It is Decided! (Also, Feature on MooShu!)

I have finally decided for my posts that I will try to do guides, updates to the Pirate101 game, or the Pirate101 website on the weekdays since I will not usually have access to Pirate101 until the weekends. But during the weekends I will try to write as many gameplay posts as I can and shoot lots of videos to post on the blog! Today’s post is: Spotlight on MooShu!

This post will be relatively brief, since many of you will have received a notice email from KingsIsle that said they added a MooShu section to the P101 site. Since I haven’t quested to MooShu in-game, I’ll have to tell you what I’ve heard of it. (…And of course what KI tells us! 🙂 )

After you’ve flown into the beautiful docks of MooShu, the last world in the current Pirate101 game, you’ll see the setting sun, the rose skies, and mountains galore. This
world has been re-elaborated at KingsIsle, and it is brilliant.

MooShu is ruled by the Emperor, who is considered the Child of the Spirit of the Sun, and is served by legions of loyal Samoorai. The Cows of MooShu form the ruling class made up warriors, princes and master artisans. They are attended by Goat bureaucrats and ministers, while the Sheep and Pig peasants humbly work the land. The people of MooShu are notoriously secretive and suspicious of outsiders; foreign ships are only allowed to dock in one port, the resplendent city of Hamamitsu, without special permission, and only the mysterious Wizards have ever walked in the Imperial Skyway or visited the Imperial Palace.

MooShu is filled with spiritual action, down to the Moodha itself. But once the Emperor was cursed with dark magic, the entire realm has fallen into havoc. The bandits lying around the edges of the world began to thrive, taking prey on the poor townsfolk. The Samoorai try their hardest to protect the defenseless, but the Ninja Pigs and Yazookas seem to be getting stronger and stronger, and the outlook of the world overall and the emperor is getting worse and worse. Pirates are adventuring this world in its damaged state to gain profit from the damaged land.


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Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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