Start Small: Dorm Room

Even though everyone has one of these, and it may not seem very impressive as it is, dorm rooms are a cheap way to show off your housing creativity! The bazaar and Mr. Trewalny are great places to start, with a decent furniture selection (and both within walking distance!)


Dorm rooms come fully furnished, but I salvaged my furniture to use in my Volcano Island. I’ll be starting with a blank canvas.

Picture 2013-07-10 15-53-33

Plants and wallpaper/floor do the best job of sprucing up your dorm room. Buy whichever you want from both of the vendors I listed above, and see what a change it makes after you have placed them. If you want to go more advanced, make sure the plants, wallpaper, and floor are all of a similar theme. (Ex: Cave Wallpaper/Floor and plants that look overgrown, etc).

Maybe I overused the bushes and small cacti a little too much...

Maybe I overused the bushes and small cacti a little too much. It’ll look better later.

See? That’s a lot better! One of the tricky things about using a dorm room, though, is the 50-item limit. Next, add some complementary wall hangings, furniture, and if you can figure out what outdoor items to get, go ahead! Another tip is not to put everything glued to the walls. I put the large cactus near to the center of the dorm- it gives the room volume.

Picture 2013-07-10 16-30-59

I’ve added a gate by the doors, a lantern near to the gate, some hay bales, and a closed of well towards the left, next to the bank (not visible). I couldn’t find any wall hangings, but I didn’t think it was necessary since this needs to have an outdoor feeling. See how the trail gate is very close to the door? You can’t normally place it there. I used a rug glitch that I learned from Wizard101. To creatively move items into places that they can’t normally go, you’ll need: 1 item that doesn’t go where you want it, and 2 of the smallest rugs you can find. That’s it! I use the Threadbare Rug from Mr. Trewalny. Also, I suggest this should be one of the first things you do, as the item you want to move is likely very large and the rugs aren’t that small. Dorms are one of the smallest housing areas in the game, so try to conserve your space. (Advanced: You can also use this to place items partially into walls, so they use even less space. But that’s for another post. ;))

1. Put the large item on part of one of the rugs. I am going to put it on the edge so it can go as close to the door as possible.

Picture 2013-07-10 16-42-03

2. Move the rug so that the item is where you want to be. (These were the smallest rugs I could find! If you can find smaller ones, they’ll be able to go in more places, increasing your options.)

Picture 2013-07-10 16-41-56

3. Place a second rug touching the first rug.

(WARNING! If the second rug is touching the edge/base of any other item/rug, then when you try to the next step it will pick up those items! Solution: You may have to rotate the rug, but be warned that when you rotate it and if it is touching another item, those items will turn red and rotate as well! If this happens, rotate the rug back the other way and place it somewhere that it can be placed. The first will move the other items back, the second will make them normal colored. Just remember, rugs stick!)

Picture 2013-07-10 16-42-19

4. Pick up the rug that you just placed. If it is correct, it will only pick up the other rug; the one it’s touching.

Picture 2013-07-10 16-42-27

Once this is finished, your item will seamlessly be in the correct place! After you have done this for all the items you desire, add decorations and make sure everything is perfect!

Picture 2013-07-10 16-58-25 Picture 2013-07-10 16-58-45 Picture 2013-07-10 16-59-35

I may make changes to this room in future posts or have some advanced tutorials on changing it!


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