Pirate101 Abilities – Where To Train

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Now we’ve all had a visit to the class trainers, but the question is, where should we train? Most Wizard101 veterans will say go for life. That would be Privateer, correct? But is that really the best choice? What about if we have ranged weapons? How should we train our points, and when? KingsIsle has done in my opinion a very good job of separating and balancing the Pirates’ classes. Some are more valuable to train, and some not. Some require a certain prerequisite, others not.

Many factors play into the training of new skills, powers, and abilities in Pirate101. Are you choosing the right abilities? Many arguable notices have been made for class training, and at the top of the list is, again, Privateer. Now why is this class so valuable to train?

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The Privateer’s abilities have proven to be a must in most people’s opinions for any class. The healing can change a life-or-death situation, and people who haven’t experienced similar games are still picking healing over other powers and talents. They choose it so that they can save themselves and their companions when they’re on low health. Of course, who wouldn’t want to do that? So, Privateer secondary training is rated top #1.

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The next class is where the choices split. Some people use this as their third class, and others their first, skipping Privateer. A Witchdoctor’s abilities can be very useful in combat. You learn minor damage and area spells, which can be casted from a distance. Also, Witchdoctors learn Jobu’s Breath, which is a very useful ability. A combination of these puts Witchdoctor at #2.

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Swashbucklers’ and Buccaneers’ talents are pretty much tied. They are alright, and give you quite a few damage boosts, etc. Swashbuckler gives you the basics of finesse- Sneak Attack, Walk in Shadows, Hurl Knife, and some Swashbuckler talents. Buccaneers give you some stat boosts, damage boosts, and a few helpful talents that are only available there or from Morgan LaFitte. This comes in very close with Swashbuckler at #3 and Buccaneer at #4.

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Sorry, Musketeers! The Musketeer secondary class is one of the least chosen, for a couple of reasons. A high majority of its talents only benefit Musketeers, as is with their abilities. One of the only reasons people would pick Musketeer for secondary (or third) class is for the talent Elusive. Elusive increases your dodge by at least 25(%) when your pirate’s health is below half. This leaves Musketeer at #5 for secondary classes. This doesn’t mean choosing Musketeer right off is bad!

Pirate101 Training Ranks:

  1. Privateer
  2. Witchdoctor
  3. Swashbuckler
  4. Buccaneer
  5. Musketeer

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