Newest Sneak Peek– Marquis Mark

Here is the newest Sneak Peek! It sure seems like the updates are coming soon! (In 2 days it will have been 8 months since the Marleybone and Aquila update.)


“What a surprising development!” exclaimed Zeke! Meanwhile, we wonder what Marquis Mark could be recalling. . . (We hope you enjoy this latest Sneak Peek from our internal servers here at KingsIsle!)

I think that this is almost certainly location marking. “Marquis Mark” sounds like saying “Mark” twice, and in the caption, KingsIsle talked about “recalling” which is the term for returning to a mark.
I’m excited!

Credits: Thank you Cret92 for posting the “Marky Mark” theory on Pirate101 Central.


About Evan Silver

Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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