Pirate101 Gameplay – Pt 2 – Skull Mountain

After you’ve left Boochbeard’s ship and docked onto Skull Island, you’ll be in Cpt. Avery’s Office. He thinks that it wouldn’t be fair to just give you what you need, so he says to help him out to get a ship. He wants his Jade Amulet back, which Fin, one of his crew, stole, then ran off to Skull Mountain while arousing the Troggy tribes. Now the Troggies have stolen the gunpowder of the pirates trying to stop them, and are bombarding the towns on Skull Island. Avery sends you to Rigby, who is near Skull Mountain. He tells you more about the problem and leads you across a bridge to the Mountain. There, you meet Bonnie Anne, a Fox Musketeer. She wants you to defeat some Troggies, and then she’ll help you look for Fin. (Note: All image captions are below the images.)

I’m about to go into combat with these Troggies, with my Swashbuckler companion. Along the sides of the streets are footprints, which show you the safe paths. Troggies are very easy, so you shouldn’t be worried.

This is a first look at the Battle Board. In the lower left you’ll see which of your crew needs orders to attack for the round. It moves from left to right. In the above picture, in my square on the screen there’s a curved arrow pointing to a Troggy. I’m using a special ability. The companion has a straight arrow, that means he’s using a normal attack and is moving to the square with the arrow in it, then attacking the Troggy. I used my special ability/power by pressing a square at the bottom of the screen, near to “All your units have orders.” When you have your mouse over the enemy you are about to attack, (before you click on them), above your Powers it says “Your attack will do ## average damage to ______.”

When you’re finished with a battle, treasure chests appear where you defeated the enemies, instead of just giving you gold right away. There’s a time limit, so you have to collect them all before they disappear. If anyone in your battle presses “X” everyone will get the gold inside. Also, you can see in the top left Boochbeard with the Treasure Tutorial Tip. Instead of Tutorial Tips appearing on the right, they appear at the top of your screen now. I personally like it.

A newly added feature is the chat-criticals. I bet that’s not what it’s really called, but that’s what I’m going to call it for now. Chats during battle appear where the tutorial tips appear, in the same style chat bubbles. When a unit criticals, this picture is what it’ll look like on the side of the screen.

If one of your companions are defeated in combat, you don’t have to return to a life fountain (where you respawn) immediately. When you finish your fight, the circled section will appear above your health meter. Until you go back to a life fountain, that companion will no longer help you in battle.

After you’ve defeated the Troggies, Bonnie Anne joins your companions. (Musketeer Level 2). That’s all for questing in this update, I’ll keep you informed! 😀

These are the task-bars at the top of the screen, which appear when you mouse over the arrow at the top of the screen and click on the corresponding icon. I showed all of the dropdown menus at once. (You can’t do this in-game, I edited the photo).

Also, there’s new mounts! All of the mounts are dye-able except the Buffaloon. (Buffalo balloon) This one is the Batacuda mount 😉


About Evan Silver

Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog piratesinthesky.com mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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  1. Looks cool even the third time seeing it, I saw this place already on Edward Lifegem’s and AmbrosetoZeke’s channel.

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