Aquila Quest (Pt 1: Sato’s Sunglasses)


My new questing series! This will include my quests through books 13 and 14- Marleybone and Aquila. After I got out of MooShu (see Journey to Marleybone if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about), my first quest was to go to Port Regal to get the windstone to Marleybone.

Picture 2013-11-08 19-43-25

After that I went to MooShu again so I could get the paper permits from the Marleybonian Embassy in Hamamitsu Gardens (by the Marleybone stormgate). To do this I needed Moolong tea, whose only source was apparently from the Yakooza. Egg Foo Yung, the leader told me that I needed to find Sato and stop him, then he would give me the tea. Of course, this was at the end of a 3 hour dungeon!

Whenever you attack Sato (until he is at about 1/3 health) he uses the Witchdoctor ability Shadow Step and teleports to a random square on the battle board, which makes him very tedious to fight. After you get him down, you have a chance at winning the Black Rain Shades, though (which I was not lucky enough to get, this time). After I defeated Sato I went back to Egg Foo Yung for the tea. I have to admit, it didn’t seem worth the work. I went back to the Marleybonian Embassy to get my papers to go to Marleybone and entered the stormgate. I was given a warning by the Marleybonian Ambassador about the war and boy, was she right! You come out right into a lot of Armada Skiffs and some cool NPC pirate ships.

My first task? The Isle of Dogs. To be continued in Aquila Quest (Part 2: Uncanny Incarceration)


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Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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