Ye Factions and Classes

In Pirate101, there have been 7 factions and 5 classes released. The Faction determines your character’s species, and the class is your style of fighting. Each of the factions and classes have unique traits and abilities. In this post I will explain each of the factions and classes. Keep an eye out for my next post, Gameplay! It will include the *rough* style of fighting, the world layouts, and the way(s) you can play the game. Enjoy!

I will start with factions, in ye alphabetical ord’a.

"Cut Throats"

To start ye off, the Cutthroats aren’t a nice crew. Being sharks and all, they weren’t very happy when the Moniquistans invaded their home of Skull Island. After years o’ battles, all of the shark clans died off except the Cutthroats.  “Though they no longer have the numbers to raid other realms, the Cutthroats remain a threat in Skull Island, where Monquista and Marleybone remain unable to completely eradicate them.”

An army of frogs.

This secret organization of pirates export Yum fruit from MooShu, and is lead by the Frogfather. His entire crew is infamous and specializes in rare spices, Yum, and other delicacies. The Frogfather’s home is the Gullet, and controls almost all of the smuggling in Skull Island, and across the Spiral.

Dogs from Marleybone

Marleybone ships are stout and tough, and the Dogs are masters of tactics and gunnery.
With colonies in Skull Island, Darkmoor, and Krokotopia and trade agreements nearly everywhere else, protecting the flow of ships between colonies and especially through Stormgates is Marleybone’s highest priority. Marleybone may not have the biggest fleet in the Spiral, but the Royal Navy is blessed with brilliant officers like Captain Gordon, The Commodore, and Admiral Nelson – their military genius more than makes up for any numerical disadvantage.

Monquista Monkeys

The Monquistadors are still relatively small in size, but the Monquistan Navy is growing steadily. Their ships can go very far, but are hard to find in large numbers. They are very high quality, but the army lacks the experience of other realms. Find more information on Monquista here.

AKA Crabs

Not much is known about this band of crabs. They were once feared by merchants from Valencia all the way to MooShu, but they have faced hard times. Their largest ship was destroyed by the Marleybonians. Now they’re stuck on Skull Island, where they have taken up a life as bandits.

Also seen in Wizard101

The Water Moles were seen in Wizard101- in Celestia’s Floating Land and the Rain of Fire spell. They have divided into two tribes, the Nui (Floating Land) and the Waponi (Rain of Fire). The Nui are friendly and peaceful, and trade with everyone. They are friends with merchants as well as pirates. The Waponi are a lot more fierce than the Nui, they worship a fire god and have turned against everyone that they think is an intruder. They are silver-haired and are hostile to almost everyone.

Rats on a Wharf

The Isle of Scrimshaw is home to the Wharf Rats, a loose affiliation of criminal gangs and crews including such infamous villains as the Bilge Rats, the Rats of Nim, and the Rat Pack.
Bands of Rat Pirates roam the Skyways, raiding and stealing, but they rarely move in great numbers – the Rats are notoriously disorganized, and more likely to turn on each other than unite against a common foe. Every now and then a gang will make a power play, but for the most part the Wharf Rats remain an annoyance instead of a major threat, and have yet to wield much influence.

*EDIT 5/3/12: The colors of all of the classes have changed. I will leave both posted below. The old image will be posted first.*

 The classes are the same for everyone, no matter what faction you are. They include Buccaneers, Musketeers, Privateers, Swashbucklers, and Witchdoctors.

Buccaneers are the strongest of the five classes, and they use a heavy sword and rely on brute strength. They do not have very much elegance, but make up for it with courage and power. As a buccaneer, you will be able to use Blade Storm, which gives your pirate an extra attack. They are led by the Hammerhead Shark Mordekai.

Musketeers are led by Ol’ Fish Eye, who is a master at creating traps that slow down enemies. They are experts at sniping their enemies, and damage their enemies at long range. Musketeer’s signature move is the Rain of Mortarshells which covers an large area with mines!

The leader of the Privateers is The Commodore. This is the only healing pirate class, and they are natural born leaders. Their Reinforce action can heal all of their allies. Privateers can get more Companions than any other class.

The cunning class of Swashbucklers is lead by the raccoon Morgan LaFitte. They rely on elegance and speed in combat, acting as assassins. Their most notable power is Dance of Steel, where they can attack every single enemy around them at the same time.

Witchdoctors are known for their arcane magic powers, and using hoodoo to predict change the outcome of combat. They master dark arts and are lead by Madame Vadima.

I hope you liked this post, and be sure to check out my next post, “Gameplay!”


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  1. Cool!! I didn’t know that each class had leaders, cool!!!!

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