New Additions – Part I

If you look on, you’ll see that KI is preparing for the full release. Adding most of the features of, fansites will be booming with material, especially when the Full Release is here! (10/8 or 10/15). There’s a whole lot of new Shop features, bundles, stories, storyline, and so much more! Where do I start? This post set will be separated into two parts. (First two-parter!)

The Pirate101 storyline is pay-as-you-go, or subscribe. It’s separated into twelve books as of now, and that’s how you’ll pay it with crowns. This is somewhat similar to the Wizard101 crowns-based system, check this out.

See some similarities? I can already tell that KingsIsle’s future games will probably be arranged about the same way. (Of course, because they’re in the Spiral! 😉 ) Back to the Pirate101 “Books”, as I’ve said the prices won’t be differed by street, but by book. The prices get higher for each book. Right now, it’s hard to tell if you’ll have to pay for each section of the book, or each book in all. Sections? Yes, each book has a summary and says what’s in it. Here’s a basic guide for all of them- they’re pretty self-explanatory.

Well, obviously you spend a lot of time in Cool Ranch. When I visited there, I sent lots of postcards of all the beautiful scenery! Unfortunately… I didn’t take many screenshots, and the beta characters got wiped. The storyline was great though, as you can see from chapters V-X (5-10). A lot of storyline is covered in Pirate101, in thirty short chapters. Those of you who aren’t in Beta, you’ll really like what you see when you start the game! Spoilers ahead, don’t read this if you want to discover the story on your own!

Skull Island Overview-

In Skull Island, you go through trying to get the basics of a pirate. Or, I could simply say a ship and money. After you’ve quested through Skull Mountain, Avery gives you his promised ship… er… boat… er… raft. You take your raft and fly it all around the Skull Island Skyways (chapters 1-2). You are after Captain Gunn’s treasure. He invented Yum, and has a fortune because of it! After you get the treasure, you are sent off to Puerto Mico on seeking diplomacy with the Monquistans. The whole mission turns on its heels and you are sent to the Isle Of Doom in search of the Golden Monkey!

Monquistan Overview-

You find out that Monquistan politics are in fact deadly. Caught in a civil war, you have to join the opposition of the Crown, and settle things best you can in the land of the monkeys. You go search for an ancient relic – the Monkey’s Paw, which you have to do a life-threatening search for.

Valencian Overview-

The Valencian storyline is quite short, as you venture into the heart of the Spiral, er… Armada. You learn about the map to El Dorado, and are sent on a search for it. You learn Avery’s single piece of the treasure, the sailcloth, was a piece of the map to El Dorado, the island of solid gold. You search in Valencia, but can’t find anything. When you look through the catacombs you find that the Armada have already taken the map, weeks ago.

Cool Ranch Overview-

A piece of the map to El Dorado, made by Marco Pollo, went to Cool Ranch. It’s being thrown around everywhere, and you struggle to find it while keeping Cooper’s Roost under control. You calm down the Bison, and keep searching for the map, which the Red Sash Gang has stolen- it’s been taken to the lair of Captain Blood. That means you have to find El Toro. El Toro, the guardian of Santo Pollo, After you find him, you must stop Santa Rana before it’s too late! You confront the Duck of Death later, to continue your search for the map. Now you have to go find Mustang Sally, who El Toro let go years ago. The Scurvy Dogs let you into Marleybone. Next you have to break Mustang Sally and Napolenguin, the most dangerous in the Spiral, out of the strongest prison in Skull Island. You have to save Tumbleweed, an abandoned town that used to be protected by the Magnificent Seven. Arise them and defeat the Wild Bunch to save them… bring it on. After that you venture towards the Haunted Skyway and the doomed town of Miranda. To get the second piece of the map, you just need to head into his lair. Great. More fighting.

MooShu Overview-

You head into MooShu to find the third piece of the map to El Dorado, as best you can. To find Egg Foo Yung and the map, you have to win a favor of the Yakooza. That means you have to storm corrupt General Tso’s fortress and get the map before the Armada get it! You need to gather the five Turtleballs to reach Cao Tzu and translate the Map. For the first one, you have to talk to the Monkey King… But can you trust him to help you? Once you have the last Turtleball, you must go to Maruzame and face the five Guardians to prove yourself worthy.

And that’s it, really, for the storyline. Check these two pages for more. Click. Click.


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  1. That is bad that they made Valencia short, maybe we will face Kane in the future there.

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