Yer Companions!

Companions are special helpers you pick up along the way in your Pirate adventures. They range in appearance and have different fighting styles and special abilities. Your Companions help you in battle as well as travel along beside you as you quest through Skull Island!

Everyone’s first companions is special to their story. Like a member of the Marleybonian Navy won’t have the same first companion as a Monquistan. In Wizard101, there were pets. These are like companions, just a little different. Not all companions are puny. They use abilities/powers/attacks during battles, but not just spritely (heal). You can get more companions through quests. Although you may acquire  multiple companions, only one may be your pirate’s sidekick (at a time). As I said earlier, pirates AND companions can attack and use powers during duels. Additionally, when you complete special Companion Promotion Quests (CPQs)

As in Wizard101 with pets, you and your companion can get Attributes. They and what they do are listed below.

Also, I will tell you about Pirate Ships. These are almost fully customizable. I think it’s a way to let your creativity shine, but still sail through the Skyways in an incomparable adventure. In this post, I will just mention Pirate Ships, and tell you about them. In my next post, I will go over where you fly them and the details. This is just an introduction.

Some facts you’ll need to know before my next post are on the Pirate101 website, but I’ll restate them. Pirate ships in Pirate101 don’t sail through seas, but fly through Skyways! Skyways are the areas in P101 where the ships fly. More on that in my next post. You get to display your personal flag on your pirate ship. Also, your ships get better the farther you are in the game. Thanks for reading! I promise the next post will be longer 😛


About Evan Silver

Hi, I'm Evan Silver! I run the blog mainly and play Pirate101 under the same name, Evan Silver.

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