History Applied in Pirate101

I was reading through the Pirate101 forums, and I saw one of the Frogfather’s posts asking what players’ favorite quests were.  I was about to reply to this post, thinking about my favorite quests, and I love how Pirate101’s quests are intertwined with real-life history. I saw one other writer had already posted about this:

One of my absolute favorite things about Pirate101 are all of the in-jokes and references like Banditoads = Banditos, Frogerales = Federales, etc. I love how creative the developers have been in mixing fantasy with the real life and almost every one, if not all, of the bounty hunting fights is targeted at a reference to some great western or bandit movie.

I did some research and found a few references.

The Presidio-

A Spanish fort established in areas [that was or thought to be] under their control. These fortresses were used to farm and store goods, served as missions, and housed soldiers for protection against pirates, enemy colonists, and other hostiles.

We see this applied to Pirate101 as a Monquistan fort that is used to store goods. We fight soldiers the soldiers inside while we’re trying to take the spices for the Frogfather.

Port Regal-

Portugal. Portugal has a long-standing alliance with England- dating back to the 1300s! Wow!

It’s only logic that Marleybonian soldiers are housed in Port Regal during this time of war (with Marleybone having a very powerful navy.)

Santa Rana-

[Antonio Lopez de] Santa Anna was on a quest to dominate North America. He set up corrupt governments and tried to rule the Americas.

Santa Rana, in Pirate101, is portrayed similarly to how he actually acted, using forces that were supposed to be “right” to do his evil bidding.



There’s much more so have fun looking for history in Pirate101 on your own! 🙂


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Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog piratesinthesky.com mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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  1. It’s Portugal, not Portrugal, and YAY, a reference to my country!

  2. Cass Lifeblossom

    Amber Horde are the the Huns who attack China and the residents in Subata skyway of some of the Chinese people that lived in the villages and got attacked.

    And lets not forget about the stuff in Aquila on the test realm like the famous Oracle or Delphi (Delphos is Aquila), Sparta, Troy, Heracles (Greek name is Hercules) etc. etc.

    Marleybone reminds me of London, England and other stuff back then when they have the cobblestone streets and the houses that looked 10 million years old.

    Cool Ranch with the American Revolution and us moving West.

  3. Felix Eastwick

    Port Regal is a reference to Port Royal, the most famous of Britain’s colonies in the Caribbean, not Portugal.
    Polaris is a mix of Imperial Russia and Revolutionary France, with the polar bears representing Russians and the penguins representing Frenchmen.
    Marleybone is the British Empire/ United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland, with ‘Marleybone City’ being a representation of London. Albion, a section of Marleybone, represents Scotland and Ireland.
    Cool Ranch represents a time somewhere during either the Mexican-American War or the American Civil War. The Toads represent Mexicans, while the Birds represent American settlers. Furthermore, there is a reference to the ‘War of the Feathers’ in Cool ranch, alluding to the Civil War.
    Monquista is the Spanish Empire.
    Puerto Mico is Puerto Rico.
    Valencia is a strange version of Italy, much more powerful than it’s real-life version.
    Ratbeard and Catbeard both refer to Blackbeard.
    Skull Island is Tortuga, one of the first true ‘pirate settlements’.

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