Pirate101 Ships- Advanced Tips

Now that you’ve got the basics down, I’m going to have a little guide here with everything else you need to know about ships! First off, you’ll need to know how to fight other ships. This was also explained in the tutorial, but this will help you get better. 😉


Ok. To start you off, to attack a ship sail up to it. If you don’t engage automatically, click on the ship and your cannons will begin to fire. If you’ve equipped ship equipment on your ship…


(Click My Ship Equipment) …then your ship will have Broadside Abilities to use in Broadside Combat. (This is, of course, when you’re firing cannons at another ship.)


If you’re not engaged in combat, the first two abilities will be greyed out. This is because they are Combat Abilities, and attack another ship. So common sense is, you can’t use it unless you’re in combat. Here are examples of Combat Abilities.


Now, these may be really confusing at first. The text at the bottom is what the ability does. The 2x and 1x don’t matter much, just remember that the 2x does more than 1x. The number next to the hourglass is how long you have to wait until you can use this ability again, or the Cooldown Time. Look at the second ability. The number in the top left corner is it’s accuracy. That’s how often it will hit the enemy ship. The first ability has two accuracies, one for long range and one for short range. If will have 75% accuracy when you’re far away from the ship, and will do 100% damage (top right corner). If you are close to the enemy ship it will have 90% accuracy and do 120% damage. Combat Abilities are determined by which Horn and Figurehead your ship has equipped.


These look similar, right? These are Neutral Abilities, and can be used at any time. These are determined by the Wheel and Sails of your ship. The healing abilities (Wheel) usually have a longer cooldown time and heal your ship a certain percentage. If my ship had 1,000 Hull Integrity, (if you don’t know what that is, read this), and I used the above ability, Healing Bolt, my ship would repair 200 health. What’s the second ability though? Sails’ abilities are usually speed boosting abilities, or dodge abilities. This is a dodge ability. When your ship “dodges” an attack misses. So this boosts your dodge by 12%, but only lasts nine seconds, which is half of the cooldown time.


Take into consideration the level of the ship you’re attacking. Sail with friends if you’re planning to attack ships that are higher than your level. It works best if they’re on their own ship. If the level of a ship you’re attacking is too high, and it’s getting out of hand, you can use Boost Fuel to flee from the combat.


Fuel is burned at about 10/second, so be sure to fill up at docks! It boosts your ship’s speed if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, or need to get out of combat quickly. Press [Z] or click on the Boost Fuel icon to go extra fast.


If your Hull Integrity turns yellow (at 50% health), or your enemy’s does, two crossed swords will appear above the ship. You can fly up and press [X] on their ship to board them, or they will attempt to board you. This will initiate Deckside Combat. This is where you fight a normal battle, but the setting is on a ship.


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