Journey to Marleybone (Pt.1: Port Regal)

JourneytoMB Part 1

You know how I was in Port Regal, right? Well, I’m still in Port Regal. I don’t like having to defeat 10 Marleybone ships. It’s tedious and they always gang up on me. Grr… After I finally finished defeating those ships, I reported back to Catbeard.

Picture 2013-05-25 12-21-44

He told me that Marleybone was annoyed, but that we need them furious. He told me that taking the governor’s daughter would anger Marleybone. To get to Mabel, I needed to break in to the Governor’s Mansion. I flew over to Port Regal to learn how from Gilbert and Sullivan. They told me about a secret entrance around the side of the house, and that I would be able to go through the sewer and get to the cellar. Why are us pirates always going through cellars? 😉

Picture 2013-05-25 12-42-42

I fought an admiral down in the sewer (why was he down there?) and then headed up into the secret entrance. The house was actually quite pretty, and no one seemed to notice me in there.

Picture 2013-05-25 12-56-32

Main entrance, but I came out of the kitchen. Figures.

Picture 2013-05-25 12-57-29

Upstairs balcony. Is it just me, or does that painting on the right seem like it could be a potential tapestry/painting teleporter to Wolfminster Abbey? After I brought Mabel back to Catbeard, apparently he was satisfied… With Marleybone. Now I had to “do the same thing to the Armada.” To be continued in Journey to Marleybone Part 2: Saving Sally!



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Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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