Advanced Companions: Pros and Cons


Currently on the Pirate101 Test Realm, two new “Advanced Systems” are being released- Advanced Pets and Advanced Companions. Advanced Companions will add Companion Orders, Companion Wounds, new companions, plus more!

The Cons

Let’s get the less exciting parts of this upgrade out of the way first. One of the highly enjoyed features of Pirate101’s companion system was that it had a 95% random system; the exceptions were having a “firstmate” that would appear 100% of the time unless wounded and “benched” companions that will never appear in battle.

With this update, since companions will now do more than appear in battle, the first three companions will always appear in battle (since it would be illogical to employ a companion that is not available for combat.) This seems necessary, but it also removes a solid factor of the game’s difficulty and unpredictability. Yes, this does mean that companions can be utilized for specific situations, but certain talents like Relentless, Burst Fire, and Mojo Echo will almost always beat out the others.

The Pros

Next are all of the new, impressive features added with Advanced Companions. Note that for every companion you have in the Live Game currently, you will receive a Companion Training Tome for each of them when the update is released!

So that companions won’t always be usable in every battle, as soon as a companion is defeated once, it is labelled “wounded” and loses health for the next battle or must be put on bed rest. Bed rest increases because of level or lack of the “Scrapper” talent which can be trained on companions, now.


Companions can now be sent on orders to get new items for your pirate. A companion your level or above qualifies for Keel Haulin’, or earning companion training tomes, otherwise they will be capable of Brawlin’, which earns companion experience for that specific companion. Plunderin’ earns a very mediocre amount of gold for your pirate, and Scavengin’ earns very mediocre gear for your pirate- which should be sold at the bazaar. Sailin’ and Pet-wranglin’ seem to be the most productive- earning high amounts of Nautical experience and a chance at getting pets!

The Summary

The setback of removing randomization of companions seems to be rebalanced in the Advanced Companions update. With companion wounds partially balancing this setback and companion orders to gain items, new pets, and Nautical XP, this update is for the better! Enjoy!


About Evan Silver

Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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