This post will be about what’s going on right now in the Pirate101 community. I might include some small updates about Also, some other blogs might be referenced. Thanks for reading this post! (Sorry that I keep delaying my posts- I’m gonna try and do at least 3/4 a week now)

The pirate101 community is already off to an awesome start, and will just get better and better. Great blogs and fansites have already been set up, and more will just keep showing up.

If you were into the wizard101 community, you would know about the Friendly Necromancer. Well Friendly here just got a job at KingsIsle as Pirate101’s community manager. He’ll decide what to do, and if there’ll be “Featured Blogs” or anything. Pirate101 has really started up some great stuff, and we’ll have to see what happens about Pirate101’s community page. EDIT: Official Fan Sites and Blogs have appeared on the Community page!!!

Friendly’s blog is here. He’s also going to have a Pirate101 blog, The Friendly Witchdoctor!

Pirate101 Central- This is a great fansite, if you ask me. It was quickly set up almost immediately after Pirate101’s announcement, an is a great way for players to voice their opinion and ask questions on almost any topic. People have already got things in the swing there, and I’d you want to join, there’s almost step-by-step on the website! Just hit Register on P101C. Again, this fansite hit the ground running and is a really great one. I recommend you check it out.

Swordroll’s Pirate101 Blog- This blog, like TFN, also has a Wizard101 blog- Swordroll’s blog. I’m not sure if he’ll keep SP101B going, or will just transfer over to SB. Other than that, this is a really nice and aesthetically pleasing blog. It has some pretty cool information, and is a good one to look at if you’re trying to start a new Pirate101, or even Wizard101, blog. The link to his blog is here.

The Siren’s Call- This is a very laid-back blog, and is a great one if you like fun facts as well. It’s author also owned a previous blog, Homework in a Graveyard. This blog was very popular, and so is TSC. Check it out here!

Pirate101 Central Hosted Blogs- Since P101C is so awesome, they even let people post their own blogs on their website. Go check it out for yourself, there’s got to be something you like there. Get to them here. Guess what? They even have a place for you to put your own blogs! Check out new and old pirate blogs here.

Pirates of the Spiral- I just realized how close the name of this blog is to mine. Oh well. Johnny is well-known from Central (both) and decided to take up a blog. I think this one is really good, and has a ton of facts about Pirate101. Again, I really like it, and you can go to it here.

I’ve listed only a couple of the Pirate101 blogs springing up all over the place. There’s going to be official fansites on soon, actually everything is set up but blogs, and I hope to earn a spot! Again, check out Pirate101 Central linked blogs to find many more of them. If you want your blog posted specifically above, comment on this post (and leave a link) and I’ll check it out and put it up there as soon as possible! Thanks for your support on my blog!


About Evan Silver

Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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  1. I just combined my W101 with P101 because both are made KI, I don’t want the people reading my blog having to go a different blog about a different game from the same company.

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