Guest Post by D.S. Devereaux: Why Grizzleheim is P101’s Next Big Priority


“We’ll have more to discuss soon, and I don’t want to Boar anyone with details, so let me just wish you the best of summer fun and offer a few words of guidance for the coming months: temperatures can sometimes be a Bear as summer moves along…”

Jay Gordon

Boar and Bear. These are two of the terms of note in the producer’s letter inconspicuously laden with words like it, perhaps hinting at summer updates. With the Advanced Pets/Companions changes in tow, it would be surprising to see any major changes soon, but players suspect that there is still something to come this summer. Hey, I don’t want to Boar anyone, either – let’s take a look at what these two words could denote.


Hi, everyone! I’m honored to be writing for Pirates in the Sky. You should totally check out the post Evan left on my blog, Destiny’s Travels! -DSD

In Wizard101, Grizzleheim is the side world that I enjoyed the most. In Pirate101, it’s simply a neutral port, but for the Wizards, it’s central to a lot of Spiral lore and one round of school-specific quests. Bringing peace to the land is what the Wizards do, but in Pirates, it may begin to shake up.

In Pirate101, major plot elements are oftentimes seen as minor ones in Pirate101 and vice versa. The Cutthroat sharks and Monquistans are two solid examples of this, and so are (for the moment) Krokotopian elements. In the picture gained from the uncovering of the Santo Oro, one character is shown of very obvious otherworldy origin – Erika the Red. This is a very Norse-inspired name and hints directly to Grizzleheim. Of course, going to Grizzleheim in search of Erika’s piece would have to happen eventually, especially with so much promise of the world coming to nautical light. Especially with mention of two major forces – boars and bears – the probability of visiting it is nearly absolute.


What’s the rush, though? Why would it appear that Pirate101 is working on Grizzleheim as we speak? Think about it – Grizzleheim is a neutral port. This means that neither the Armada nor the pirates have affected it enough for it to be aligned with a side. If the Armada overwhelms the port, the chances of our pirates getting to Erika’s piece become very slim. Blind Mew has said over and over again that the next chunk of storyline would be a war story, so this may even make the most sense. If the pirates and the Armada are fighting over a port, this means that we technically put ourselves in the middle of the giant conflict. Hmm…why do I feel like this is one we pirates will start ourselves?

If the Armada won Grizzleheim, it would not only mean limited access to what the PC needs specifically, but Grizzleheim would also be robbed of many natural resources. The bears have different strengths than dogs or Valencian folk, so this could also mean implementation of newer, more specifically skilled clockworks that would prove to be a different challenge for our pirates. The bears are also very much sky-enabled, meaning that their own social politics would take a more extreme direction with the clockworks as well inhabiting the windlanes. If, however, the pirates prevail it will mean that we’d have to defend (or find some way to keep defended) the port until the Armada is completely annihilated.

Baldur Render Smaller

“Nautical Grizzleheim” will be complete with tasks, trials, and quite the political conflict to chew on during our stay. On one end, we’ve got our race for the Map and on another, the Grizzleheim population has to choose sides or be forced to submit to whoever holds the most power. Will our pirates be able to handle it all? Only time will tell.

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  1. Chrissy The Blesser

    Just love it. Great theories and LOVE the pictures. Pirates in Grizzleheim, Who knew?

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