What will happen on September 19th?



Heheh, I wonder what’s going to happen! And he locked the topic… We’ll just have to see! Comment what you think will happen!


About Evan Silver

Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog piratesinthesky.com mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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  1. Cass Lifeblossom

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day is on the 19th, along with that is the day Disney closwes 3 of there online games.

  2. Well, I’m not sure what they’ll do. Whatever it is, it’ll be unexpected and wonderful.

    …and if you want a little more fun with it, dress up like a pirate and go to your local Krispy Kreme doughnuts dressed as a pirate on the 19th for a FREE dozen doughnuts!

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