Pirate101 Tips – Companions

This is yer Companion Management Page. Go to the top menu in yer screen, press the Hook then My Companions. Ye can also press “U” to open this page right away. On this page, you can drag your companions around to adjust when they’ll show up in combat. The mini-picture by the percentage [of when they’ll show up] shows what class they are. Once this 4*4 grid is filled up, you get more pages of companions. The first companion slot is filled by your Firstmate. They will follow you around by default and always show up in a battle with you. I advise to put your strongest companion here, or the one you work best with. Companions can be dragged around the grid to adjust their percentage of showing up.

This is the Skull Island Kraken Skulls Tavern. There are Taverns all around every world, they might be a little hard to find sometimes. Press “M” to open your map, then look for the Yum Yum Fruit. Taverns are important for companions. You can improve them by receiving quests from your companions in Tavern Cellars.

Also Companion Training  Tomes are vended in Taverns. Training Tomes are used to level your companions, they don’t just level up with you. You get a few Tomes every level. The farther away your level is from the companion, the higher the companion will level.


If a companion is defeated in combat, they will only return to you when you drink a Mojo Potion or return to a Life Fountain. Mojo Potions are only restored by Blue Yum Yum Fruit (aka Mana Wisps) and Minigames, but revive all companions and restore all of your health when you drink one. Minigame Kiosks are found in some safe areas and Taverns. Life Fountains restore your health gradually as long as you stay in a safe area and stay bound to the same Life Fountain. They also revive all companions.

Companions also act like an extra character in combat. Be sure to keep ’em ready for whatever comes at ye! -Also, as a fun fact, Privateers get the most companions.-

Thanks for reading, hope these tips helped! 😉


About Evan Silver

Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog piratesinthesky.com mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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  1. Those last few words about Privateers getting the most makes me choose each class harder now for my main if I get a key or when Pirate101 launches.

    • Yeah, it was a hard decision for me too. I may not choose swashbuckler for live since so many people are picking it, and I kind of want to be different.

      • Have fun with that, you will be in my Life wizards spot, a tip though for healing other people or companion (whichever you can heal), if you have a big heal spell/card use it when your allies are low on health.

  2. ya, I specifically picked privateer because almost no one was one.

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