English Bill

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Yeah… That’s not what I thought of when I heard “English Bill” either. Maybe it would help if I also explained he is the Duck of Death. Now, after quite a lot of questing in Cool Ranch, I headed over to Boot Hill. (I’ll tell you, that’s not where you want to go for a vacation.)

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You have to fight the Duck of Death two times, once on Boot Hill and once on his ship. The first fight is a bit tricky, though me and my friend smashed him to the ground straight away (by pure luck). First, you must interact, or attack, a Basin so you can be Blessed. To indicate you are blessed, halos appear over your entire team. A Basin is a statue with water in the top. There are two Basins in the battle. Once your team has halos, you are free to kill the Duck of Death.

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You do have to kill him twice. This is his… uh… I called it a ship, right? This fight there are no Basins, so you are free to attack the Duck as soon as you want. Once you’ve finished that fight, you talk to Tonka, the whole reason you were here in the first place. English Bill had captured Tonka, but now he is freed. Finally, once you’ve finished all of that… You get a badge!

Picture 2013-01-12 07-57-57edited

Hooray! Duke of Ducks! Thanks for reading!


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