Three Worlds In Three Days


The first world is, of course, Skull Island. (Who wouldn’t start with Skull Island?) This is a gameplay post of me playing as my Privateer, Griffin Silver with Morgan Laverne, a Musketeer. Doing the first three worlds of Pirate101 in three days is pretty impressive… I think. On the first day, we began Skull Island and easily finished Skull Mountain right off the bat.

Picture 2013-06-24 09-28-16

We learned about Ratbeard and Captain Gunn in Blood Shoals, and then went on to Jonah Town searching for the Frogfather, a person who apparently knows where Ratbeard is. After quite a few quests there and doing a dungeon, the Frogfather (my favorite quote from him is in the cover picture) shoves us away to Flotsam, where One-Eyed Jack points us in the wrong direction over and over again. On the next day we were led to the Isle of Doom. (Video from TheDeathshard)

The Isle of Doom indeed has lots of monsters and unknown creatures, even though the video is a bit misleading. While we are searching for Gortez in the jungles and mines, you are trying to make diplomacy with Puerto Mico and looking for the Gold Monkey. After a few more hours of questline, by defeating Gortez and his crazed Monquistadors, you make your way to Monquista to put Gortez in chains.

Picture 2012-10-13 11-51-35

While you’re at the prison, you give a note to the guard that pretty much says, “‘Remove’ the pirate who bears this note.  He is now considered an enemy to the Crown.” You free Gortez so he helps you defeat the guards, and the prison is turned into the Opposition Headquarters. All of the time in Monquista you are helping the Opposition gain more followers, and make a plan. The final plan is to get the Monkey’s Paw, which lies at the end of an hour dungeon, which acts like a genie- it grants you 3 wishes. On the last day, we went back to Skull Island to diffuse rumors Captain Avery made about us having the map to El Dorado, which is why people kept randomly attacking us. Hmm.

Picture 2012-10-26 17-57-30

Even though it doesn’t seem like much, it truly was a lot of questing! (That’s the end of Valencia, by the way!)


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Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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