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This next post will be only on combat and gameplay. I will explain as much as I can, and I will try to the best of my ability. Pirate101’s combat is strategic-turn-based, and is like some previously relesased games. Visit this blog for some information. I also got some info from this article. Some basic attributes of this style of combat are that first of all, you move around a combat board and then when you get within range you can use any of your attacks. It’s kind of like a board game. You plan, make your move, and then attack, use special abilities, or simply move across the board. For some, it might take a while of getting-used-to, but you will see it as a great way to stage MMO combat, especially in a game like Pirate101! Keep reading for more combat skills! Note: The next post will be on Companions (maybe even Pirate Ships).

Pirate101 introduces a brand new combat style to our players. Use strategy, special powers and your talented Companions to take out the baddies on Skull Island! Combat begins when you run into an enemy – so if you’re not looking for a fight, keep an eye out for sidewalks.

The Battle Board

Each battle/turn begins with a Planning Phase. During this time (approx. 30sec), you can review what tactics you want to use, what enemies you are planning to attack, who your are fighting with, and everything you need to know before you make your move. On the Battle Board (picture later), you can look at your friends/enemies’ stats. Characters and Companions are under your control, and other players’ Characters and Companions will have colors unique to them- the coloration of their square on the Battle Board. Other colors: Inanimate objects have a brown background, and enemies always have a red background.


You, your friends, and some enemies can use special abilities called Powers. They can help you and/or your Crew, or damage your enemies. If you can use any Powers, each one of them will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. You can see what they do by rolling your mouse over them, and looking at the pop-up. When you click on one, you activate it, and then you can choose if you want to use it on an enemy, a friend, or yourself . Click on whatever target you want to use your Power on. Although most Powers you have to activate, some occur automatically, such as self-healing Powers.

The Battle Board is where you go once in combat. This particular screenshot is from a Witchdoctor about to attack.

Life Fountains

In Pirate101, there are objects called Life Fountains. Whenever you are defeated in combat, or fail to complete a Combat Goal (will be explained later), you will respawn at the Life Fountain that you most recently visited. There is an exception though. If you are fighting with a Crew, then you will not respawn until your entire Crew is defeated, then you will all return to your respective Life Fountains.

Victory Conditions

Combat Goals, or Victory Conditions, are the goal you need to complete when in a battle. The most common goal is “Defeat All Enemies.” You can assume what this means. Once you’ve defeated every enemy on the Board, your battle is over. Another goal is “Protect an Ally.” You must defeat all enemies on the Board and make sure that *insert random ally here* stays alive during the duel. If you fail to succeed, you return to your Life Fountain and try, try again. Two similar goals are “Survive for _ Rounds” and “Complete in _ Rounds.” The Survive goal requires you to stay alive for a set amount of rounds, but the Complete goal requires you to defeat all enemies in that many rounds. One of the last Conditions is “Defeat ___.” You have to defeat a specific enemy, but not his/her minions. Last, but not least, is “Use ___.” Using the objects will either count as a victory or advance the current victory conditions.


If you win combat, your enemies may drop treasure for you to loot! Run around the area and press “X” to open each of the treasure chests. If you want to see more treasure, consider grouping with another player. Bigger combats will have more enemies to fight and you’ll earn treasure faster.


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