Journey to Marleybone (Pt. 2: Saving Sally)

JourneytoMB Part 2

So, we left off with me having to defeat 10 Armada ships. Check!

Picture 2013-05-27 13-16-46

After that, I had to do the equivalent of breaking into the Governor’s Mansion: Dreadnaught Regal. After defeating three rounds of clockworks and blowing up lots of Powder Kegs, I was back out. The next thing Catbeard told me to do was the biggie: Fort Elena. Fort Elena, if you don’t know already, is the heavily guarded prison of the Marleybonians, which happens to be storing Mustang Sally and Napoleguin. Ka-ching! So I broke in, learned a new ability or two, and fought some Redcoat guards.

Picture 2013-05-27 15-20-20

Check! After that I kind of had to find Sally. Or Napoleguin. Or both. First I met some other prisoners that I may…

Picture 2013-05-27 15-43-28

…or may not have seen previously.

Picture 2013-05-27 15-43-41

Is he a Phule or something? 😉 Finally I fought more Redcoats, some Armada, more Redcoats. (This is a long, if repetitive, dungeon. Dungeon as in instance and in dungeon.) I found Sally. Armada. Napoleguin. Fancy cell, eh?

Picture 2013-05-27 15-52-35

So much for being in jail. I broke him out and fought about 3 more rounds of Armada while heading out for a breath of fresh air. I finally finished the dungeon and went back to Catbeard. He thanked me for following his/Napoleguin’s plan and sent me off to the town of Tumbleweed. Yay for being back in Cool Ranch!

Picture 2013-05-27 16-41-18

To be continued in Journey to Marleybone: Part 3 Trouble in Tumbleweed! Thanks for your support and for reading!


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