Journey to Marleybone (Pt. 4: Haunted)

JourneytoMB Part 4

After the Magnificent Six (seven including me :)) were reunited again, I was sent on a quest to start a range war. Boy, was that hard. You start off by fighting the 12 Wild Bunch ships. Oh my goodness, could there be any more ship battles? (Self: Yes there could be. Every battle could be a ship battle. Self: FINE…) Well, after I finished those ships with some help from other people, I had to stop Buck Bronco in a 1 1/2 hr dungeon. After that… the final part of Tumbleweed Skyway- Old Jailhouse. I had to stop the Wild Bunch once and for all, because they didn’t like being caught constantly.

Picture 2013-06-28 18-32-45

After several interesting battles, I was finished with this skyway and went back to Sly Winkum, who knew about Captain Blood. He told me he was on his crew and that Captain Blood was in Haunted Skyway last. But when I went to Haunted Skyway, they told me they needed help and they needed it ASAP. So then I got sucked into 12 more ship battles: with Ghost Ships.

Picture 2013-07-25 09-08-25

After that, it seemed like it was all Colonel Church needed, so I was sent to talk to Lt. Jim Masterson. He said there was a jailbreak and needed to ask around for what the prisoners were looked like. I went down to the mine and found a “weasely” person I was told about, then was sent into the Comanchero Vortex in search of Crazy Horn, a reckless bison. After I had captured both prisoners, they told Jim Masterson who was the leader of their operations- Captain Foote. I was told to look for him in the Hang ’em Jail in the Dusty Vortex. He was pretty hard, I came out with less than 100 health and all three of my companions defeated.


Next, Colonel Church told me to look for Sabatini in the Abandoned Church. This was rather exciting, because it was my first sighting of Captain Blood.

Picture 2013-07-25 10-17-04 Picture 2013-07-25 10-17-20

After fighting a few of Blood’s minions, I followed Sabatini’s instructions to go to the Isla des los Muertos. They showed me the cards of the past, present, and future. On the table they even had some Treasure Cards. 😉

Picture 2013-07-25 10-26-47 Picture 2013-07-25 10-27-06 Picture 2013-07-25 10-27-32 Picture 2013-07-25 10-27-58 Picture 2013-07-25 10-29-23

Then, I had to go to Santo Pollo to get corn which I was a little confused about. I fed corn to the ravens on the tree of Ravens. They told me “Black Bart,” which apparently is someone who I can use to attract Death if I collect the lost spirits he created in Haunted Skyway. Sounds like a plan! After I had collected 12 lost souls, I proceeded to find Black Bart in the Old Church graveyard. After a fight with Black Bart, I had an interesting meeting with Death that included a puppet show.

Picture 2013-07-25 10-48-44

I learned that Captain Blood and Death had a game of cards, where if Death lost, Blood can live forever. Death was about to win, but then Captain Blood left and never came back. I needed to find some way to get Blood to play his hand. The next place I was headed was back to Tumbleweed because Sly Winkum was part of Blood’s crew. He had something interesting to say, though.

Picture 2013-07-25 10-58-53

The next place I was headed to was Santo Pollo to talk to Don Rodrigo about what he knew. (hehe) Next thing I knew, El Toro, Mustang Sally, and I were off to Gold Creek to find Blood’s hand, because it was cut off at Gold Creek. After we quickly retrieved it, we went back to Sly Winkum so he could tell us where to get the cards. They’re in the cursed town of Miranda, scattered all over. But Miranda happens to be a two-hour dungeon, so that’ll be for the next post. To be continued in Journey to Marleybone: Part 5: Dead Man’s Hand.



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  1. Your bestest friend

    There are a lot of battles 😛

  2. Cass Lifeblossom

    You got a lot of battles that are tough and hard ahead of you, take some people.

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