The Bitter Truth of Pirate101’s Future


Disclaimer: This post can be seen as highly pessimistic, but I am trying to convey the facts in their most limpid form while relating those facts to the future if they continue to occur in the same trend as they have been.

First, let’s review what’s been going on recently in Pirate101.

  • The Marleybone and Aquila Update–the most recent main story-line extension–was released on May 23, 2013. That makes today two years, one month, and two days since that date.
  • The most recent “game-changing” update was in September 2014, around 300 days ago. Note that the earliest developer “tease” of the Moo-Manchu-Tower Update was in April–around five months prior to the update. This means that the developers will begin hinting at a coming update five months before it releases, and we have not received any for Book XV.
  • While Blind Mew has mentioned Book XV uncountable times, on April 9, 2014, he said, “I’d be surprised” (as in: probably not) in response to the question “Will it take another whole year?”. It has been 442 days since that post.
  • The Spring 2014 advanced-systems update (more than a year ago) began teasers on November 1, 2013, over six months before the update. If there are newsletter teasers, it could still be six months before an update, and we haven’t received any newsletter teasers yet. To put this into perspective, if we got our first teaser on the July Newsletter (expected July 1, 2015), the update would be released to the public on January 10, 2016.

Update notes

Also, I have seen some individuals in the community note how a lot has been going on in Pirate101 in the last two years, but it is insignificant. For example, Wizard101’s greatest drought between releases was just over a year and a half. In that time, a side world was introduced, with tiers that applied to four level groups. The crafting mechanic was introduced. Several other items were added that have already appeared in Pirate101, but remember that these were completely new ideas to add to Wizard101, not activities that were moved from one game to the other: the Bazaar, the Crown Shop, Castles, PvP, and Advanced Pets (albeit Pirate101 did make some improvements in this area). Pirate101 has, in comparison, made one story update, not extension for low levels only (marginal compared to the size of Wizard101’s Grizzleheim,) introduced a high-level farming area which some players have completed over one hundred times already, and many elements from Wizard101 like a version of treasure cards, advanced pets, marking locations, henchmen, and class houses. The relevance of comparing Pirate101 to Wizard101 is that Pirate101 is in the same stage of development that Wizard101 was after Dragonspyre’s release (the aforementioned time when there was a year and a half between main releases) and they are made by the same company.


I still have some hope for the game’s future–I will soon be releasing a theory crafting series called The Next Chapter on what I hope will come from a new update–but am getting more doubtful as time goes on. At one point, a developer mentioned that maximum-level-updates aren’t their highest priority because the number of players at each level is the highest at the lowest level, and smallest at the highest level. I fear, however, that all of the time that has passed since the last maximum-level-update has only decreased the number of players at the highest level.

I would like to credit “zingman” from the Pirate101 Central official forums for his post, noting these dates, and for linking to some key evidence on the Pirate101 forums, some of which I have also decided to link to.

Ending note: The The Next Chapter series is planned to launch in the beginning part of July. If all goes as planned, the blog will go under a design update before the series begins. Stay tuned to the blog’s Twitter account for the most recent updates.


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Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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    It is unfortunate, because Pirate101 is a very good game, that it will likely die at some point. Pirates101 is not Wizard101 – it is not a greatly sociable game. I have not played it for over two years. While imagination and development were not lacking, what is lacking is the casual intimate environment of Wizard. It was hard to play with others on Pirate – there are too many “units” floating around and you are too busy giving them all orders between rounds to chat with people. The combination of action and interaction eludes the game, and that will likely forever limit its appeal to more pure gamers rather than the widespread community on Wizard. As a solo title, it could sell, but as an MMOG it seems, to me, a failure, despite its wonderful mechanics and lush graphics. I would love to be wrong.

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