Pirates in the Sky

There are many worlds in the Spiral, but in Pirate101 there are a few new additions. I will list a couple of the known, and try to identify some unknown. The known additions are: Skull Island, Monquista, Valencia, and Cool Ranch.

Skull Island is the hub of all pirates and pirate trading. It is the first new Pirate101 world you will visit, and is the main island of all pirates. Skull Island’s forests have similar textures to Wizard101’s Celestia- Floating Land. Just with a lot more skulls. And a lot more pirates. Ok, maybe not so much like The Floating Land.

It’s lush forests and enormous volcano would be the first spot you want to pick, right? I didn’t think so. But, the pirates wanted to settle here. As I said in Captain Avery’s bio in this post, he has recently taken control of the island and turned it into a pirate paradise. But it’s not all fun and happiness. As you would expect with pirates, well, there’s lots of piracy, and they like to mark territory. So some of the northern areas of Skull Island are inhabited by only Marleybonians on Monquistans. There will be much more to know about Skull Island when beta is released.

Monquista is ruled by a king and queen. Monkey. I know I have quoted this blog before, but I find this post very informative. The Monquistans are very well mannered and polite, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t pirates. They are sinister and inhabit part of Skull Island. There are many “clans” within Monquista, and very distantly everyone is related to some past king. Everyone is always squabbling over everything. I don’t want to take all of the facts away from the Buccaneer Bloggers, so click the link I posted.

The Buccaneer Bloggers has another post on this. I’ll just briefly go over it so you can know a little. Valencia is home to the Unicorns, and it’s where Diego the Duelmaster came from is you know Wizard101. It is known as “the heart of the Spiral” and is usually in the center of Spiral maps. This world has thrived over the years, but something has gone terribly wrong. The invention of clockwork ended the terrible Polarian Wars, but their leader, Kane, has been acting awfully mysterious and some are wondering if the clockwork will turn on their creators.

Cool Ranch is one of the unidentified worlds. It was mentioned in the first press release, and is a different post by The Buccaneer Bloggers. You’ll have to read the post, since there is nothing on the official website I can tell you about, and otherwise I would be almost quoting directly from him since I don’t know anything about it.

Skyways are they way you fly from place to place on your pirate ship in Pirate101. After you’ve finished customizing your first ship, you’ll take it for a test run on the Skyways. Not ocean. Since Worlds in the Spiral are floating, there isn’t any water connecting them. Your pirate ship floats along and can sometimes battle enemies.

When you see purple, pink, or brightly colored streaks along the sky when you’re sailing, they’re called Windlanes. These make you travel faster, and you can’t run into enemies here. Although, when you leave the Windlanes, you can run into vicious enemies and wildlife. If you want to battle them, get into close combat and you will start dueling. I’m not sure if this will be any different from the foot dueling.

What are Stormgates? Stormgates are whirlpools in the sky that take you places. Ok, maybe that wasn’t the best description. Pirate101.com can explain it better.

Stormgates allow you to travel between different worlds. This ethereal experience is completely unique in your Pirate’s travels. Want to experience the Stormgate yourself? Finish the Main Quests in Skull Island and then sail through its splendor to a brand new world…

Valencia is known for the most stormgates, another reason for the name “heart of the Spiral.” Other than these few facts, there’s not much to know about Stormgates, other than they are whirlpools in the sky that take you places. 🙂

All of these data will come into play much better when you begin Pirate101, especially when you start flying your Pirate Ship. Oh yes, didn’t I say I would explain more about Pirate Ships? As I came to find  out, there’s not much more to find out than there’s a lot of pretty pictures of epic pirate ships. As some say, a picture is worth a thousand words. INCOMING!

Just FYI, this is a Stormgate in Cool Ranch. I think.

Ok, maybe I’m not going to post all of them. But there’s a ton on the Pirate101 website, all over! Also, check out the trailer for some awesome pirate sailing! Wait a minute, is it still sailing if it’s in the sky? Hmm. Post comments on that idea! Also, comment what you want my next post to be! Make sure there’s sufficient info about that topic though, as it takes quite a bit to make quality blog posts.


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