New Pictures!

KingsIsle has released some new Pirate101 images on Pirate101 Central! The thread is here. Also, they’re posted with very nice analyses on Swordroll’s blog. The particular post is here. There’s not much else to post about Pirate101, but I’ll keep trying my best.

In this picture, it shows the tutorial, at the very beginning. Boochbeard is to Ambrose as Gandry is to Gamma.

After you’ve left there, they’ll send you on a ship. You fly/sail to Skull Island. Gandry is telling you what to do.

After you get to Skull Island, you can get to Avery’s office. “One-Eyed Jack” posted two similar pictures of these on Central.

Last is the Character page of what would be, in Wizard101, your Spellbook.

Also, I have a quote from One-Eyed Jack. Remember, this is an exact quote. I did not write this.

Heya Pirate101 fans! It’s fun to see you all guessing at things from this screen capture. I don’t want to stop the fun, but I also just want to say that you’re looking at an Alpha product of the Pirate101 game. I think you’ll find the final UI a little different when playing the actual game . . . in fact, I was just at the interface designer’s desk a few minutes ago, and he had a giant folder full of old screenshots of the different generations of the interface. It’s amazing to see how much it has progressed and how it is changing all the time while the game is still being designed. I got permission to post a few screenshots of the game to show you how the interface is looking these days. It’s almost finished and there could be further tweaks, but check ’em out! Have fun with these!

So basically, the UI (User interface) might change, and probably will look a lot different before Pirate101 is released to everyone.


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Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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