A Thirteenth Book? (Part 2)

A war story for book 13…

-Blind Mew

If you haven’t read his quote before, check out part 1. I want to start out this post with a section of the previous quote;

Book 13 is going to be a bit darker than what we’ve done before, and it’s definitely a war story.

Maybe I’m over-thinking this, but it seems that this may also fit Marleybone. Marleybone has been to go to war, and we could possibly see a darker side to the realm as we did with MooShu.


Another subject that Blind Mew mentioned was Marco Pollo’s photograph. He sent his attached to a letter to Merle Ambrose. Here’s what Blind Mew said about it:

It’s a good bet that all the people in that photograph will be showing up at one point or other (at least, those that are still alive).

So we may be visiting any of these fellows. And anywhere. (hint hint)

KingsIsle has left traces of Marleybone heritage throughout our travels, and something that many pirates are talking about is an open stormgate in MooShu. Even One-Eyed Jack has talked about this. He made a quick comment: “There are many mysteries in The Spiral! This is one of them.”

Also, we’ve all noticed the Marleybonian Galleon in the crowns shop? Perhaps it means more than you think.

Marleybone Pirate Ship

A character named “Rooke” in the storyline (for those of you that do not know) has also mentioned going off to Marleybone. With all these references it’s pretty hard to ignore.

Again, maybe I’m over-thinking this whole message, but I believe there is some truth under the sand. As we still do not know what this world may be, only time can tell.


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