Where in Valencia? (100th post!)

Since this is my 100th post, I thought I should share some very intriguing new content for Pirate101 I found!

I was looking back again at the old World pages on the pirate101.com website and I saw something I hadn’t before, or maybe the Valencia Page was updated. In the images section, there are these three images of a place in Valencia we’ve never been before:

valencia3 valencia4 valencia5

I’ve also heard that at the end of Aquila you get a note about going back to Valencia. I think this town may be one of the next places we go! It seems like it’s been taken over by the Armada, with stations on every street. I wonder why we’ll come here! Also, I have several very interesting concept art pieces of things we haven’t seen in Valencia yet.


This is a Valencian shipyard with many different levels and has a very interesting flying mechanism.


These are some Valencian merchants, could likely be in some of the new towns or acquired as companions.


This is a unicorn, of course. But we’ve only seen Swashbuckler unicorns. This introduces a new Valencian that wields a rifle and judging by the three stages, is a promotable companion.


This is also a new version of an existing creature, but this is the Armada! This shows a possible new swashbuckler Armada enemy. It has the Armada Musketeer’s outfit, which represents agility, but the Armada Marine’s halberd which represents melee damage. I would love to have some more variety of Armada!

Used with permission. Visit Swordroll's Blog and read his Concept101 for more concepts like this! swordroll.com

Used with permission. Visit Swordroll’s Blog and read his Concept101 for more concepts like this at swordroll.com!

This concept is of an Armada Skiff ship, which we might get to commandeer for the next part of Valencia! I wonder if we’ll use this to sneak into the Machine or anything… Or we might see it as a new enemy!


About Evan Silver

Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog piratesinthesky.com mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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  1. Cass Lifeblossom

    The concept art for the armada soldier is already in the game, both of them actually and Blind Mew said that we were never going to get a armada ship I think.

    • It’s already in the game? Where? I apologize again, I haven’t got past Cool Ranch, so I don’t know anything past that (other than research.)

      All I saw Blind Mew comment about is companions, not ships. Even if we don’t get it, it would be nice to see it in broadside combat.

      • Cass Lifeblossom

        They are already here, even past Cool Ranch and the ones that I remember are: Tradewinds Skyway, Port Regal Skyway, Aragon Skyway, Haunted Skyway, Santa Pollo Skyway, and Westminster Skyway.

      • I’ve never seen them. Do you have any proof? (Sorry if I turn out to be completely wrong.)

      • Cass Lifeblossom

        No, most of my pictures got deleted some time ago sadly.

  2. Those pictures have been around from Day 1…the only new one found is that ship…as well the crabs do have a Valencian design but they sound and act French…so I’m not so sure about them…

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