Hope for Halloween + Big World News

Wizard101’s Halloween is here with all new quests, NPCs, dungeons, pets, and an updated pack. Pirate101 is still silent but at least there is hope for it this year. On the message boards, One-Eyed Jack pointed us towards the October Newsletter.

 October is sure to be another great month for *at least* two great reasons: 1- It’s our first birthday! 2- Halloween! (Notice that the words *at least* are italicized . . . that’s fancy talk for we may have a surprise or two this month!)

That is getting me excited! 🙂 Lots of spoilers!

I updated my blog with a Halloween theme for this holiday and I’m hoping for another update here with some pictures from Pirate101 Halloween!

I’m thinking that it will be a cool Pirate101 spin on the Wizard101 halloween with a vendor that sells items but it has things like the Pirate Pumpkin Staff or things already in the game like the Bone Daggers. When I mean the Wizard101 halloween I mean Skull Island decorated with pumpkins everywhere and by the shops.

(NPC) Spooky Bob.png

This is Spooky Bob from Wizard101 and I think we can also be expecting similar gear that looks more Piratey. And even if we don’t, we can dress up as pirates for halloween!

There are also several pumpkin hats that we can wear, and we will get the pirate one for sure! 🙂

Comment with your ideas for a Pirate halloween!

EDIT: Here is even MORE Pirate101 news with lots of world hints! (I really need to finish MooShu at least…)

Blind Mew is back answering questions!
  • Will we ever be going to Rajah, Krokotopia, or Darkmoor in the El Dorado storyline? Yes on two of those. Which two? You can no doubt predict my answer.
  • Last in Aquila, we don’t know who our parents are anymore. Will this ever come back to mind in the game and will we ever remember them? “Yup on one, maybe on two.
  • Can you give us a one-letter hint as to the name of the next skyway like you did with the Book 13 update? “C (in this case, not for cookie, but still good enough for me).
  • Are there going to be any two-world, one book updates in the future, like Book 4? “Most Books will only cover one world, for budgetary reasons. Book 18, though, that’s gonna be a doozy…
  • Are there going to be any more fantasy-heavy worlds like Aquila? I can imagine Darkmoor and El Dorado fitting that category though….”I don’t think we’ll ever have another realm as fantastical as Aquila. Darkmoor will have some elements that are pretty out there, but with a different flavor. It’ll still be fairly grounded. And El Dorado? I’m hoping to go in a very new direction there.”
  • …we went through the Stormgate from Monquista to Aquila, not through Valencia, so it hasn’t been used. I was wondering if that might be the way we could sneak in back to Valencia. “The pirate’s path back into Valencia will be very… interesting.”
  • Presidio Companion: I have been wondering for a while, why don’t we just have a sit down with our presidio companion and ask them about our parents? It seems like we have a database of our past that we are just prolonging to delve into. This would especially be useful considering the first 5 years memory wipe. “Good point. It’s a perfect thing to do. Seems to me their next promotion quest would be the perfect time to do that.”
  • Here is another answer… “…Grizzleheim Vikings (an anachronism, sure, but a huge part of Wizard and simply irresistible)… Admittedly, we haven’t seen much of Griz yet. That’s partly oversight on my part, and partly how the Spiral is laid out – Grizzleheim and Skull Island are pretty much on the opposite edges of the Spiral. But we’ll be getting our first taste of Grizzleheim before too long.”

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Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog piratesinthesky.com mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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