Journey to Marleybone (Pt 3: Trouble in Tumbleweed)

JourneytoMB Part 3

Now that I’m in Tumbleweed, it seems that they are being attacked by the Wild Bunch. No one knows how to stop them. No one. Except Timmy. (My video recorder isn’t working, here’s TheDeathshard’s video)

So my quest is to re-band the Magnificent Seven! It all started with Duck Holliday, who lives right in Tumbleweed. He told me the first person I needed to get was Buffalo Bill, since they didn’t really get along very well. Buffalo Bill went from a lawman and now runs the Traveling Medicine Show (what went wrong?). Duck told me that he was a bit of a gambler, and that if I could get him to bet something, he would have to rejoin. I bet him that I could beat Tyson, the chicken pugilist (don’t worry, that means boxer), he would join.

Picture 2013-06-06 11-54-31

I won and finished part 3 of 7. (Duck was already in and sadly, Wyatt passed away.) The next people were Jane Canary, Bill Peacock, and Bat Masterson. Jane convinced Bill, and while they were getting ready my task was to defeat ships for Bat. Grr… After a week of procrastinating, I teamed up with some other pirates and collected six strongboxes from those Banditoads. 6 out of 7! The last was Billy the Kid. Last, but not least! The only thing was, Billy, was kind of in prison. Not kind of. Completely in prison. Jailbreak!

Picture 2013-06-17 15-40-29

Whew! I think you have to fight 6 sets of Frogerales. After everyone was back together, 7 out of 7, the plan was to meet back at the Old Chirp Place. After we got ambushed by the Wild Bunch, we headed back to Tumbleweed to start a range war on the Bunch. To be continued in Journey to Marleybone: Haunted


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Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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