Pirate101 Gameplay – Swashbuckler

No, William isn’t already in Valencia 😛 This is from my Swashbuckler character, Evan Keeler. I’ve done SI and MQ on him. So I raised the anchor and sailed for 10 minutes + to Valencia. I’ve been trying to find Marco Pollo’s map to El Dorado the legend before the Armada do. There’s a Puppet Show that tells you all about El Dorado.

I had to find Marco Pollo’s tomb in Granchia, so I went into the catacombs and did the dungeon. It was pretty easy, as you only had to kill the boss(es). I found that the piece of the map had been taken weeks ago by the Armada, but I found a Blue Windstone instead, which will take me to Cool Ranch! 🙂 I went back to Captain Steed the Unicorn, who had helped me all along in this part of Valencia. He told me that he knew the Unicorn who heard Marco Pollo’s last words, and that I can find him in Monquista. When I talked to Varo, the Unicorn, he told me that El Dorado had powers in it that must never be awakened, or they could destroy the Spiral! Then he stated that Christopher Clark in Cool Ranch had a piece of the map.

Then, I went off into Cool Ranch to look for Christopher Clark! If you’ve read the Special Post, you’ll know what happens there. 🙂 I don’t have much else to say as a Swashbuckler, other than I’ll be back on William the Witchdoctor tomorrow!


About Evan Silver

Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog piratesinthesky.com mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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  1. Is there anything after Mooshu in Pirate101?I saw some video footage of a boss battle from Gem over on his Youtube channel, that was boss was strange, it was a dragon but had the horns and the height and everything of a goat.

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