Release Date Announced!!!

Here is the article in which the date is posted! But stay on this blog, I’ll tell you everything plus more. ūüėČ
So yes, it’s true, Pirate101 is being released in one week! Well, the Head Start that is. If you played in Beta, get your credit cards out to buy membership because you’ll be included in the Head Start, as well as people who bought the bundles.

Speaking of bundles, on Swordroll’s Blog, there are some epic photos!

Pictures Removed, Please Visit Swordroll’s Blog

Thank you Swordroll! ūüôā These bundles look awesome, you can see they’re similar to the current Wizard101 bundles. The Cutthroat Bundle looks like a “Epic Bundle”, and you can kind of make out what’s on the card. The other cards look like the classic Game Cards, that cost $20 and $10.

That’s the big day, Pirate101 is coming out then!¬†BUT, if you participated in Closed Beta or bought a Pre-Game bundle, you’ll get early access- one WEEK early access! That means for all of you Beta players, you get to start¬†October 8th! That’s in one week! Here’s an interview posted on Massively… (Pirate101 articles are springing up everywhere! Again!)

There’s another article on IGN, which has a Pirate101 bundle giveaway that has¬†60,000¬†crowns! You just need to enter a Pirate haiku, and you’re in! The problem is, there’s¬†already¬†1,500 comments, you have until midnight on the 7th, and there’s only 10 winners! Good luck!


On another note, Pirate101 has been polishing up Beta, and as you can tell from all the news, it’s almost done! There was a recent beta update, Spiral Date 414722, that squished pretty much the very last bugs of Pirate101. It’s been very intresting to play the game before, and how much they’ve changed it! I don’t mean the entire storyline, it’s just the little things. They’ve put voices on all of the text, (VoiceOver), they’ve added wind in everyone’s sails, they’ve changed so many icons, and much much, much more!

As you can tell, I’ve never participated in a game’s Beta anymore. Thank you KingsIsle for the¬†opportunity, it was great taking part in the early stages of Pirate101!


About Evan Silver

Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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  1. Hmm… oftentimes, I’m happy to share images if you ask, but I’m not a fan of others who take without permission! Please remove my photos until further notice! Thanks!

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