returned to the historian, Desmond Argleston and Captain Avery to tell us about our next adventure. Avery found out that all of the pirates in the picture have a piece of the map, and the next one should be from Egg Foo Yung, a duck in MooShu! (Subodai was particularly happy about getting to go back to MooShu.) To be continued in Journey to Marleybone (Part 6: Meddling in MooShu!)

Get a Free Pirate101 Code to “Sail Out of Summer!”

Pirate101 has given a ton of codes to the WarCry network to give away!  Follow this link and then look for the following box.



This is the only thing you need to worry about. (Also don’t worry, this is a KingsIsle giveaway. But you can’t trust people in the comments.) Sign up for a free account by clicking the link in the box above, then activate it using your email. Go back to the Pirate101 giveaway page and you will be logged in. Press “Submit” where the box would be and your free code will be there! Enjoy! You can win:

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