How To: Upgrade Companions

Upgrade Companions!

Welcome to the first “How To” post! In this post series, I will be explaining the mechanics of how to do certain things in Pirate101. This time, I’ll tell you the schematics of getting companions, but have a special focus on promotions and talents! To start us off, here’s a picture of Companion Management. Go to the top menu, then the hook, them My Companions to open this or just press “U” on your keyboard. (This picture was posted earlier on this blog.)

Check out this post I have, it is also really helpful and has this picture! Continuing on; A Companion Promotion is when your companion has reached a specified level and is ready for an upgrade. In other words, your companion physically changes, and gets better! I believe the first Companion Promotion is Bonnie Anne. She goes from a Fox Musketeer to a Fox Sharpshooter. You have to meet her in a Tavern and do a small questline to upgrade her. Below is the original Bonnie Anne. (She is upgraded on the picture above.)

Once you use Companion Training Tomes to level up Bonnie Anne, when she gets to level 8 a gray exclamation mark (!) will appear by her name in Companion Management. This means she is ready for promotion, and you can go talk to her in a Tavern Cellar to start the questline.

Down the hatch! If there is a golden/yellow exclamation mark next to the companion in Companion Management, that means they are also ready for promotion! This companion is special though, you have to buy their gear on your own. It costs a hefty amount of gold to upgrade these companions, but it’s well worth it! You might ask, what does a companion promotion do, other than add some new gear? Your promoted companion also gains Epics, or Epic Talents. These are similar to Wizard101’s Cheat Spells. They include things like Double Tap, where a ranged attacker gets to attack two enemies if they kill the first one. Here’s an example of another.

Remember, those are called Epic Talents. There’s just Talents, as well. They boost your companion’s statistics a little bit. When your companion is ready for promotion, there will be a little lightning bolt next to their name (ϟ). You can click New Talent to choose the talent you want. They will be like Agile, Tough, Armored, etc. If you mouse over each it will display what the companion will gain if you train that Talent on them. Talents occur at certain levels, but quite a bit more often than Epics or Epic Talents.

Do you see all the buttons? Hope this helped!


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  1. Cass Lifeblossom

    I have two things to say about Cheap Shot:
    1)It is annoying to me
    2)”cheap, cheap, cheap.”

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