Journey to Marleybone (Pt. 5: Dead Man’s Hand)

JourneytoMB Part 5

This is another Journey to Marleybone post! If you haven’t read one of these before, click here to view the archives of posts that are tagged with “journey to marleybone”! Where I left off, I was about to enter the haunted town of Miranda. It wasn’t that bad, I have to admit. All you have to do is avoid as many battles as possible. You have to fight a lot of undead, and go back and forth between the saloon (where the card dealer was) and other assorted places (collecting the cards scattered around Miranda.)

Picture 2013-07-29 08-36-36

The first person I got a card from was Father Ryan. He gave me the card because I found the lost pages of his prayer book, which were also scattered around Miranda.

Picture 2013-07-29 08-45-49

The next person was Mr. Hockley. He had left his crew alone, but never came back. He guessed the undead had already got to them, so I was given a card after I had found them and given them a proper burial, which lead to a fight with more undead.

You see, I don’t have a screenshot of the third card. I had to take it from a faithful member of Blood’s crew, who was in a mine down below the town. (It was pretty easy to avoid two fights here.)

Picture 2013-07-29 09-09-00

The fourth card was from Mr. Pickman, who was lost, but had one of Blood’s cards. To save him, you have to fight about three unavoidable battles.

Picture 2013-07-29 09-10-00

The last card was underneath a pile of ashes that used to be a barn, I think. But after that, some of the townspeople’s ghosts are cursed, which is another unavoidable fight. After that, you head back to the saloon to talk to the Card Dealer again. You also see Death, to finish the game of cards. After you put the cards in the dead man’s hand, Captain Blood is no longer immortal. Blood tries to stop us from playing it, but it’s already done. The only problem was… We still had to kill him.

Picture 2013-07-29 09-17-03 Picture 2013-07-29 09-22-08

There’s the final battle! He’s done for. Now, with Captain Blood out of the way, the path to the treasure has never been so clear. Time to go into the Motherlode Mine to get the piece of the map. But before that, we have to fight 12 more ghost ships. (I should have known…) Well after that, it was time to go look for Captain Blood’s Treasure in Motherlode Mine! It said it was only a half-hour dungeon, so that was good. I went and found the Santo Oro, Marco Pollo’s ship, which was a pretty cool MooShu skiff. The way to the treasure was blocked off, so we went to blow it up with dramatic flair! 😉

Picture 2013-08-19 20-09-41

We went down to the platform by the Santo Oro that we had spotted, but were then halted by Deacon! It’s never easy  for us.

Picture 2013-08-19 20-11-42 Picture 2013-08-19 20-12-03 Picture 2013-08-19 20-17-27 Picture 2013-08-19 20-32-13 Picture 2013-08-19 20-33-12 Picture 2013-08-19 20-33-29 Picture 2013-08-19 20-34-20

We returned to the historian, Desmond Argleston and Captain Avery to tell us about our next adventure. Avery found out that all of the pirates in the picture have a piece of the map, and the next one should be from Egg Foo Yung, a duck in MooShu! (Subodai was particularly happy about getting to go back to MooShu.) To be continued in Journey to Marleybone (Part 6: Meddling in MooShu!)


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